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[10:04:58] fox_mulder_cp: uniq index too
[12:08:46] fox_mulder_cp: beingjohnm: sometimes my friens make a scaffolded rails 5th app and move code to it with tests adaptation - rspec have a major updates
[12:14:02] fox_mulder_cp: it updated to, anyway - all major versionshave a global changes and required to adopt code
[12:21:17] fox_mulder_cp: beingjohnm: in minitest?
[12:21:26] fox_mulder_cp: or in route list?


[14:20:40] fox_mulder_cp: eindoofus you can start from reading a official rails guides )
[14:21:23] fox_mulder_cp: api disable some features like server side application pages rendering, assets compilation and some others
[14:51:42] fox_mulder_cp: TheMoonMaster api mode - it's a api only mode. with rejected all asset/page rendetion, cookies and another functionality for easying and lighting application code base
[14:52:25] fox_mulder_cp: btw - all static pages can be served via nginx, apache or IIS or another web server
[14:52:48] fox_mulder_cp: i have a landing page generated via reactjs app
[14:56:35] fox_mulder_cp: renich: no. but some like salt :)
[15:19:26] fox_mulder_cp: one user can have #facebook_name, #twitter_name both
[15:23:42] fox_mulder_cp: so User has_one facebook_props, and User has_one twi_props..
[15:24:26] fox_mulder_cp: in pgsql you can store json-based hash at one table column
[15:25:41] fox_mulder_cp: scope :hold, -> { where("status @> ARRAY[?]::varchar[]", ['clientHold']) }
[15:26:20] fox_mulder_cp: t.string :status, array: true, default: []
[15:26:28] fox_mulder_cp: t.hstore :contacts, default: {}
[15:26:50] fox_mulder_cp: pokalyis: create getter and setter def's )


[08:08:29] fox_mulder_cp: MrCrackPotBuilde: you can use Devise for autentication and some like cancancan, pundit or some like rolify to autorization
[08:10:31] fox_mulder_cp: and create some like user.is_admin field and model rigths like user_id,can_do_some, can_do_some2,can_do_some3...
[13:40:31] fox_mulder_cp: syndikate: why you need configure chrome for capybara/
[13:40:52] fox_mulder_cp: chrome - browser, capybara only test framework


[07:30:10] fox_mulder_cp: andrewray i use devise + pundit in my rails app in api only mode :)
[07:30:23] fox_mulder_cp: but some devise controllers are owerritten
[07:31:02] fox_mulder_cp: and all users use token based auth in reactjs app)


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[09:11:23] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. i try to create a DNS control gem, which operated of three of four items - Server, DnsZone, RRSet, Record. how i can write proper code, where initialized server passed to zone, and some from zone passed to rrset for operations?
[09:14:24] fox_mulder_cp: for some like zonelist =,login,pass).zones; rrset =, content); zone =,login,pass).zone.create(name, nsservers, rrset);
[09:16:24] fox_mulder_cp: i need a help with basic classes skeletone


[08:09:12] fox_mulder_cp: haxx0r i can post passenger configs for my rails app for you
[08:09:32] fox_mulder_cp: but i don't know hot start resque and WS server ((
[14:34:23] fox_mulder_cp: prestorium: nginx: upstream, apache has option like this too
[14:35:31] fox_mulder_cp:
[14:46:25] fox_mulder_cp: for server /api endpoint and proxy in to passenger or some


[13:52:24] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. i have a rails 5 app with nginx and passenger, but i need start resque workers. how i can do this via system unit file? take some examples from SO and google forums, but it's not work (


[08:39:53] fox_mulder_cp: linuus_ first QA: why you need yor own subscriber implementation? we have a some popular, known and very tested AJ clients and systems, like resque
[09:10:33] fox_mulder_cp: i'm glad to know, that my project come to real world production... but
[09:10:36] fox_mulder_cp: but I'm a little afraid - financial responsibility


[09:29:05] fox_mulder_cp: seems, that is my star time is coming. my rails/reactjs panel approved to real prodution die to previous panel died with old server :_)
[09:52:06] fox_mulder_cp: conta: i found already for prod rails docker images.
[09:52:32] fox_mulder_cp: like change to its last line git repo url and enjoy
[10:32:12] fox_mulder_cp: i need gogle it again, so you can do this step too
[11:53:07] fox_mulder_cp: Psy-Q: btw i try to use acl rights matrix - owner, tech, financial contact and now think, how i can take allow user1@domain to control resource1@domain but deny to control recource2@domain..
[11:53:44] fox_mulder_cp: like site with mailusers but not website on


[14:07:24] fox_mulder_cp: syndikate: you can start no all tests, only relevant, when change something
[14:08:09] fox_mulder_cp: tbuehlmann - and create/seed/drop test database, with SQL server performance slow..
[14:12:44] fox_mulder_cp: syndikate: you can start it for models, controllers differently..
[14:35:16] fox_mulder_cp: how i can move id from update packages to minion selector? paste here
[14:35:31] fox_mulder_cp: now it executed on non-fedora minions
[14:37:54] fox_mulder_cp: oh, sory, miskate


[13:44:19] fox_mulder_cp: thoraxe: hm? ose filter with date before and date after and order creteria after
[13:45:01] fox_mulder_cp: filter FIRSTLY
[13:45:23] fox_mulder_cp: and .limit aat last
[13:46:12] fox_mulder_cp: or you take random 10 unsorted positions, filter first 10 and than order it by date
[13:47:37] fox_mulder_cp: all funstions called on results based on previous functions. from left to right
[13:51:35] fox_mulder_cp: thoraxe: if you read classic sql query from any engine you see - select date, name from table where date > bla and date < now order by date limit 10


[09:49:18] fox_mulder_cp: pierrethierry yes, you can read rails guied. or as example, some like this
[09:50:29] fox_mulder_cp: all relations in models is a relations in database too. via foreign keys


[09:52:11] fox_mulder_cp: liya: official ruby site :)
[09:52:49] fox_mulder_cp: liya: and codecademy, as for me - pretty interactive learing web site for rubym railt, and other languages and techs
[09:53:16] fox_mulder_cp: liya btw - ask all people, not concrete persone :)
[14:20:33] fox_mulder_cp: liya: try to learn ruby at codecademy
[14:22:01] fox_mulder_cp: by the way - windows and ruby with rails, or windows and another laguage like python it's a very hard experience for newbies, because all gems or pips oriented for linux/unix/mac environment and some times can't work properly at win-based OS
[14:22:43] fox_mulder_cp: so your application sometimes can't work properly because gems partially failed, or can't compiled
[14:24:24] fox_mulder_cp: liya: i try to use rails, django at win-based, and i have a problem when some gem's can't compiled with some requrements which is not ported
[14:24:57] fox_mulder_cp: by the way - ubuntu emulator at win10 - is a goodf idea or hyper-v vm for that
[14:25:44] fox_mulder_cp: docker it's a bad idea for permanent vm with env for developing
[14:31:00] fox_mulder_cp: liya: oh. if you use Linux - u can use rbenv, as example


[23:10:21] fox_mulder_cp: REACT_HOT_ASSETS=true - its a variable
[23:10:36] fox_mulder_cp: first line of script must be #!/bin/bash
[23:29:52] fox_mulder_cp: oh. i use rails as api in nginx+passenger and different react app, so i can't help you (
[23:30:42] fox_mulder_cp: btw REACT_HOT_ASSETS=true SOME_ANOTHER_VAR=blah /sbin/app -params.. ))
[23:31:03] fox_mulder_cp: variable set must be before call application


[11:36:21] fox_mulder_cp: GeorgesLeYeti: depends of requests. i have a TenantID column in database tables
[11:42:56] fox_mulder_cp: GeorgesLeYeti: multitenant concept
[11:44:01] fox_mulder_cp: one app - many databases, one database with schemas per tenant, or tenant id in tables per record
[11:51:04] fox_mulder_cp: if you have multiple apps and multiple servers you must support all instances defferently, via control systems like salt, ansible, chef for deply code and run database migrations
[11:54:42] fox_mulder_cp: or upgrade code for use multitenancy and merge all databases into one..
[12:29:20] fox_mulder_cp: GeorgesLeYeti: so if this servers under your control you can use salt for propagate code and database migration deployment to end-user servers
[12:40:14] fox_mulder_cp: GeorgesLeYeti: seems that you need a devops for help you dev and qa teams to deploy code
[12:41:02] fox_mulder_cp: GeorgesLeYeti: it's a dependent for your business andd applications. multi tenancy hints i post via links earlier
[15:53:34] fox_mulder_cp: oh. seems that is dns resolving. i cahe a minion withou domain part in fqdn and salt-master try connect to localhost again


[09:40:50] fox_mulder_cp: WhereIsMySpoon: why you need it? its a old school and for non AR model classes
[09:41:15] fox_mulder_cp: wher you define field rails create accessor/writer for it by design
[09:42:00] fox_mulder_cp: WhereIsMySpoon: you don't need write accessor and writer
[09:43:39] fox_mulder_cp:
[09:43:45] fox_mulder_cp:


[10:36:00] fox_mulder_cp: terens: you can use redis for caching requests. in my app i have 3-4k+ items in database, but after full loading it in redis app answers for some seconds, not minutes %)
[11:49:00] fox_mulder_cp: test db cleared after test is ended
[15:46:55] fox_mulder_cp: IGnorAND: REQIRED params must be present. required != allowed :)
[15:47:52] fox_mulder_cp: btw - why you hardcode it in expect(json['first_name']).to eq('Learn Elm') ? use valid_attributes[:first_name]
[15:49:08] fox_mulder_cp: IGnorAND: post json {customer: { ...fields here}}
[15:49:20] fox_mulder_cp: not plain {name: '', surname}
[15:49:49] fox_mulder_cp: customer fields in json must be included in customer: {} json object
[15:51:20] fox_mulder_cp: data='{"customer":{"name":"blabla", .. , .. }}'; curl -XPOST -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -sd "$data" ${url_base} ..
[15:56:15] fox_mulder_cp: IGnorAND: rspec sends only described data :)


[08:51:06] fox_mulder_cp: istrasci:some like def home_adress addresses.where(home: true).first end
[08:51:28] fox_mulder_cp: blackjid: create - only create. save - create AND save :)
[15:23:02] fox_mulder_cp: kidPalooma: 17.30, i have a dance training, so no, nobody reads your msgs
[15:37:54] fox_mulder_cp: i don't know. may be guys can help you for some hours, when available and online..


[09:45:20] fox_mulder_cp: thoraxe delete method must be button action, no get url
[17:54:02] fox_mulder_cp: broman: seems that is reaaly not specified ))
[18:32:52] fox_mulder_cp: broman your production database section can't contain adapter type line. check and compare development and production section. it's missmatched


[09:32:50] fox_mulder_cp: Cork: last release and last raikls )
[09:34:04] fox_mulder_cp: Cork: compile from rubyenv?
[09:35:22] fox_mulder_cp: Cork: hm. i compile 2.6 ruby with 5.2.2 rails but use not irb last 4 years for console, i use pry. and no problems
[09:36:36] fox_mulder_cp: what i can execute in irb for verify your errors?
[09:37:03] fox_mulder_cp: irb 1.0.0 (2018-12-18)
[09:37:20] fox_mulder_cp: uby 2.6.0p0 (2018-12-25 revision 66547)
[09:37:35] fox_mulder_cp: Pry version 0.12.2 on Ruby 2.6.0
[09:37:57] fox_mulder_cp: Cork: hm. may be u must reinstall irb/pry gems?
[09:38:12] fox_mulder_cp: or update config via release requirements?
[09:38:26] fox_mulder_cp: or %path% environment failed?
[09:39:33] fox_mulder_cp: hm. i use rbenv with it's manual for my rails env, no problem from start since 2014.
[09:40:02] fox_mulder_cp: do u se your linux distro ruby or use it from rbenv or it's analogue?
[09:43:08] fox_mulder_cp: oh, all my dev's says that use it from distro bad idea - it's really older than current. inu ubuntu it 2.5.1 and rails 2.3 than last 5.2.2
[09:44:59] fox_mulder_cp: try to use rbenv or its alternative. )
[09:49:51] fox_mulder_cp: Cork some years ago i write my own quick rbenv manual for quick restore it in ubuntu/deb-based
[15:08:27] fox_mulder_cp: blackmesa1: hm. nginx can secure apps from another
[15:09:50] fox_mulder_cp: i have ten's of apps and no problems when use different virtual hosts for it
[15:10:34] fox_mulder_cp: passenger home path setting
[15:11:33] fox_mulder_cp: if is your own apps and no security questions, seems that is no problem :)
[15:12:00] fox_mulder_cp: no sense, i think
[15:12:29] fox_mulder_cp: passenger and home root path settings can secure your appf from another
[15:16:00] fox_mulder_cp: yes, it's not a problem


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[11:44:21] fox_mulder_cp: ah. in my 18.04.1 ubuntu nginx + pasenger damaged yesterday when upgrade distro to .1 (


[14:32:42] fox_mulder_cp: oh. i'm upgrade ubuntu to 18.04.1 and nginx plus [assenger are damaged ( fusion pasenger added as module, but passenger_enable directive failed to run nginx (


[14:56:24] fox_mulder_cp: mengu: is a proxy such as apache/nginx before app?


[15:21:04] fox_mulder_cp: arefaslani: create your own i18n dictionary and use it in i18n gem or some like it?
[15:23:24] fox_mulder_cp: arefaslani: i18n gem as example
[15:24:19] fox_mulder_cp: and replace it in your super(..) line
[15:29:29] fox_mulder_cp: arefaslani: no. create your own dictionary for gem like i18n and override all like exeptions
[15:34:00] fox_mulder_cp: arefaslani:


[07:41:09] fox_mulder_cp: IGnorAND @boxer - instance. Boxer.all.order(..) is a list of ordered via your criterias


[10:25:09] fox_mulder_cp: dionysus69: why you need a stndalone daemon? may you want some like resque for backgroud tasks? on nginx/passenger plugin for run something like api?
[10:32:12] fox_mulder_cp: Psy-Q: plain text renderer in routes?


[09:34:08] fox_mulder_cp: srruby nginx/passenger, as example


[08:37:30] fox_mulder_cp: happy new year :)


[12:42:16] fox_mulder_cp: syndikate: i create non Activerecord-related model and use it for creating json in active model serializers
[14:47:39] fox_mulder_cp: address.line1|2|3, and .full which concats all address fields?


[15:44:22] fox_mulder_cp: SteveRedka: js fetch?


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[12:03:30] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. how i can create time reservation ranges via half hour for restaurant which can be closed after midnight? predefined time slots?
[12:05:02] fox_mulder_cp: how i can use enum for more than one field?
[14:04:01] fox_mulder_cp: braindead_: read about helpers and how to pass class names to it
[14:04:17] fox_mulder_cp: and fon icons gems
[16:12:00] fox_mulder_cp: braindead_ force ssl can be set up in application config. or rewrite in proxy such as nginx


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[19:48:40] fox_mulder_cp: silverdust: devise
[19:53:05] fox_mulder_cp: devise/pundit - seems as classical :)
[20:03:16] fox_mulder_cp: Andr3as i use rails in only api mode, so cancel from devise using too. write my own small engine rails gem based on bcrypt


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[11:19:03] fox_mulder_cp: oh. i'm glad. I create rails activecable based web chat with reactjs front. How we can test active cable via rspec?
[19:06:21] fox_mulder_cp: prutheus (s)css must be compiled on server
[19:06:40] fox_mulder_cp: after it you can update page in browser to reload new js/css bundles


[17:07:45] fox_mulder_cp: Radar in 5.2 base key in encrypted and stored in encrypted storage
[17:09:04] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. i try to use js activecable lib, try to create subscription, but seeems, thah connected() {} don't do anything, when i add console.log into it
[17:09:30] fox_mulder_cp: how i can propery use connected and disconnect functions on it?
[17:35:11] fox_mulder_cp: blackcross: it's a say to fixit :)
[17:39:45] fox_mulder_cp: mount sinatra app as engine to rails?


[20:39:38] fox_mulder_cp: hi, folks. i have a encrypted Rails.application.secrets.secret_key_base in rails 5.2. how i can read and use it in my JWT token sign?
[20:41:53] fox_mulder_cp: regedit lib/ dir?*_
[21:02:34] fox_mulder_cp: regedit default lib dir in $app_root
[21:02:53] fox_mulder_cp: you can store in it relevant modules


[18:11:28] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: get route - for GET data. POST - for modify
[18:11:52] fox_mulder_cp: so why you use get 'servers/add_to_rotation' ?
[18:15:53] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: adopt this example for you
[18:16:11] fox_mulder_cp: all actions buttons - by default POST data
[18:16:54] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: try to reread blog example manual :)
[18:17:22] fox_mulder_cp: i reread and reexecuted it for ~5 times :)
[18:18:38] fox_mulder_cp: after c# and aspnet mvc guides. it realle intrested. sone months ago i create json only blog with reactjs web and jwt
[18:23:53] fox_mulder_cp: RougeR: ?
[18:26:47] fox_mulder_cp: KucukMubasir: oh. styles and methods can be mixed and overrided, so it may be not usable
[18:27:12] fox_mulder_cp: RougeR: you are welcome :)
[18:28:05] fox_mulder_cp: RougeR: hm. you can use different layout and different style for some pages
[18:28:38] fox_mulder_cp: like user/profile layout with twbs3 and /posts/(:id) with twbs4
[18:29:21] fox_mulder_cp: but may be you mast create dirty hacks or use twbs from CDN
[18:29:42] fox_mulder_cp: KucukMubasir: layout :)
[18:30:33] fox_mulder_cp: oh. i don't use internal rails erb views for a some last years :)
[18:31:01] fox_mulder_cp: KucukMubasir: import directly from cdn, or read gem docs and pin versions
[18:32:24] fox_mulder_cp: KucukMubasir: layouts
[18:32:42] fox_mulder_cp:
[19:11:02] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: i said some times: link_to - GET. button - POST
[19:11:19] fox_mulder_cp: so you need change your get link to to button actions
[19:28:50] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: <% if ... %> some html <% else %> some html <% end %>. read render and view guides and be carefull. it's a bad way for propgrammer
[19:30:33] fox_mulder_cp: btw, folks. how i can decorate model name from MyEngine::User to User,as example, in main app?
[19:31:18] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: read about view helpers like button, link_to and etc on edge guides
[19:31:41] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: delete method. you blog app contains this link type :)
[19:32:25] fox_mulder_cp: tuskkk___: 300$ and i write your app for you :)_
[19:42:08] fox_mulder_cp: Radar: hi. can you help with my engine model name references and decoration?
[22:21:10] fox_mulder_cp: Ryanar
[22:22:03] fox_mulder_cp: tycoon177 it indexed by default in migrations, if it properly created
[22:25:16] fox_mulder_cp: Ryanar: hm. includes? joins?
[22:25:50] fox_mulder_cp: Ryanar: office: 15 -> office_id: 15 ->
[22:26:09] fox_mulder_cp: Ryanar: i pass some keywords for asccociations in rails
[22:27:36] fox_mulder_cp: btw, about associations. how i can decorate me engine model names for main app? like MyEngine::User has many MyEngine::Stories