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[11:56:18] eljojo: I love the backup gem
[12:01:29] eljojo: Cache_Money: because we currently don't have many users and database integrity is crucial, i back up 4 times a day. it might be an overkill but it doesn't really hurt us.
[12:01:50] eljojo: Cache_Money: I'm backing up to S3 and have a "rule" set up, so backups older than a week go to Glacier
[12:06:38] eljojo: Cache_Money: I actually don't know how to tell you the size of my db. Any easy way of measuring it? I'm using postgres
[12:09:02] eljojo: so, my database is 100 megabytes but I guess my rows are pretty similar, because the resulting, encrypted using pgp, tar file is 14 megabytes
[12:10:31] eljojo: the dump probably doesn't include indexes, which probably reduces the size. Yes, i've had to re-create a database from the backups and it was very useful to have them
[12:13:13] eljojo: Cache_Money: let me double check, i think about a dollar
[12:13:23] eljojo: Cache_Money: no, i do restores manually
[12:15:11] eljojo: Cache_Money: we paid 0.49 cents for 40 gbs of glacier, 0.03 cents for 1gb of s3
[12:20:10] eljojo: Cache_Money: I have about 40 models and around 400 users, but my app is slightly uncommon: we do price comparison
[12:21:04] eljojo: Cache_Money: yup, i have a table with 270k rows
[12:22:22] eljojo: Cache_Money: we're currently just crawling two sites, but it runs "constantly". I have sidekiq jobs that run evenly spread throughout the whole week
[12:24:25] eljojo: Cache_Money: we're in germany, i wouldn't like to disclose it
[12:28:04] eljojo: Cache_Money: have a good night
[13:40:31] eljojo: sprite--: yeah, just pass the .paginate inside format.html
[13:40:45] eljojo: sprite--: i'll just comment in the gist, it's easier
[13:45:15] eljojo: sprite--: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/dd26a9ab9221b369c5c9#comment-1370198
[13:49:46] eljojo: Mattais: ruby is as good as python


[21:09:27] eljojo: Hi, any idea if ruby 2.0 going to be finally released tomorrow?
[21:09:52] eljojo: Scient: damn :(
[21:10:41] eljojo: i just wanted to know, maybe someone's doing an event here in Berlin or something. just to upgrade my machines.
[21:11:19] eljojo: nay? why?
[21:13:00] eljojo: that might be a good advise