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[14:56:24] fox_mulder_cp: mengu: is a proxy such as apache/nginx before app?


[15:21:04] fox_mulder_cp: arefaslani: create your own i18n dictionary and use it in i18n gem or some like it?
[15:23:24] fox_mulder_cp: arefaslani: i18n gem as example
[15:24:19] fox_mulder_cp: and replace it in your super(..) line
[15:29:29] fox_mulder_cp: arefaslani: no. create your own dictionary for gem like i18n and override all like exeptions
[15:34:00] fox_mulder_cp: arefaslani:


[07:41:09] fox_mulder_cp: IGnorAND @boxer - instance. Boxer.all.order(..) is a list of ordered via your criterias


[10:25:09] fox_mulder_cp: dionysus69: why you need a stndalone daemon? may you want some like resque for backgroud tasks? on nginx/passenger plugin for run something like api?
[10:32:12] fox_mulder_cp: Psy-Q: plain text renderer in routes?


[09:34:08] fox_mulder_cp: srruby nginx/passenger, as example


[08:37:30] fox_mulder_cp: happy new year :)


[12:42:16] fox_mulder_cp: syndikate: i create non Activerecord-related model and use it for creating json in active model serializers
[14:47:39] fox_mulder_cp: address.line1|2|3, and .full which concats all address fields?


[15:44:22] fox_mulder_cp: SteveRedka: js fetch?


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[12:03:30] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. how i can create time reservation ranges via half hour for restaurant which can be closed after midnight? predefined time slots?
[12:05:02] fox_mulder_cp: how i can use enum for more than one field?
[14:04:01] fox_mulder_cp: braindead_: read about helpers and how to pass class names to it
[14:04:17] fox_mulder_cp: and fon icons gems
[16:12:00] fox_mulder_cp: braindead_ force ssl can be set up in application config. or rewrite in proxy such as nginx


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[19:48:40] fox_mulder_cp: silverdust: devise
[19:53:05] fox_mulder_cp: devise/pundit - seems as classical :)
[20:03:16] fox_mulder_cp: Andr3as i use rails in only api mode, so cancel from devise using too. write my own small engine rails gem based on bcrypt


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[11:19:03] fox_mulder_cp: oh. i'm glad. I create rails activecable based web chat with reactjs front. How we can test active cable via rspec?
[19:06:21] fox_mulder_cp: prutheus (s)css must be compiled on server
[19:06:40] fox_mulder_cp: after it you can update page in browser to reload new js/css bundles


[17:07:45] fox_mulder_cp: Radar in 5.2 base key in encrypted and stored in encrypted storage
[17:09:04] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. i try to use js activecable lib, try to create subscription, but seeems, thah connected() {} don't do anything, when i add console.log into it
[17:09:30] fox_mulder_cp: how i can propery use connected and disconnect functions on it?
[17:35:11] fox_mulder_cp: blackcross: it's a say to fixit :)
[17:39:45] fox_mulder_cp: mount sinatra app as engine to rails?


[20:39:38] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. i have a encrypted Rails.application.secrets.secret_key_base in rails 5.2. how i can read and use it in my JWT token sign?
[20:41:53] fox_mulder_cp: regedit lib/ dir?*_
[21:02:34] fox_mulder_cp: regedit default lib dir in $app_root
[21:02:53] fox_mulder_cp: you can store in it relevant modules


[16:35:20] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. i try to create rails isolated ngine gem with model relations: EngineName::User has many => EngineName::Session. how i can describe relations, generators for proper use it in main app?
[17:07:48] fox_mulder_cp: oh oh. pgp/pgp && smime can be decrypted
[17:48:31] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: what are you need to add? item to cart, or comment to post, or photo to profile?
[17:49:46] fox_mulder_cp: you write your own DNS control web app? ^)
[17:50:31] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: ahaha. do you know how DNS is worked? what dns server are you using?
[17:51:57] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: so read api for it. by the way, long-time operations can be called from long term executed background jobs, like resque gem
[17:53:36] fox_mulder_cp: view -> controller action like create post, after it - model actions like User.disable or User.send_email
[17:53:56] fox_mulder_cp: mroutis: it call amazon route53
[17:54:27] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: it's a model level operations
[17:55:30] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: we don't know what are you have. your ServerController#do_some_with_Server_model
[17:55:48] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: try to read aooficial reails guides wich creates small blog app
[17:56:28] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: CRUD idea with MVC pattern are common
[17:57:27] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: replace Blog Post to your Server model, as example :)
[17:58:17] fox_mulder_cp: Blog post can be deleted, updated, hidden from unauthenticated users, or saved as pdf, it's a some of example controller actions
[17:58:53] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: so write controller actions and add this actions to routes
[17:59:34] fox_mulder_cp: if tasks can be executed long time - run it from resque or refault activejob
[17:59:47] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: remove private keyword
[17:59:59] fox_mulder_cp: private - can be accessible only from another controller actions
[18:00:06] fox_mulder_cp: like secured params
[18:00:18] fox_mulder_cp: and add it to route list
[18:03:11] fox_mulder_cp: it shouldn't be called in index
[18:04:11] fox_mulder_cp: oh. try to reread your blog code... seems, that you have a mistake in app logic.
[18:04:45] fox_mulder_cp: i create mistakes like this ~5 years ago when can't know about crud and mvc
[18:06:51] fox_mulder_cp: use - it's easy and without spam and adds..
[18:08:03] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___ me too, but i every day learn it when write my main app and two experimental pets:0
[18:09:35] fox_mulder_cp: what is a shit on 12 line? use gist. im more friendly for helping and highlighting code
[18:10:04] fox_mulder_cp: helper methods - why it in controller? it's a actions
[18:10:14] fox_mulder_cp: you need route for use it
[18:11:13] fox_mulder_cp: like post 'some_action', to: 'servers#actions'
[18:11:28] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: get route - for GET data. POST - for modify
[18:11:52] fox_mulder_cp: so why you use get 'servers/add_to_rotation' ?
[18:15:53] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: adopt this example for you
[18:16:11] fox_mulder_cp: all actions buttons - by default POST data
[18:16:54] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: try to reread blog example manual :)
[18:17:22] fox_mulder_cp: i reread and reexecuted it for ~5 times :)
[18:18:38] fox_mulder_cp: after c# and aspnet mvc guides. it realle intrested. sone months ago i create json only blog with reactjs web and jwt
[18:23:53] fox_mulder_cp: RougeR: ?
[18:26:47] fox_mulder_cp: KucukMubasir: oh. styles and methods can be mixed and overrided, so it may be not usable
[18:27:12] fox_mulder_cp: RougeR: you are welcome :)
[18:28:05] fox_mulder_cp: RougeR: hm. you can use different layout and different style for some pages
[18:28:38] fox_mulder_cp: like user/profile layout with twbs3 and /posts/(:id) with twbs4
[18:29:21] fox_mulder_cp: but may be you mast create dirty hacks or use twbs from CDN
[18:29:42] fox_mulder_cp: KucukMubasir: layout :)
[18:30:33] fox_mulder_cp: oh. i don't use internal rails erb views for a some last years :)
[18:31:01] fox_mulder_cp: KucukMubasir: import directly from cdn, or read gem docs and pin versions
[18:32:24] fox_mulder_cp: KucukMubasir: layouts
[18:32:42] fox_mulder_cp:
[19:11:02] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: i said some times: link_to - GET. button - POST
[19:11:19] fox_mulder_cp: so you need change your get link to to button actions
[19:28:50] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: <% if ... %> some html <% else %> some html <% end %>. read render and view guides and be carefull. it's a bad way for propgrammer
[19:30:33] fox_mulder_cp: btw, folks. how i can decorate model name from MyEngine::User to User,as example, in main app?
[19:31:18] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: read about view helpers like button, link_to and etc on edge guides
[19:31:41] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: delete method. you blog app contains this link type :)
[19:32:25] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: 300$ and i write your app for you :)_
[19:42:08] fox_mulder_cp: Radar: hi. can you help with my engine model name references and decoration?
[22:21:10] fox_mulder_cp: Ryanar
[22:22:03] fox_mulder_cp: tycoon177 it indexed by default in migrations, if it properly created
[22:25:16] fox_mulder_cp: Ryanar: hm. includes? joins?
[22:25:50] fox_mulder_cp: Ryanar: office: 15 -> office_id: 15 ->
[22:26:09] fox_mulder_cp: Ryanar: i pass some keywords for asccociations in rails
[22:27:36] fox_mulder_cp: btw, about associations. how i can decorate me engine model names for main app? like MyEngine::User has many MyEngine::Stories


[00:25:36] fox_mulder_cp: oh. i want create install generator for my engine like devise:install. how i can name in in rails g generator options?
[00:28:53] fox_mulder_cp: now it showed like MyAppInstall:MyAppInstall (
[02:06:28] fox_mulder_cp: what are you want?
[02:09:04] fox_mulder_cp: try to use me gem engine into my main app, but main application can't find my engine:install generator. in test engine app all okey. what i miss? application initializer, some else?
[02:12:05] fox_mulder_cp: Radar: it's you write me or andrewray ?
[02:20:31] fox_mulder_cp: so, how i can properly use engine:install generator from my main app? routes, controllers works ok, but model and migrations from engine:install generator can;t be executed
[18:38:06] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. i create rails engine gem, and try to create gemname:install generator for models and migrations. it works properly in dummy test app, but when i try to launch gemname:install from main application - routes ok, but generator can't accessible from rails g genname:install. what i miss in my gem?
[20:54:48] fox_mulder_cp: what is diffence - raise vs throw?
[22:18:20] fox_mulder_cp: Inside .destroy_all
[22:19:06] fox_mulder_cp: btw 2 years ago i drop jquery from my cv. only react app now..
[22:20:04] fox_mulder_cp: ohoh. legacy..
[22:22:08] fox_mulder_cp: piece of. ( i part one legacy project some months ago. 5+ years, second team, 50+ gems, 80+ models, shit-like modules and code, erb, no cache and 5 secod for a clean page generation
[22:23:00] fox_mulder_cp: kind-of-shit :)
[22:23:47] fox_mulder_cp: i'm stop develope my hosting control panel and switch to activeCable web chat with reactjs
[22:24:14] fox_mulder_cp: it's intresting experience
[22:41:15] fox_mulder_cp: Inside: js fetch in actions -> redux -> store -> view
[22:41:52] fox_mulder_cp: jquery - very good idea for internet 1990th :) shit-like code
[22:42:47] fox_mulder_cp: when you must update 25-30 different items via rails erb + jquery - you can think, that monkey-codepaste-patch - bad, very bad idea L)
[22:44:10] fox_mulder_cp: 2 years ago i switch from this jquery world to modern react, and dance L(
[22:53:26] fox_mulder_cp: Inside: i write very hard project - apps hosting control panel with many elements on page. alerts, notices, cart and some other. in jquery world update it - very monkey-style code
[23:58:01] fox_mulder_cp: Inside: i try to use this rails jquery ajax, it ok, but monkey-shit style code, so when i need to update tons of irems on page - bad, bad variant


[21:17:41] fox_mulder_cp: oh oh. i try to create small web chat with rails/activecable/react )
[21:17:55] fox_mulder_cp: but how i can test it..
[21:49:50] fox_mulder_cp: dionysus69 great joke :)
[21:50:38] fox_mulder_cp: arooni: icons and static must be accessible :)
[21:51:22] fox_mulder_cp: all public info can be located and downloaded from public :)
[21:52:12] fox_mulder_cp: but if you want you can drop this dir, if your app can't be damaged with this step
[21:55:08] fox_mulder_cp: i use rails in api mode for some last years with defferent react web ui, so i mount rails api as /api location in nginx with routing all urls to $react_root/build/index.html
[21:55:34] fox_mulder_cp: may be your routes is wrong
[22:44:27] fox_mulder_cp: Inside: bad idea. one component - one task
[22:44:48] fox_mulder_cp: btw, it's a for #reactjs )
[23:25:44] fox_mulder_cp: I try to create rails engine install generator. how i can describe creating a model, controller, serializers?


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[10:14:33] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. how i can implement methods like current_user from devise in my mountable engine


[21:00:58] fox_mulder_cp: randohinn rails db:create && rails db:migrate
[21:01:28] fox_mulder_cp: or create it manually, if database user can't have create/destrooy permissions
[22:01:36] fox_mulder_cp: kevinburke: you can manually select what test scope want use - controllers, model..
[22:01:47] fox_mulder_cp: in described in examples
[22:05:08] fox_mulder_cp: Trevoke`: ?
[22:06:30] fox_mulder_cp: rspec spec/models/a_model_spec.rb # All specs in the some_model model spec
[22:06:30] fox_mulder_cp: rspec spec/models # All specs in the models directory


[14:56:40] fox_mulder_cp: ahaha. russian government block 130 billions of DO IPv4...


[21:31:54] fox_mulder_cp: Radar: ahaha. 0:30 __


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[16:28:42] fox_mulder_cp: oh. i create gem which create a json for post into external api. but when i try to use it from rails console, see, that json is wrong.
[16:29:20] fox_mulder_cp: when use it in gem /bin/console - all ok
[16:29:29] fox_mulder_cp: how i can debug it?
[21:59:28] fox_mulder_cp: ahahah. i'm great! i'm add into my project second point - dns control
[22:00:26] fox_mulder_cp: 2 milestones of rule the world is completed :0
[22:01:45] fox_mulder_cp: i'm create a containerized hosting control panel. domain, whois, epp, dns now reached. docker, mail, and databases in next point
[22:04:44] fox_mulder_cp: desperek: i have some small hostings, which used old, orhpaned control panels - old bitrix, self-written, obsoleted projects
[22:05:43] fox_mulder_cp: so i write modern rails + reactjs app, which can control epp, domains, dns and docker-containerized stuff - perl, php, python, go, scala...
[22:06:07] fox_mulder_cp: next big milestone - control apache cloudstack as platform
[22:07:55] fox_mulder_cp: it's a prototype. i need to rewrite it, learn testing and search next level job :)
[22:31:39] fox_mulder_cp: oh. global refactoring - drop all views, move it to json api via active model serializers + redis as a cache and write reactjs/vue app :_
[22:32:21] fox_mulder_cp: find_each -> .each
[22:32:31] fox_mulder_cp: it already founded L)
[22:33:00] fox_mulder_cp: and you can write a scope
[22:37:55] fox_mulder_cp: what is fire nation
[22:39:59] fox_mulder_cp: hextable: bad idea. use twitter. it''s a offpot here


[21:18:44] fox_mulder_cp: how i can proper implement #each for my plain ruby object?
[21:21:44] fox_mulder_cp: havenwood: my custom class instances in array.
[21:22:26] fox_mulder_cp: what can i pass to yield
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[21:24:24] fox_mulder_cp: how i can proper implement #each for my plain ruby object in array? now it have exeption for [] method
[21:39:33] fox_mulder_cp: in some countries of third wotld we have a shit of wifi L)
[21:41:01] fox_mulder_cp: gist of class here
[21:43:06] fox_mulder_cp: so how i can pass it as default?
[21:43:17] fox_mulder_cp: zenspider: so how i can implement it properly?
[21:44:20] fox_mulder_cp: zenspider: and what about each emplementation?
[21:45:48] fox_mulder_cp: i don't know properly implement some for collection when user it as arr = [,,..]
[21:50:05] fox_mulder_cp: for #to_json mapped, in main use case, for mapping data to external api
[21:54:31] fox_mulder_cp: i create gem for powerdns, and i need map domain zone json to ruby object structure
[21:57:00] fox_mulder_cp: zenspider: i need reverse mapping. from json all ok. but into json
[21:59:08] fox_mulder_cp: zenspider: i have deep loop exeption when try to use #each for self..
[21:59:39] fox_mulder_cp: so i need it proper implementation
[21:59:52] fox_mulder_cp: zenspider: shit. drop to_json. i needf #each
[22:02:12] fox_mulder_cp: i need for ideas for proper implementation of #each to my object with two props. english in not my native.
[22:04:11] fox_mulder_cp: @content and @disabled are strings. i need do some with array od W3dns::Record.neODODODODODODODODODODODODODODw
[22:06:23] fox_mulder_cp: zenspider: it's not critical now
[22:25:38] fox_mulder_cp: icarus: use ansible $)
[22:26:03] fox_mulder_cp: i use ansible for controlling my nodes from rails app


[22:04:27] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. how i can properly create #each for model? now i recieve deep stack overflow error when try do somethind in each cycle


[19:00:04] fox_mulder_cp: hi. i try to create alias for method in my plain ruby class, but have a exeption that no method defined. where i have a mistake?
[19:28:56] fox_mulder_cp: some like this


[12:41:07] fox_mulder_cp: hi. how i can write regexp for match group [a-zA-Z0-9-] but fail, if it contains dot '.' ?
[12:45:59] fox_mulder_cp: ok => 'some', fail => 'some.word'
[12:46:57] fox_mulder_cp: one phrase earlier
[12:52:35] fox_mulder_cp: chridal: seems thah some like ^[\w]+$ is work
[12:53:35] fox_mulder_cp: underscores is a not problem. problem is fail, when dot in string
[12:57:03] fox_mulder_cp: chridal: some like ?
[12:58:24] fox_mulder_cp: chridal: search about #build method
[12:58:31] fox_mulder_cp: may be it can help you
[13:06:06] fox_mulder_cp: chridal: snmp traps already created in some of monitoring soft. you already written system, don't write your own bike ;)
[13:06:36] fox_mulder_cp: nagios, zabbix, tons of


[00:09:11] fox_mulder_cp: atrerus: be carefull. development need to be more attentive


[23:22:05] fox_mulder_cp: as you wish :_