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[04:45:07] fugee: a link_to with method path and paramaters can be used in substitution of a form?
[04:45:18] fugee: s/path/patch
[08:24:46] fugee: anyone can tell why this transaction rolls back please? https://gist.github.com/mices/d922664e45b27cf0a0ae846ef2e9fe32
[08:27:54] fugee: dminuoso, sevenseacat @address.update(current: true)
[08:28:43] fugee: sevenseacat: in console?
[08:29:08] fugee: how do i "check" it
[08:42:16] fugee: sevenseacat how do i print the @address.errors before the redirect or include them in the redirect
[08:42:39] fugee: notice: ' ' requires quotes
[08:48:48] fugee: sevenseacat undefined method `error' for #<Address::ActiveRecord_Relation:0xde76ba4>
[08:49:09] fugee: same for errors
[08:49:21] fugee: undefined method errors
[08:49:45] fugee: form_for[@user, @address]
[08:52:41] fugee: what is a relation


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[17:47:55] fugee: when using nested resources do i have to change the render :new line after else in the controller's create action
[17:48:07] fugee: for when validations fail
[17:55:01] fugee: what does `render :new` mean? the symbol means action? so the new action instead of partial?
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[22:06:17] fugee: i'm having trouble with nested resources i dunno how to pass the parent and child params to render when validations fail
[22:06:37] fugee: https://gist.github.com/mices/71f4bc41e4292db60e22a58b1f515e72
[22:12:49] fugee: so render 'user/addresses/new', [@user, @address]
[22:12:54] fugee: doesn't work
[22:13:18] fugee: amperry: jquery
[22:13:46] fugee: it's in the gist no?
[22:14:21] fugee: that's create
[22:15:08] fugee: cnk: they were create in the new action
[22:16:02] fugee: you asked is that what i sent to the new controller i think you meant the new action
[22:16:18] fugee: my question what goes here in the gist
[22:22:42] fugee: cnk: yea, thanks
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[04:28:46] fugee: rake db:create db:schema:load creates tables without id column and migration shows id="false" as it runs
[04:29:18] fugee: can i run the command with a switch for id="true"
[04:29:33] fugee: or argument
[04:35:31] fugee: Radar: the directory's empty
[04:39:10] fugee: Radar: sorry i'm an idiot it's right there in schema.rb
[05:00:14] fugee: in application.html.erb if <div id="side"> has no contents to display when the page loads, should it still have any width?
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[07:16:19] fugee: devise for :users means devise won't be using the users controller?
[07:21:02] fugee: if i wanna add a field i have to edit the form in the gem, afaik, but still have to whitelist in the users controller so devise is using the users controller at least that much right?
[07:47:09] fugee: Andr3as: thanks
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