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[20:38:05] fowl: My ban was for 1 week but 2 weeks later here I am help
[21:18:29] fowl: None of those links mention or explain a permaban
[21:18:43] fowl: I'll just hang out and try to catch your supervisor
[21:19:35] fowl: I like the last one, where people are advocating locking up poor people and that's somehow evidence against me
[21:24:10] fowl: There is nothing in the rules about repentance
[21:24:18] fowl: " If you get banned, you are also informed about the duration of the ban."
[21:26:51] fowl: If #ruby is a Christian channel where you expect me to repent then is it not reasonable for me to expect you to forgive...
[21:27:28] fowl: And no I will not repent because Christianity is silly
[21:28:13] fowl: baweaver: also a good point. It's like you guys only use Christianity when it's convenient
[21:28:47] fowl: adaedra: the guy who was advocating for indefinite detainment of the poor...nice
[21:30:01] fowl: Ruby used to be inclusive and loving and a transgender like me was treated with respect, now you probably want to lock me up and chemically castrate me
[21:30:24] fowl: adaedra: read the log your words are there
[21:32:01] fowl: Yes call anybody who disagrees with you a troll. Nice victim complex. Any negative comment is a threat and must be dealt with!!! You better call my boss and get me fired krainboltgreen style
[21:35:23] fowl: No he and jhass don't get their hands dirty they just organize people via Twitter to do their dirty work
[21:36:09] fowl: I wish stevek was here he would stick up for me
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[00:42:06] fowl: My week ban is over but some glitch in the mainframe prevents me from joining #ruby
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[22:21:36] fowl: I sshed into my computer from my phone, what do I do next
[22:24:49] fowl: It says commandment not found
[22:25:26] fowl: This is templeos support channel right
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[22:31:12] fowl: That guy had a good idea for a nickname and he has good jokes
[22:31:30] fowl: I get your point though
[22:31:45] fowl: The identity fowl is burned on #ruby
[22:32:17] fowl: I only wish I could have met this guy
[22:32:41] fowl: So brash and with an animal magnetism
[22:33:09] fowl: I'm attracted to him and I don't even know what he looks like ya know I can just tell he has a good soul
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[22:41:15] fowl: How do I write an irc web bot


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[16:28:06] fowl: That shit is an obvious troll
[16:39:24] fowl: !hangman sexism
[16:50:00] fowl: Would you guys be happy if tech was 100% women
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[16:55:41] fowl: !guys | fowl
[16:55:49] fowl: Hey guys
[16:56:01] fowl: Show me the sexism messahe plz
[16:56:16] fowl: Jhass is enforcing summary judgement in #ruby-offtopic
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[10:46:56] fowl: You guys talking about throwing immigrants in jail?
[10:47:53] fowl: Have you ever been poor? The level of poor where you dont know how you'll get your next meal?
[10:50:40] fowl: That is obvious by your outlook on life
[10:51:50] fowl: Your desire to lock up poor people and force them to work for you
[10:52:45] fowl: Why would someone commit a crime
[10:55:12] fowl: How do you firmly believe in something you've never experienced
[10:59:22] fowl: Seneca, who enjoyed great wealth as the adviser of Nero, suggested that we ought to set aside a certain number of days each month to practice poverty. Take a little food, wear your worst clothes, get away from the comfort of your home and bed. Put yourself face to face with want, he said, you???ll ask yourself ???Is this what I used to dread????
[10:59:57] fowl: It???s important to remember that this is an exercise and not a rhetorical device. He doesn???t mean ???think about??? misfortune, he means live it. Comfort is the worst kind of slavery because you???re always afraid that something or someone will take it away. But if you can not just anticipate but practice misfortune, then chance loses its ability to disrupt your life.


[02:30:16] fowl: al2o3-cr wears the pants around here


[05:01:44] fowl: DeBot, tn
[05:02:57] fowl: DeBot, s
[05:03:10] fowl: DeBot, ru
[05:03:39] fowl: r was neither right nor wrong?
[20:34:05] fowl: >> Class.class
[20:44:50] fowl: Perl6 still in the closet
[20:50:44] fowl: >> Class.ancestors


[23:24:51] fowl: Excess Flood
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[03:59:02] fowl: ruby is a toy yes
[04:00:24] fowl: >> %%%%%%%%%
[04:00:27] fowl: >> %%%%%%%%%%


[18:37:54] fowl: theres a reason to use parens
[18:38:02] fowl: def foo() end vs def foo; end


[23:12:08] fowl: Eiam_, Regexp.union(*{|s| s})


[21:15:14] fowl: nf44, the first arg is the method name
[21:16:00] fowl: nf44, its the first argument
[21:17:59] fowl: nf44, i dont need a book on metaprogramming, i mastered it when i was 10
[21:18:56] fowl: nf44, paste it somewhere
[21:19:13] fowl: hi shevy
[21:23:08] fowl: shevy, thats normal ruby convention
[21:32:46] fowl: ruby is great until you experience type safety
[21:37:48] fowl: generics and type safety are mutually exclusive in 2014
[21:37:53] fowl: right bnagy
[21:39:24] fowl: you mean algebraic types?
[21:40:41] fowl: <benzrf> in what way are they type unsafe? -- eh?
[21:41:48] fowl: benzrf, yes, that was intended to be sarcastic
[21:43:03] fowl: i didnt like haskells immutability
[21:43:55] fowl: if immutability is such a good thing then why do monads exist
[21:45:15] fowl: why does there need to be a mechanism to get past this great immutability stuff
[22:13:35] fowl: sincereness, you want it on lines?
[22:14:36] fowl: isnt it #text
[22:24:54] fowl: its outputting an array
[22:25:20] fowl: thats what you ask for when you do <%= @hnhh
[22:25:39] fowl: sincereness, you want @hh = { |l| l.text }
[22:26:22] fowl: sincereness, then, when you display it you want to do something with the data like <ul><li><%= @hh.join "</li><li>" %> </li></ul>
[22:43:39] fowl: benzrf, no, ::X is top-level X


[01:11:46] fowl: Smoking can shorten your penis by as much as a centimeter. Erections are all about good bloodflow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation. So even if you don't care all that much about your lungs or dying young, spare the li'l guy.
[01:12:21] fowl: Doctors can now grow skin for burn victims using the foreskins of circumcised infants. One foreskin can produce 23,000 square meters, which would be enough to tarp every Major League infield with human flesh.
[01:12:52] fowl: and to think, the jews have been eating them for years and wasting profits
[01:13:24] fowl: Spaceghostc2c: we're good as long as you dont expect me to listen
[01:14:23] fowl: An enlarged prostate gland can cause both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
[01:15:40] fowl: The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds. Women get 23 seconds. Which means if women were really interested in equality, they'd make sure we have four orgasms for every one of theirs.
[01:16:18] fowl: The oldest known species with a penis is a hard-shelled sea creature called Colymbosathon ecplecticos. That's Greek for "amazing swimmer with large penis."
[01:16:49] fowl: Circumcised foreskin can be reconstructed. Movable skin on the shaft of the penis is pulled toward the tip and set in place with tape. Later, doctors apply plastic rings, caps, and weights. Years can pass until complete coverage is attained.
[01:17:28] fowl: Only one man in 400 is flexible enough to give himself oral pleasure.
[01:18:26] fowl: lets pm him
[01:18:37] fowl: ask him if he wants some french cries with that wahhburger


[00:01:34] fowl: that bot is a bastard, nobody will own up to it
[00:02:29] fowl: Radar: why is your trashy bot in #ruby advertisin #rails and chiding people for using pastebin
[00:03:47] fowl: helpa: get out
[00:03:55] fowl: helpa: LEAVE THIS PLACE
[00:04:23] fowl: drags: i called him out on it in the channel, if that doesnt work nothing will
[00:04:41] fowl: besides banning obv
[00:10:37] fowl: drags: his question was lame. its possible to do all those things but he wanted an "easy way" ie someone to write it for him
[04:24:57] fowl: karstensrage: you cannot access a local variable outside the file
[04:31:32] fowl: no it isnt
[09:04:08] fowl: >>"stfu"*20
[09:05:54] fowl: what does fust mean in kiwi


[02:40:41] fowl: dekz: with a lot of phone calls and special favors ;)
[04:36:24] fowl: >>(1|2)&2
[07:04:30] fowl: >> "a" == "\x61"
[07:05:44] fowl: >> "abc" { |c| c.ord.to_s 16 }
[07:08:05] fowl: alphoro: r and \x72 are the same character
[07:08:48] fowl: alphoro: it _is_ the same
[07:09:02] fowl: >> "\x61\x62\x63" === "abc"
[07:10:44] fowl: alphoro: are you thick?
[07:12:41] fowl: alphoro: then why arent you reading what the people who are trying to help you are saying
[07:16:37] fowl: what i do when working with bytes, (just to display them!) something like {|b| b.to_s(16)}.join' '
[07:17:38] fowl: the problem is that is not a valid header
[07:17:56] fowl: >> require'zlib'; Zlib.deflate('abc')
[07:18:18] fowl: see how it comes out with with characters like x, K, L, J
[07:18:30] fowl: >> require'zlib'; Zlib.inflate Zlib.deflate('abc')
[07:28:03] fowl: alphoro: i can't help you because you arent reading. how do you expect to get anything from a text-based chat if you wont read?
[07:39:24] fowl: bnagy: lets go to an irc channel and ask for help but not read what people say
[07:39:46] fowl: bnagy: u and me, it can be our first date ;)
[10:21:52] fowl: slainer68: thats just a weird test for equality, it doesnt cover all the cases you described
[10:22:21] fowl: b - a would be more accurate
[10:22:52] fowl: if array b is equal or is at least a subarray of array a
[10:23:34] fowl: >> a, b = [1,2,3,4], [1,2,3]; b - a
[10:23:38] fowl: >> a, b = [1,2,3,4], [1,2,3]; a - b
[20:46:59] fowl: trooney: install the json gem, then its as easy as JSON({a: hash}) or JSON('{"some": "json"}')
[20:47:46] fowl: JSON() in that case is a method btw
[20:48:48] fowl: try it in irb
[22:07:40] fowl: ah w+ is r/w i thoguht it was read/create but w does that
[22:11:57] fowl: joofsh: actually it isnt, its like every other language, open a file, read/write to it, close it
[22:14:51] fowl: Hanmac: no it doesnt :)
[22:15:39] fowl: Hanmac: w and w+ will always truncate the file
[22:28:59] fowl: Marwan_: gem install feedzirra ?
[22:31:30] fowl: Marwan_: the error is a missing libcurl you need to install curl for windows
[22:32:27] fowl: Marwan_: google
[22:43:53] fowl: i could use the money but i never used rails :<
[22:45:13] fowl: davidcelis: you should know by now we send things that we hate to #rubyonrails
[22:51:58] fowl: keyvan: this might be shocking but not everybody uses or likes macs
[23:04:36] fowl: >> h = {}; def h.[]=(key, value) puts "haha #{key} is not being set to #{value} bcuz im leet" end; h[5] =43; h
[23:46:35] fowl: whos bot is that
[23:47:09] fowl: drags: get that rails trash out of here
[23:47:29] fowl: drags: our rubies are crystal clear and refract light like nothing you've seen before


[23:21:30] fowl: shh its nap time
[23:22:36] fowl: ACTION throws a pillow at goyox86