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[12:50:28] ellipse: China said that?


[13:51:47] ellipse: What is that?
[13:52:35] ellipse: Never heard of it.
[13:52:55] ellipse: irssi has been popular for a rather long time.
[13:54:26] ellipse: So LimeChat is only for Mac.
[13:55:01] ellipse: And doesn't have a Wikipedia article.
[13:55:14] ellipse: So I am guessing it was never really under heavy use.
[13:55:40] ellipse: ACTION is on AndChat.
[13:56:03] ellipse: I haven't turned on my actual computer for like two weeks. :x
[13:56:43] ellipse: I don't really like irssi very much to be honest.
[13:56:57] ellipse: On my "PC" I use XChat.
[14:03:41] ellipse: Are you an experienced programmer familiar with object orientation and metaprogramming?
[14:03:55] ellipse: Then no, you can't.
[14:04:53] ellipse: Well, yeah, hello world in 5 minutes. ;p
[14:05:45] ellipse: There are a lot of existing solutions for that.
[14:07:41] ellipse: If you have no prior programming experience, I suspect it would take more than 2 weeks to learn Ruby and write that.
[14:08:24] ellipse: Ignore your friend.
[14:08:28] ellipse: On every topic.
[14:09:01] ellipse: I would kindly suggest a lobotomy as well.
[14:09:12] ellipse: Possibly some ECT.
[14:09:55] ellipse: OK. I would strongly recommend doing the opposite of whatever he recommends.
[14:10:14] ellipse: He is conveying anti-knowledge.
[14:11:04] ellipse: Learning PHP will forever stunt your programming ability unless you are already properly immunized before seeing it.
[14:11:46] ellipse: It exemplifies the worst programming practices possible.
[14:13:20] ellipse: Well, PHP is really really bad from a software design perspective.
[14:13:32] ellipse: Basically it encourages you to make the worst possible software.
[14:13:49] ellipse: And people who learn it first apply these techniques in other languages.
[14:14:15] ellipse: If you *must* use PHP, become experienced in numerous other languages first.
[14:14:34] ellipse: Then you will instantly recognize how bad it is and not pick up those techniques.
[14:14:51] ellipse: I have never used Code Academy, but people don't seem to like it.
[14:15:06] ellipse: And yes, Ruby Koans.
[14:15:33] ellipse: http://rubykoans.com/
[14:15:47] ellipse: But basically PHP is smallpox.
[14:15:53] ellipse: So make sure you have cowpox first.
[14:17:18] ellipse: http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/documentation/quickstart/
[14:17:43] ellipse: I have heard good things about both those though.
[14:18:11] ellipse: But it doesn't really matter too much really.
[14:18:30] ellipse: Just as long as it doesn't insert \r. ;p
[14:20:56] ellipse: Haha, ok, np.
[14:21:04] ellipse: Have fun with Ruby.
[14:21:28] ellipse: And stay away from smallpox!
[14:24:16] ellipse: It is not slang, I just used it as an analogy for PHP like 5 minutes ago.
[14:25:43] ellipse: The only pejorative for PHP I have heard repeatedly is PCP. ;P
[14:29:22] ellipse: Do you have write permissions for the parent directory?
[14:29:53] ellipse: That would be the issue then.
[14:31:14] ellipse: If you're not using sudo, how do you expect it to elevate permissions?
[14:31:34] ellipse: Unless you are actually running it as root.
[14:31:53] ellipse: set :use_sudo, true
[14:35:19] ellipse: If the app user doesn't have the permission to create a directory, and it doesn't have a sudoers entry, how could it create the directory?
[14:35:38] ellipse: It would be forbidden by the OS.


[12:36:01] ellipse: def obj.singleton() :hi; end
[13:08:12] ellipse: someArray.update(otherArray) if someArray.empty?
[13:09:30] ellipse: np, have fun on your Ruby adventure!
[13:17:32] ellipse: MarcWeber: [] is truthy
[13:17:45] ellipse: ||= won't update it.
[13:52:08] ellipse: i.times{do_it} does it i times.
[13:52:15] ellipse: And returns i.
[14:13:49] ellipse: Did you try .encode?
[14:14:13] ellipse: il_of: That data isn't encoded.
[14:14:37] ellipse: Only the literal character is, not how you created it.
[14:16:19] ellipse: Does Ruby know the string is ISO-8859-1 to start with?
[14:19:40] ellipse: Hmm. Weird. Are you sure the issue isn't with your terminal?
[14:22:02] ellipse: Do they display properly in ISO-8859-1?
[14:22:28] ellipse: i.e. Does the problem originate in reencoding?
[14:24:52] ellipse: "0x%02X" % chr.ord
[14:27:10] ellipse: sobering: It sounds like just gibberish.
[14:27:32] ellipse: Are you sure the data makes sense?
[14:29:03] ellipse: Oh, force_encoding might be the right method.
[14:29:13] ellipse: I am on Android, only memory.
[14:30:33] ellipse: What is your terminal encoding btw?
[14:31:07] ellipse: Try just to UTF-8.
[14:32:33] ellipse: I've no idea.
[14:33:00] ellipse: Ask wuest. He seems to know more about encoding than I do.
[14:46:58] ellipse: Some browser magic no doubt.
[15:09:30] ellipse: ACTION starts a round of applause for eval-in.


[11:41:02] ellipse: Have you read `rvm notes`?
[11:41:58] ellipse: That might be a good idea then.
[12:39:10] ellipse: Googling radians will aid you on your quest, yes.