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[19:05:41] faraco: Hi. I'm running ror 5.1.4 with ruby 2.4.1p111 on 32 bit linux. I just installed rails and ran 'rails new MyApp'.
[19:05:45] faraco: All working fine.
[19:06:16] faraco: However, when invoking 'rails server' in the root directory I got this error instead - https://paste.ubuntu.com/26432345/
[19:07:17] faraco: I wonder why... I did not touch anything (to confirm, I even created a another dummy project and still the same issue).
[19:09:56] faraco: desperek: AFAIK, 'rails new' invoke the bundle install command, no? Thus, it still doesn't work even if I did ran bundle install afterwards to confirm.
[19:13:53] faraco: desperek: I'm not sure since when Rails 5+ use mysql2 gem by default, but let me try.
[19:16:41] faraco: desperek: Still doesn't work, however.
[19:17:22] faraco: I checked config/database.yml before I came here, and all adapters are sqlite3. The sqlite3 gem was already hardcoded in Gemfile in the beginning, FYI.
[19:18:06] faraco: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26432431/
[19:24:50] faraco: desperek: So, any other advice?
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[14:07:14] faraco: Hi guys, I have a good background in Python and fairly small in Perl. I use them both usually for commandline utils/text parsing and simple web development. Let's say I want to scrape web pages and do GUI development, what Ruby offers in terms of gems and what Ruby is generally suited for? I'm not really 'trendy' person, which I use tools only when I need it. I want to give ruby a try and want to get some insights from the ruby devs.
[14:09:03] faraco: In Python, for web scraping, I got scrapy and beautifulsoup, and for packet processing, I can use scapy. What Ruby offers in this case?
[14:14:52] faraco: nevermind I guess
[14:21:14] faraco: thanks, I never knew that gem is in existence. I should look more harder..
[14:26:01] faraco: mechanize? That's cool. I'm familiar with Perl's WWW::Mechanize too. This is great.
[14:27:24] faraco: then I just need to learn ruby quite a bit more thoroughly since the libraries I need are available and I don't have to write on by myself. Thank you.
[14:28:19] faraco: anyway, I believe most ruby devs are on Mac. On linux, what is the 'good' way to get the ruby interpreter and the toolchains setup?
[14:29:00] faraco: using package manager on linux doesn't seems great because they need super user access. I had to 'su gem install blah' everytime..
[14:29:46] faraco: apeiros: thanks so much. :)
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[14:40:41] faraco: Hi guys, I have a question. I have a dilemma on using either cms or mvc/mvt/etc web framework. I did a simple blogging app with mvc framework, which I found almost useless compared to time I spent can be used on setting up cms say Wordpress for blogging. I'm not sure what is the exact applications that is suited to build on mvc framework?
[14:47:54] faraco: I didn't with rails, but I did with Perl's Mojolicious::Lite which is inspired by Sinatra and also PHP's Lumen for simple micro services.
[14:48:15] faraco: with sinatra*
[14:57:08] faraco: Pro777: Hmm, maybe my question clarified enough. Maybe what I want to ask is, what is the most probably suited type of applications to be built with mvc framework (beside social app)?
[15:01:01] faraco: I see, now I can get the picture why people use MVC, like making a payment gateway or some sort. Thanks1
[15:01:19] faraco: and of course, plethora of others too.
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[09:49:34] faraco: hi guys, what is the equivalent of Python 'if word in sentence' for Ruby?
[09:50:11] faraco: I know I can use regex =~, but I don't think it is good for simple string checking.
[09:51:48] faraco: for symbol in message: if symbol in LETTERS: do_something()
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[06:40:46] faraco: hmm, it seems ruby is *very* popular in web development. Is there anything cool that is going on other than web development.
[06:41:26] faraco: I only know somethings like metasploit, puppet and chef..but thats it. How about AI/machine learning, scientific stuff and desktop applications?
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[14:36:40] faraco: I just came in here, but do you got any code or snipper you having issues on?
[14:50:58] faraco: much much saner.
[14:54:53] faraco: nope. I use vim, since to me, IDE and dynamic languages is horrifying.
[14:56:10] faraco: VSCode is good too. It's like Atom, but somehow or somewhat slightly more responsive. In the end, they both use Chromium.
[14:58:48] faraco: do you guys find IDE (ignoring capable and powerful editor like Vim and Emacs, etc) and dynamic languages, really integrates with each other well?
[15:00:25] faraco: I'm trying to use this IDE (just for curiosity) - padre.perlide.org/ . I bet it's like Geany + syntax highlighting, just a better file manager and syncing.
[15:25:18] faraco: is there an equivalent of - perl -F: -e in ruby?
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