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[01:02:40] erichmenge: davidcelis: My droplet was recondensed.


[01:48:20] erichmenge: There are an estimated 250 penile amputations each year in South Africa stemming from circumcisions.


[04:52:23] erichmenge: Radar: I missed the job announcement on twitter I think. What are you doing now?


[03:32:30] erichmenge: Radar: are your lights z-wave compatible?
[03:33:52] erichmenge: z-wave stuff is already kinda expensive. Thought it might be a good play for a light that already has radio antennas in it.
[03:34:31] erichmenge: I have a couple of Schlage locks that are z-wave. So I'm going to get a z-wave controller and add some home automation.
[03:34:37] erichmenge: It's tempting to do lighting as well.
[03:36:24] erichmenge: Radar: How's the lightbulb biz been treating you?
[03:37:37] erichmenge: Radar: Oh really? Have you been considering teaching at a University? Or more of a code school type thing?
[03:38:44] erichmenge: Haven't heard of Turing (the school).
[03:40:53] erichmenge: Yeah... I don't know what to make of these programming schools. Are the job prospects upon completion any good?
[03:42:02] erichmenge: Hmm their application process seems pretty rigorous.
[03:45:28] erichmenge: Of good ones that seems to be true.




[21:17:15] erichmenge: davidcelis: what?


[19:42:30] erichmenge: context: lol


[01:53:53] erichmenge: DoctorMonocular: A fair bit.


[01:15:58] erichmenge: pipework: Their right to troll you.
[01:16:19] erichmenge: I've done that twice now in the past few months
[01:16:24] erichmenge: Maybe I have a brain tumor.


[22:35:28] erichmenge: davidcelis: My team won't let us use the 1.9 hash syntax :(
[22:35:48] erichmenge: Also they use 4 spaces ????
[22:36:10] erichmenge: And two people on the team use variable width fonts, well, now only one.
[22:46:55] erichmenge: davidcelis: I line up lots of stuff anyway, but I take even more pleasure in it knowing that it totally fucks with his display
[23:04:47] erichmenge: davidcelis: :(
[23:04:59] erichmenge: davidcelis: If you're buying new equipment let me know if you need discounts


[00:00:27] erichmenge: Ooo, that's a sexy voice.
[00:04:24] erichmenge: davidcelis: When are you going to visit?
[00:05:14] erichmenge: davidcelis: Well, sure, if you like. I meant the SF Bay Area in general though.
[00:07:47] erichmenge: davidcelis: Oh, new job for your brother?
[00:08:39] erichmenge: Seems everyone is leaving.
[00:08:49] erichmenge: I wouldn't want to live in SF myself. But I like the South Bay ok.
[00:15:58] erichmenge: pipework: You should wire up a little nob to turn on your desk to adjust the value.
[00:16:20] erichmenge: Really "dial it in."
[19:45:19] erichmenge: davidcelis: What is the significance of the blueberries?
[19:45:43] erichmenge: Also API -> IPA is wonderful.
[20:07:36] erichmenge: davidcelis: Blueberries are the best.
[20:08:23] erichmenge: I've only been to Maine once, but I recall it being quite beautiful. I also love lobster.
[20:10:43] erichmenge: *cheap lobester
[20:11:03] erichmenge: Lobester is something totally different.
[20:23:09] erichmenge: Comcast is going to "refresh" my internet connection to make it faster.
[20:23:13] erichmenge: and more reliable.
[20:23:16] erichmenge: I'm super skeptical.
[20:31:44] erichmenge: "The refresh will re boot your modem it is to synchronized the Data of your modem to our server. For it to response correctly "
[20:31:57] erichmenge: The data was not synchronized.
[20:32:04] erichmenge: Sounds like a real problem.
[20:40:03] erichmenge: davidcelis: I'm not working that's why :)
[20:54:52] erichmenge: workmad3: ???????????????
[21:02:01] erichmenge: workmad3: Still working for the BBC? (I seem to recall you doing that).
[21:03:04] erichmenge: workmad3: Damn. I was going to see if you could find out why Dr. Who is so fucking expensive.
[21:12:48] erichmenge: "If it happens again, just unplug the modem and plug it back in [...] don't worry I assure you it won't happen again"


[20:39:08] erichmenge: pipework: y u need so much RAM bro?
[20:55:58] erichmenge: davidcelis: Probably someone in hardware!
[20:58:44] erichmenge: davidcelis: Have you started at DO yet?
[21:00:06] erichmenge: davidcelis: Taking a week off?
[21:18:35] erichmenge: And that's when you said "I've had enough!"
[21:49:20] erichmenge:
[21:49:34] erichmenge: I don't see how it is a Rube Goldberg device.
[21:49:40] erichmenge: I'm pretty sure it's just an obstacle course.
[22:50:39] erichmenge: Oh man, just placed a regular voice call via my iPhone on OS X. So good.
[23:14:34] erichmenge: pipework: Yes, but I don't need to use some shitty hangouts or whatever Google uses :P
[23:16:28] erichmenge: pipework: Oh, and you can move the call to your phone and back? I didn't know it could do that. Do they have a Google Voice app now?
[23:16:35] erichmenge: Or do you have to use a web browser?
[23:16:53] erichmenge: pipework: I mean a OS X app
[23:17:30] erichmenge: Oh, but what if my browser is closed?
[23:17:44] erichmenge: pipework: It will open when the call comes in?
[23:18:25] erichmenge: pipework: Well first I don't use Chrome, is there an extension for google voice then?
[23:18:28] erichmenge: you don't need to be on
[23:18:49] erichmenge: pipework: But you need an extension?
[23:19:15] erichmenge: I don't need plugins :P
[23:19:31] erichmenge: it isn't a download
[23:20:26] erichmenge: It is? Who uses Windows? Lawl.
[23:20:38] erichmenge: Fight the power bro.
[23:20:44] erichmenge: But aren't you Google locked in?
[23:20:58] erichmenge: I own my number too.
[23:21:03] erichmenge: I could move it to Android.
[23:21:15] erichmenge: But at the moment I have OS X and iPhone, so why not?
[23:21:59] erichmenge: As long as Chrome plugins are running.
[23:22:08] erichmenge: Maybe all apps should run in plugins in Chrome
[23:22:45] erichmenge: pipework: No, just being argumentative.
[23:23:12] erichmenge: I think it is funny that people are "butthurt" so much that Apple writes software that runs on their hardware
[23:23:42] erichmenge: pipework: Well, that would certainly be possible technically, I'm not sure if it will work that way or not.
[23:25:04] erichmenge: pipework: Well, when I had Google services it always urked me that I had to have the browser running to use their services. But I guess we have different irks.
[23:26:30] erichmenge: pipework: Like Google shutting down their Jabber services?
[23:26:40] erichmenge: and it looks like they're moving that way for mail too
[23:26:48] erichmenge: Then what will you use?
[23:27:31] erichmenge: pipework: Yes, but if you can't access Gmail via IMAP anymore...
[23:27:41] erichmenge: You'll have to use their browser/web or their software
[23:29:52] erichmenge: pipework: So you're Linux full time?
[23:30:06] erichmenge: pipework: Windows?
[23:31:05] erichmenge: pipework: Why not use the software that is available on OS X if you use OS X? Just out of principle?
[23:31:36] erichmenge: pipework: Linux on servers, but otherwise, yes.
[23:32:07] erichmenge: That's fair. I just don't use all platforms.
[23:33:10] erichmenge: But, even so, I'm glad I don't have to use browser plugins ????
[23:33:24] erichmenge: pipework: All our software is free.
[23:33:41] erichmenge: Except for I guess Logic Pro and Final Cut
[23:34:35] erichmenge: pipework: I'm not sure I follow. Having iTunes installed makes it untrustworthy?
[23:35:11] erichmenge: Weird, I've never had to reboot for an iTunes update.
[23:36:46] erichmenge: Well, I'm happy that you're happy with the platforms and services you have. I don't mean to speak ill of them. I just find your hatred of OS X confusing.
[23:37:38] erichmenge: Well, I wouldn't be opposed to something else, it's just that for my uses I haven't found anything else I like as much.
[23:38:59] erichmenge: So, it isn't really on a pedestal so much as I'm just a happy customer.
[23:39:38] erichmenge: pipework: Our Kernel is open source, so feel free to hack on it ;)
[23:40:49] erichmenge: Yeah, you've talked about your dislike of the memory management before. I still don't really understand your argument, but I'm just a web developer after all.
[23:43:04] erichmenge: pipework: Wait, you're saying apps page to disk on startup?
[23:44:41] erichmenge: pipework: See I'm still unclear here. If there isn't enough memory, what would you prefer get paged?
[23:45:28] erichmenge: I don't know what "less lazy paging" means
[23:46:08] erichmenge: Right, but I'm not clear about your particular gripe.
[23:49:22] erichmenge: pipework: I understand how paging works. But you've yet to tell me what your gripe is other than "less lazy"
[23:50:24] erichmenge: pipework: That's all I was asking for :P
[23:51:06] erichmenge: With Linux is that a boot time option or do you have to recompile the kernel?
[23:51:47] erichmenge: pipework: Change it on the fly?
[23:52:10] erichmenge: Yeah I guess that makes sense, no reason you couldn't change the algorithm at runtime
[23:52:24] erichmenge: Used to be back when I used Linux as my fulltime OS you had to recompile to change just about anything
[23:52:40] erichmenge: But that was the way of things then.
[23:54:08] erichmenge: pipework: It's true. What are the commands to change the virtual memory paging algorithms?
[23:54:15] erichmenge: Or, the man page to read about them
[23:59:39] erichmenge: So you set swappiness higher?
[23:59:57] erichmenge: davidcelis: Hi! ??????


[19:24:23] erichmenge: pipework: that second link is wonderful


[20:08:16] erichmenge: pipework: I don't think we've had any more than usual?
[20:14:14] erichmenge: pipework: Well, I hadn't heard about any special updates. But I don't necessarily keep up with all that. I'm always living on latest builds so I update constantly anyway.
[20:17:54] erichmenge: pipework: No I'm prepetually running latest builds :(
[20:18:02] erichmenge: *perpetually
[20:18:22] erichmenge: Beta all the time forever
[20:18:59] erichmenge: true, right now beta though
[20:20:49] erichmenge: pipework: No, newer builds


[04:03:08] erichmenge: Radar: So will you now remove your notification for the mention of Spree?
[04:03:15] erichmenge: I wonder how I shall summon you now...
[04:03:17] erichmenge: Lifx I suppose
[04:03:40] erichmenge: Radar: Any cool stuff that I get discounts on for being one of your best buds?
[04:07:58] erichmenge: It's ok. I mostly tease. But LED bulbs are the future. I've tried a few with mixed results, but I'm sure we'll ge there eventually.
[04:09:41] erichmenge: Yeah, it's already come a long way. Unfortunatley the cheap ones don't really diffuse light properly. I think the expensive ones work well, but, they're too expensive. But "too expensive" is like $20-$30 now from the $60 the top of the line ones were a few years ago.
[04:10:01] erichmenge: Well, those have wifi
[04:11:13] erichmenge: And the ability to choose color
[04:11:25] erichmenge: I'm not so interested in the colors but being able to tune the white temperatures would be really great.
[04:11:44] erichmenge: It is hard to tell at the store what color temperature will work best for the given room.
[04:52:26] erichmenge:
[04:52:46] erichmenge: Wait... I was told in their ads that their security is like a titanium vault guarded by ninjas.
[23:27:07] erichmenge: davidcelis: Do you get lots of nice new equipment?
[23:28:15] erichmenge: although the thunderbolt display isn't shabby
[23:29:14] erichmenge: I have a 27" imac and a 27" thunderbolt, the thunderbolt ports are awesome. I also have a 27" cinema display, but it lacks fast ports :(
[23:29:21] erichmenge: work won't buy them for you?
[23:29:27] erichmenge: joonas: buy him the equipment he needs!
[23:29:32] erichmenge: Everyone needs 3 27" monitors
[23:29:45] erichmenge: ACTION has 3 27" and it changed his life
[23:30:02] erichmenge: also a 13" MBP retina
[23:30:12] erichmenge: see davidcelis if you came to work with me you'd get better equipment ????
[23:30:45] erichmenge: It's true, but I'm on a small team
[23:31:08] erichmenge: There's politics for sure.
[23:31:47] erichmenge: We just moved back to 1 Infinite Loop
[23:31:59] erichmenge: brand new furniture, everything, pretty swanky.
[23:32:29] erichmenge: I have no view though.
[23:32:31] erichmenge: I'd love to have a view.
[23:32:55] erichmenge: davidcelis: Were you tempted to move to NYC?
[23:34:33] erichmenge: pipework: That's what I'm lacking, vesa mount.
[23:37:28] erichmenge: So I've been watching Vikings.
[23:37:36] erichmenge: Pretty good stuff.


[15:05:32] erichmenge: "I came across your Github profile, you have shown interest in the JavaScript repository and also contribute to the Ruby repository which uses JavaScript. "
[15:05:57] erichmenge: hi davidcelis
[15:06:10] erichmenge: Also I've not contributed to Ruby or JavaScript, but whatever.
[15:06:26] erichmenge: Yes that's true.
[15:06:53] erichmenge: Hey, I'm still #204 on the Rails contributors list
[15:07:37] erichmenge: Thanks. Yes it was a planned baby.
[15:08:39] erichmenge: davidcelis: Well, basically so far it just means not getting much sleep. But my wife gets less, so...
[15:09:18] erichmenge: davidcelis: So, what's new with you? I saw on the facebooks you've been in the studio...
[15:09:21] erichmenge: That means an album in the works?
[15:10:55] erichmenge: Different band? That's sad. What happened to the old one?
[15:11:19] erichmenge: davidcelis: Any singles on iTunes yet?


[17:47:07] erichmenge: What's up with you?
[22:59:00] erichmenge: joonas: Yes, thanks.
[23:03:08] erichmenge:
[23:03:13] erichmenge: and utter *shit*."
[23:03:13] erichmenge: "Ok, so I'm looking at the code generation and your compiler is pure
[23:03:52] erichmenge: "We're talking "sloth that was dropped on the head as a baby" level
[23:03:53] erichmenge: retardation levels here:"