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[10:16:10] frank_o: Hi! Anybody tried the Discourse forum? I'm attempting to migrate its database, but gives me `PG::InvalidParameterValue: ERROR: version to install must be specified` --
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[12:41:53] frank_o: Hi! Trying to install the Discourse forum ( manually without Docker. Unfortunately gives me `PG::InvalidParameterValue: ERROR: version to install must be specified` during migration, anybody know why?
[12:41:59] frank_o: Only Docker installs are supported meaning the Discourse team won't help me with this one. Docker or not though, it's still odd that the migration should fail like this.
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[23:57:19] frank_o: smathy: your name cathy by any chance?


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[21:06:56] frank_o: Hi! Looking to install Docker + Discourse for the first time. Basically Docker is like a self-contained OS with Nginx, Unicorn and everything preinstalled?
[21:06:58] frank_o: Also, will it conflict with my existing Rails + Nginx + Puma setup?
[21:08:26] frank_o: tubbo: cool, will do
[21:08:30] frank_o: sounds good
[21:08:36] frank_o: wish it was as simple as installing forem though..
[21:08:50] frank_o: great - thanks tubbo
[21:22:22] frank_o: tubbo: guess im out of luck.. docker wont run on freebsd so :/
[21:23:55] frank_o: tubbo: cool.. doubt it'll work on freebsd though
[21:24:24] frank_o: btw what would you guys say to those who say instlling rails apps is a nightmare?
[21:25:16] frank_o: tubbo: isnt it more like.. it *used* to be a nightmare?
[21:25:33] frank_o: ever since rails 4 ive not had a single conflict.. almost :P
[21:25:54] frank_o: well as with anything i guess it requires some common understanding of unix principles
[21:26:01] frank_o: but if you dont have that you shouldnt be running a rails app in the first place am i right?
[21:26:35] frank_o: tubbo: are you implying im a professional? lol
[21:26:39] frank_o: man i could get used to this :D
[21:27:08] frank_o: anyway no discourse i guess..
[21:28:15] frank_o: yup that part is.. slightly hellish i suppose
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[10:20:13] frank_o: hey sheperson
[10:20:24] frank_o: whats going on?
[10:21:34] frank_o: yeah silence makes me sick too
[10:22:02] frank_o: seems like everybody moved to #ruby since it was renamed from #ruby-lang
[10:23:02] frank_o: ah, like that.. okiedokie
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[15:03:18] frank_o: howdy havenwood !
[15:23:32] frank_o: Hi! I got this Paperclip model which checks an upload (its temp file) whether it's an animated GIF. If so it sets `attachment_is_animated` in the db to true. But, because this job needs to go into the background, the temp file is probably gone by the time it's needed, so I end up with this InfiniteInterpolationError.
[15:23:37] frank_o: -- anybody ever been down this rabbit hole before?
[16:06:57] frank_o: yay fixed it..
[16:07:44] frank_o: *that moment of calm when you realize you've fixed all your bugs*
[16:09:37] frank_o: *of your project which has consumed your days and nights for the past 5 years*
[16:16:32] frank_o: thanks a lot Coraline
[16:17:05] frank_o: Coraline: its basically a heavily customized app to help poor ppl in my local community
[16:19:45] frank_o: much love to Radar for making it happen.. as well as prolly half of the people in here =)
[16:20:45] frank_o: that MINASWAN thing is truly engrained in the DNA of this community and i cant wait to start giving some of it back
[16:21:08] frank_o: take care guys frank out
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[23:06:48] frank_o: Hi! I'm trying to load some items from this external API in the background and save to database. When done, show them to the client using Ajax. But why am I getting `Couldn't find Affiliate with 'id'=` when I specified `find(params[:url])`?
[23:07:16] frank_o: dfockler: hope its ok i quoted you in that gist, its just tmp though
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[12:33:18] frank_o: i forgive u <3
[12:51:00] frank_o: Hi! How do I update my `items_loaded` attribute? -- undefined method `items_loaded=' for Affiliate:Module
[12:54:21] frank_o: hmm.. well i have different modules for different affiliates. attempted to make my test case as reduced as possible
[12:54:52] frank_o: one sec please
[13:00:00] frank_o: universa1: removed the module: sorry about that
[13:01:33] frank_o: yeah i gotta get better at that lol
[13:16:44] frank_o: thx universa1 ..
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[18:09:05] frank_o: Hi! Is there a way to tell when REST Client is done fetching these items in the background?
[18:14:36] frank_o: hey dfockler !
[18:15:10] frank_o: i am indeed. forgot to mention yesterday that this is a background job
[18:19:17] frank_o: true.. not sure what to do here, asked around and people seemed to recommend weird 3rd party services like and
[18:22:38] frank_o: that makes a lot of sense actually..
[18:26:44] frank_o: dfockler: ill give it a go! but it gets a bit tricky i guess since it's supposed to return random items each time..
[18:27:39] frank_o: each page load yeah
[18:28:34] frank_o: maybe yeah..
[18:29:49] frank_o: ill look into it and keep y'all posted
[18:29:58] frank_o: thanks a lot dfockler !
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[21:40:44] frank_o: Howdy! If I use REST Client to fetch images from this external API, is there a way to tell when they're done loading?
[21:44:58] frank_o: Greetings Radar :))
[21:49:01] frank_o: bootstrappm: Thanks man =)
[21:49:41] frank_o: dfockler: aah.. that changes everything i think
[21:50:23] frank_o: dfockler: thank you!
[21:51:48] frank_o: oh indeed!
[21:56:37] frank_o: ACTION recommends forem <3
[21:57:01] frank_o: (to basically everyone he meets)
[22:21:01] frank_o: yeah if you can live without water
[22:22:27] frank_o: heard about those yeah..
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[12:12:29] frank_o: Hi! I'm trying to check if a photo exists using a route, but I'm currently getting a routing error: -- can anyone tell what's wrong?
[12:16:48] frank_o: sevenseacat: coolio, thanks=)
[12:18:07] frank_o: good seeing you again btw
[12:18:15] frank_o: i wonder if theres anything new over at your blog
[12:18:17] frank_o: ACTION checks
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[15:53:16] frank_o: jhass my man
[15:53:19] frank_o: always a pleasure !
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[20:56:23] frank_o: Hi! I'm trying to check if a photo exists using a route, but it doesn't seem to be able to find the photo despite existing: -- can anyone tell what's wrong?
[20:57:58] frank_o: fryguy: cool, didnt notice that..
[21:02:59] frank_o: pls pls pls work this time..
[21:05:15] frank_o: fryguy: hey it worked!! thanks man=)
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[23:34:55] frank_o: Hi! I'm trying to check for database change using a route, but I'm currently getting not found: -- anybody mind having a look?
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[10:37:44] frank_o: Hi! After reading -- I can't help but wonder -- why isn't PgBouncer ( more actively recommended as a must-have companion to PostgreSQL?
[10:51:13] frank_o: i just dont understand.. all these RAils + postgresql tutorials.. *NONE* of them mentions pgbouncer
[10:52:50] frank_o: i see i see
[10:53:38] frank_o: chridal: glad you liked it


[19:42:02] frank_o: Heya! Why is my site slowing down when there's no database activity? I'm using Rails with PostgreSQL and I often get these 504 gateway timeouts seemingly out of nowhere. I just noticed, however, that after adding new posts, speeds return to normal (2-3 secs). How can this be?
[19:43:46] frank_o: * 504 gateway timeouts (30+ secs)
[19:44:30] frank_o: centrx: I can confirm it's not Nginx or Puma (they seem to respond normally)
[19:45:11] frank_o: My connection to this server (SSH etc.) is also fine
[19:45:47] frank_o: centrx: Nope same
[19:47:32] frank_o: centrx: Interesting angle though - I definitely see what you mean
[19:50:03] frank_o: weaksauce: It shouldn't be. In my effort to fix this gateway timeout I've disabled (or moved to Ajax) any 3rd party querying.
[19:54:20] frank_o: weaksauce: To be honest it's not working on page refresh. New content is actually fed via an API
[20:03:03] frank_o: weaksauce: yeah idk.. looking into if maybe my pgsql workers are going dormant or something
[20:03:47] frank_o: maybe i need a cron script to act as a little pingpong ball bouncing back and forth making sure everybody's awake


[07:54:30] frank_o: Hi! I have this neat Rails + jQuery polling setup using Rails' `fresh_when` to return either 200 OK or 304 Not Modified: +
[07:54:35] frank_o: It works perfectly in development, but why in production does it return 200 OK (ie. something has changed) even when there are no changes?


[21:01:49] frank_o: Hey guys! Mind if I ask a silly question? Got this basic nested set thingie with Forem here.
[21:01:50] frank_o: How come I can count all topics within a forum with ` do |forum|; puts forum.published_topics_count; end`, but not all topics within a category with `puts category.forums.published_topics_count`?


[18:38:02] frank_o: Hey! How would you guys write this simple erb snippet? -- seems there's no way around having to repeat `something?` or `class="foo"` twice?
[18:42:59] frank_o: nickjj: Cool, thanks
[18:43:17] frank_o: I dunno, writing a helper for something this simple seems a bit OCD
[18:45:59] frank_o: rhizome: sorry =/
[18:51:59] frank_o: nickjj: dunno abt this one..
[18:55:34] frank_o: oh like that! looks great..
[18:55:57] frank_o: nope not any more complex tahts prettty much it
[19:06:23] frank_o: nickjj: cya around, have a good one


[11:43:45] frank_o: Hi! I'm getting `Paperclip::Errors::InfiniteInterpolationError`, possibly due to calling `attachment.path` to check up on the upload before it's saved, but I can't for the life of me figure out an alternative. Anybody mind having a look?
[12:11:06] frank_o: maloik: just curious what sorta stuff?
[12:12:47] frank_o: maloik: like or
[12:16:45] frank_o: maloik: like redirecting between a desktop version of your site and a mobile version


[11:52:03] frank_o: Hi! Can somebody help me prevent this infinite loop?


[10:32:32] frank_o: I'll take that
[10:33:43] frank_o: Hi! Trying to send my Paperclip jobs off into the background with --
[10:33:46] frank_o: I'm getting `[ActiveJob] Enqueued DelayedPaperclip::Jobs::ActiveJob (Job ID: fb1e6e56-6f47-4bc6-a24a-d5f41a83a959)` but after that nothing seems to happen. But, when trying to inspect it: `Delayed::Job.find("fb1e6e56-6f47-4bc6-a24a-d5f41a83a959")` I'm getting `ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound: Couldn't find Delayed::Backend::ActiveRecord::Job with 'id'=fb1e6e56-6f47-4bc6-a24a-d5f41a83a959` -- anybody fami
[10:33:52] frank_o: liar with this?
[10:35:26] frank_o: ackpacket: There's no error unfortunately.
[10:36:24] frank_o: ackpacket: Check the gist though
[10:38:53] frank_o: I think I'm missing something fundamental..
[10:39:01] frank_o: Waiting for that "aha"-moment to show up
[10:50:10] frank_o: psyxoz228: yeah. spree is pretty much a gem for cart so..
[10:57:06] frank_o: psyxoz228: if you dont use gems you'll waste your life away reinventing the wheel. even with gems you'll still have to copy their views into your app and customize them etc.
[11:03:02] frank_o: psyxoz228: centered around your favorite hobby :D
[11:05:12] frank_o: psyxoz228: radar is one of the main men behind spree, so forem is structured in the same way (as a rails engine) so its a perfect way to learn
[11:05:47] frank_o: forem is probably my most favorite tool of all times next to ruby on rails
[11:08:15] frank_o: create something cool :-)
[11:08:24] frank_o: slap a few google ads on there and make lots of money while at it
[11:44:49] frank_o: psyxoz228: sorry?
[11:52:13] frank_o: psyxoz228: i think because forem is a rails engine ( if you want to customize them you have to extend them.. ie. by creating app/decorators/controllers/forem/post_controller_decorator.rb etc.
[11:53:44] frank_o: psyxoz228: for instance here i extended forem to support paperclip photo uploads:
[11:53:49] frank_o: anyway gtg good luck
[19:59:28] frank_o: I just added delayed_paperclip + delayed_job_active_record to my Rails app, but for some reason, it only enqueues my jobs but never actually runs them. Am I missing something?
[22:18:15] frank_o: Hey! Anybody know why my delayed_job_active_record (delayed_paperclip) jobs get enqueued but never actually run? Am I missing something fundamental?
[22:24:38] frank_o: ramfjord: nope
[22:25:07] frank_o: ramfjord: I'm using delayed_job_active_record for other stuff in other models and there they "just work"
[22:25:28] frank_o: ramfjord: besides i thought workers were only needed for delayed_job, not delayed_job_active_record?
[22:27:19] frank_o: ramfjord: not really sure what happens
[22:27:59] frank_o: ramfjord: i know delayed_job_active_record adds a db field and uses that but.. could be the process is all within active record or something
[22:28:43] frank_o: i did actually.. installed delayed_job and ran `bin/delayed_job start` but no luck so far, i can try again though
[22:33:06] frank_o: one sec please
[22:34:14] frank_o: now my jobs run!
[22:35:12] frank_o: didnt work before when i tried it, but then i had some errors stuck in my job queue.
[22:35:32] frank_o: anyway whats the deal here, do I have to run `rake job:work` every time a user uploads something via paperclip? :S
[22:37:37] frank_o: thanks a lot ramfjord, makerops .. makes sense that delayed_job_active_record alone can't handle this since paperclip requires external tools like imagemagick..
[22:48:43] frank_o: Can anyone tell why I'm getting `Paperclip::Errors::InfiniteInterpolationError` for `photos.rb`?
[23:26:25] frank_o: loglaunch: dont people use SecureRandom or something like that?
[23:48:54] frank_o: tubbo: lol
[23:50:03] frank_o: ACTION looks up king tubby on soundcloud


[10:58:46] frank_o: Hi! Anybody familiar with DelayedJob and Paperclip (delayed_paperclip)? Just can't seem to get it to send my stuff into the background:
[13:57:55] frank_o: Hi! Using Paperclip with FFmpeg to process video uploads. But why does FFmpeg fail to run after adding delayed_paperclip ( Please see:
[16:39:46] frank_o: Anybody know why delayed_paperclip manages to enqueue my background jobs but never actually run them?


[22:37:05] frank_o: Hi! Anybody know why I'm getting `can't dup NilClass` when attempting to send my Paperclip processes off into the background with DelayedJob?
[22:37:09] frank_o: I've placed `byebug` in Paperclip's `attachment.rb:200` but have no idea where to go from here.
[22:41:14] frank_o: Radar: Is there a way to run `process_in_background` when it's no longer nil? Because styles do get set eventually
[22:42:33] frank_o: Yeah it's starting to get awfully complex..
[22:43:16] frank_o: ill take it!
[23:22:27] frank_o: i reckon everybody here has jumped onto the react.js bandwagon?
[23:26:30] frank_o: ACTION reads to try to understand what the fuss is all about
[23:32:39] frank_o: so yeah seems people are still trying to work out the best way of combining react with rails
[23:35:27] frank_o: pipework: yeah that usually works
[23:35:47] frank_o: pipework: or weed if you're in a legal zone, at least it wont shut down your brain so you can still code
[23:40:06] frank_o: wow, that is so cool
[23:41:00] frank_o: where i come from the only stuff available is weed from the 80s that someone accidentally found stashed inside some wall while tearing down a house
[23:41:57] frank_o: pipework: you guys are role models, hope the rest of the world will follow
[23:42:33] frank_o: its just a matter of time before young politicians come to power anyway
[23:46:51] frank_o: pipework: sorry plans and carry?
[23:59:48] frank_o: not pleased with how spring boots up multiple processes in production when you explicitly define it as development only in the Gemfile


[09:08:06] frank_o: I'm trying to fetch some affiliate products in the background with Delayed::Job, but how do I set up the callback? -- is a database flag + route my only option?
[10:09:32] frank_o: What's the difference between `bundle install --deployment` and `bundle install --path vendor/bundle`, other than the former requiring you to do `bundle install --no-deployment && bundle install && bundle install --deployment` as a workaround every time you wish to update your bundle?
[10:14:04] frank_o: rvanlieshout: I see.. but it's not strictly necessary right?
[10:15:55] frank_o: rvanlieshout: for running an app in production? i mean wont `bundle install --path vendor/bundle` do just fine?
[10:16:45] frank_o: cool, gotcha
[10:20:26] frank_o: sandelius: how many times have you read it? ;)
[10:20:32] frank_o: looks good though thanks for sharing
[10:21:02] frank_o: lord knows there would be no ecommerce in rails without shopify..