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[06:35:07] fujinuma: I just completed reading "Practical Object-Oriented in Ruby" book, what is your suggestion for next step?
[06:35:12] fujinuma: design patterns?
[07:11:19] fujinuma: zacts: I can write apps but I don't have idea :?
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[16:34:50] fujinuma: which one is better or concise in a module? self.func or def func; module_function :func?
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[00:32:49] fujinuma: what happens when define a method in a module?
[00:33:12] fujinuma: module Common; def foo; 'foo
[00:33:19] fujinuma: '; end; end;
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[13:40:14] fujinuma: I've read "Well Grounded Rubyist" book what do you suggest next?
[13:40:25] fujinuma: also Rails 4 in Action
[13:41:24] fujinuma: my knowledge lacking at Database, Testing, Design Patterns
[13:43:54] fujinuma: dminuoso: I'm currently work on Ruby on Rails projects what's next suggestion?
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[16:40:39] fujinuma: is there a place to find rails cool projects to looking at?
[19:13:10] fujinuma: is it true that ruby core code discussion in in Japanese?
[19:14:44] fujinuma: havenwood: what matz writes in?
[19:17:11] fujinuma: havenwood: an idiot said that matz changed the ruby core code without noting in English :?
[19:17:36] fujinuma: havenwood: I was curious about that :|
[19:22:39] fujinuma: bradland: I don't remember the version he said it's been changed without.
[19:24:05] fujinuma: bradland: to ensure he said bullshit ;D
[19:26:00] fujinuma: bradland: who's going to do that? Matz is great


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[14:01:22] fujinuma: I'm new in testing is this a good way to test a method which returns a full name of a person class?
[14:01:31] fujinuma: http://vpaste.net/nXxHd
[14:03:45] fujinuma: marcos_: yeah, I know. I
[14:03:55] fujinuma: marcos_: I'm searching about the new syntax.
[14:04:58] fujinuma: naftilos76: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4115115/extract-a-substring-from-a-string-in-ruby-using-a-regular-expression
[14:05:11] fujinuma: naftilos76: haha :)
[14:07:05] fujinuma: naftilos76: I don't understand here is ruby channel I think you should join #regex
[14:07:32] fujinuma: marcos_: what do you mean?
[14:12:00] fujinuma: marcos_: I think it relates to NER (Named Entity Recognition) in Natural language processing.
[14:12:59] fujinuma: marcos_: so based on that, there's a lot of challenging stuff.
[14:13:49] fujinuma: marcos_: give me a break :D
[14:17:26] fujinuma: marcos_: would you give me references/clues about the topic?
[14:22:16] fujinuma: what's the difference between these two methods? def initialize(first_name:, last_name:) and def def initialize(first_name, last_name)
[14:22:51] fujinuma: I think first_name with colon after it is wrong? that's not symbol right?
[14:30:15] fujinuma: hanmac: it's actually hash if I'm correct.
[14:31:24] fujinuma: hanmac: so what is it under the hook?
[14:33:35] fujinuma: alright, thanks for giving me the insight.
[14:39:36] fujinuma: marcos_: cheers
[18:47:11] fujinuma: marcos_: hey
[18:48:25] fujinuma: marcos_: can I pm you?
[19:11:16] fujinuma: marcos_: pm?


[10:16:57] fujinuma: how can I send/use a value to public/widget.js file?
[10:17:06] fujinuma: for example; <%= @site.secret %>
[10:17:47] fujinuma: I'm writing a web widget but I don't know how to inject site secret inside a file in public directory.
[10:20:36] fujinuma: I have something like this: http://localhost:3000/widget.js?secret=20517c13e7204945a64c5b8ac567f8a96b7a7290
[10:20:49] fujinuma: how can I get secret inside javascript file?
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[15:07:42] fujinuma: how to convert this: `map.connect '/widget/:action/:api_key', :controller => 'widget', :api_key => /.*/` to rails 4 syntax?
[15:18:20] fujinuma: match 'widgets/:action/:secret', to: 'widgets#user_sites', via: :get
[16:33:41] fujinuma: I get wrong number of arguments in this controller: http://vpaste.net/YWI75
[16:34:06] fujinuma: I've created Visitor model with 5 fields
[18:22:57] fujinuma: how can I define two model's association in this situation?
[18:23:07] fujinuma: I have three models User, Visitor, Site
[18:23:20] fujinuma: User registers and creates many sites
[18:23:47] fujinuma: Visitors visits many sites
[18:23:59] fujinuma: Site has many visitors but only one user
[18:52:14] fujinuma: USvER: yeah
[18:52:31] fujinuma: the complex part is relation between site, user and visitor
[18:59:12] fujinuma: USvER: I'm writing a web widget
[18:59:50] fujinuma: USvER: I defined three models, Site, User and Visitor
[19:00:52] fujinuma: USvER: how should I define association?
[19:02:35] fujinuma: USvER: user registers and add sites which visitor can visit
[19:05:21] fujinuma: USvER: how can I get site.visitors?
[19:07:17] fujinuma: I've done opposite :)
[19:07:32] fujinuma: tubbo: I read that.
[19:09:48] fujinuma: USvER: OK. there is WidgetsController which I get visitor information through it
[19:10:13] fujinuma: USvER: how to build Visitor inside the controller? Visitor.sites.buid?
[19:10:53] fujinuma: USvER: Site.visitors.build?
[19:11:35] fujinuma: tubbo: damn :D
[19:12:25] fujinuma: USvER: internet is slow :|
[19:12:55] fujinuma: how to remove a column from a table?
[19:13:06] fujinuma: is there a generator for it?
[19:14:02] fujinuma: USvER: first one
[19:17:41] fujinuma: USvER: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ae3476e8ed586985aed827d14aae0aa5
[19:19:03] fujinuma: USvER: is it correct?
[19:19:55] fujinuma: USvER: btw, auto completion with your nickname is really messy.
[19:20:40] fujinuma: USvER: how about adding site_id to visitors?
[19:22:17] fujinuma: USvER: so why in some tutorial they also do the migration?
[19:23:47] fujinuma: USvER: rails g migration add_site_id_to_visitors site_id:integer:index
[19:23:51] fujinuma: USvER: right?
[19:25:14] fujinuma: USvER: OK. here's the controller: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/897c15bf78875782968e9702f6f9cef7
[19:27:48] fujinuma: USvER: site is already exist
[19:29:01] fujinuma: USvER: so after I find an already exist site then I should save it?
[19:30:12] fujinuma: USvER: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a608f1df37ad6feb8ab7c2fc4d540ea8
[19:35:03] fujinuma: USvER: I've already find out.
[19:35:49] fujinuma: USvER: build adds site_id to visitor then I save site with visitors.
[19:36:58] fujinuma: USvER: I've totally got that wrong and it's been hours I stock at this level :|
[19:38:30] fujinuma: tubbo, USvER: thank you for your time and patience, for real :)
[19:41:35] fujinuma: USvER: yeah I got that wrong. do you know any tool to request by random IPs?
[19:41:50] fujinuma: USvER: to test fake visitors.


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[10:12:00] fujinuma: I'm writing a simily face rating system with a commenting area
[10:12:27] fujinuma: User has_many Comments should I put simily_face to another Model?
[10:12:49] fujinuma: or just add a field for simily face in Comment model?
[16:20:46] fujinuma: I have two models. Site and ApiKey
[16:20:53] fujinuma: Site has one api_key
[16:21:10] fujinuma: ApiKey belongs to site
[16:21:15] fujinuma: is that correct?
[16:21:55] fujinuma: then I should add ApiKey access_token column to site or vice versa ?
[16:24:43] fujinuma: can some one help me?
[16:33:52] fujinuma: jhass: yeah
[17:44:20] fujinuma: jhass: are you still there?
[17:45:15] fujinuma: I'm going to create a smiley face rating system
[17:47:09] fujinuma: I defined the models in this way:
[17:47:32] fujinuma: and also that system provides a widget for its users
[17:47:56] fujinuma: but I stock at implementing it.
[17:48:03] fujinuma: I already have diagram.
[17:48:27] fujinuma: User has many Sites (user can add different sites)
[17:49:18] fujinuma: Site has one ApiKey (to being identified which user's site has comment and rate)
[17:49:44] fujinuma: and A WidgetController
[17:50:57] fujinuma: every time a user add its site with the domain then it gets a widget with an API key
[18:29:22] fujinuma: fox_mulder_cp: A smiley face rating system which provides a widget to rate to a specific site
[18:30:02] fujinuma: fox_mulder_cp: and also a comment
[18:33:33] fujinuma: tubbo: what do you mean by reactions?
[18:35:24] fujinuma: tubbo: yeah but through a widget
[18:36:28] fujinuma: tubbo: I've already draw the diagram of models and a WidgetController
[18:36:40] fujinuma: tubbo: but I need to know if it's correct
[18:37:28] fujinuma: tubbo: would you do that?
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[19:30:38] fujinuma: is this correct way to generating random secret keys? http://vpaste.net/IgAsM
[19:50:33] fujinuma: I submit a from with two fileds name and domain
[19:51:44] fujinuma: I submit two fields name and domain but this code doesn't set secret field: http://vpaste.net/r7G9N
[19:52:21] fujinuma: I want to only submit name and domain then secret column automatically set
[19:57:37] fujinuma: pontiki: it was scope. generate_secret should be private not ensure_secret ;)
[20:04:43] fujinuma: pontiki: somehow I cant call generate_secret in ensure_secret
[20:06:24] fujinuma: pontiki: why?
[20:07:09] fujinuma: pontiki: when I change the code to this: http://vpaste.net/5neo7 everything works properly.


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[06:07:00] fujinuma: would you give me a tutorial about creating a Rails App. with MySQL?
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[11:30:58] fujinuma: what is the fastest way to get ruby's default load path?
[11:31:15] fujinuma: instead; ruby -e 'puts $:'
[11:32:05] fujinuma: ruby.vim uses that expression but it's too much slow.
[11:39:34] fujinuma: jhass: what's the equivalent of puts $: in gem env?
[11:39:39] fujinuma: gem env what?
[11:41:26] fujinuma: jhass: thank you for the --disable-gem flag it's much faster.
[11:45:22] fujinuma: yottanami: arr.each{|item| item[:key] = "blah" if item[:key]== "Alex"}
[11:48:03] fujinuma: yottanami: `arr.each { |person| person[:name] = "blah" if person[:name] == 'Alex'}` this looks nicer :)
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[15:05:53] fujinuma: suggestion about motto. it'd be good if you drop "are nice" at the end of the phrase.
[15:06:09] fujinuma: "Matz is good and so we are"
[15:06:22] fujinuma: that sounds better.
[15:06:37] fujinuma: s/good/nice/g
[15:07:47] fujinuma: how to test a before generating controller code?
[15:09:06] fujinuma: fujinuma: yeah, it was just a suggestion. no worries :D
[15:09:17] fujinuma: workmad3: yeah, it was just a suggestion. no worries :D
[15:10:18] fujinuma: I want to test controllers before they actually exist.
[15:11:28] fujinuma: I mean, test if foo responses to bar.
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[15:45:16] fujinuma: why I get uninitialized constant Person::Subscription error in this code? http://vpaste.net/flRXc
[15:47:19] fujinuma: I can't instantiate a class without constructor?
[15:51:09] fujinuma: jhass: thanks
[15:51:23] fujinuma: jhass: what a hidden typo :D
[16:12:22] fujinuma: shevy: elm has the gem feature built-in.
[16:12:35] fujinuma: shevy: that's cool.
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[17:38:37] fujinuma: setup() method only triggers when test_* methods are defined
[17:40:15] fujinuma: how to run setup() method without test_* methods? kind of testing if it correctly instantiates.
[17:40:31] fujinuma: ACTION means minitest framework
[17:43:21] fujinuma: ljarvis: reasonably setup() should trigger without test_* methods its existence is to be instantiate class object.
[17:45:40] fujinuma: ljarvis: OK, I think I got it wrong. that's fair enough :)
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[07:50:47] fujinuma: is this correct? class Node < Struct.new(:value, :left, :right); end
[07:56:20] fujinuma: apeiros: thanks
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[16:10:15] fujinuma: I've a job interview just about next week and I already read "The Well-Grounded Rubyist" and "Rails 4 in Action" books last month. what do you suggest about review my understanding?
[16:11:21] fujinuma: wrkrcoop: I did it but last month.
[16:11:34] fujinuma: wrkrcoop: OK
[16:12:07] fujinuma: fujinuma: how about read the books again?
[16:12:25] fujinuma: wrkrcoop: how about read the books again?
[16:12:50] fujinuma: wrkrcoop: OK, thanks for the mention.
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[16:29:12] fujinuma: I don't remember the site that have posts about ruby projects, exercises and algorithms
[16:29:45] fujinuma: for example; writing a HTTP Server.
[16:30:31] fujinuma: never mind, just found it. practicingruby.com
[16:33:57] fujinuma: havenwood: oh, what a gorgeous place :D
[16:34:04] fujinuma: havenwood: thanks
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[05:09:48] fujinuma: when I try to select an element from index page in assests/javascripts/name.coffee I get a undefined result
[05:10:10] fujinuma: rails -v 5.0.0.rc1
[05:11:04] fujinuma: sevenseacat: console.log(document.querySelecetor('.minutes'))
[05:12:03] fujinuma: sevenseacat: in here, yes.
[05:13:32] fujinuma: sevenseacat: http://vpaste.net/Y2xF1
[05:15:20] fujinuma: sevenseacat: nevermind, it was chromium cache's fault :|
[05:16:27] fujinuma: sevenseacat: I thought that I put the code in the wrong place, that was it ;D
[07:11:54] fujinuma: where should I write global coffeescript?
[07:13:20] fujinuma: I tried assests/javascripts/controller_name.coffee but I've not access to the variables/function etc.


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[08:28:09] fujinuma: how can I eliminate the duplication in this code? https://git.io/vrrPi
[08:31:33] fujinuma: elomatreb: that's it. I'll give it a try, thanks
[08:34:12] fujinuma: elomatreb: http://stackoverflow.com/a/16117807
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[11:52:49] fujinuma: adaedra: yeah, that's good idea.
[11:53:55] fujinuma: OK, thanks. decision has been made :)
[13:23:03] fujinuma: noobs must know how to not ask stupid questions.
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[16:45:17] fujinuma: I created a SQL table with a primary key but when I try to add some entries it includes the key as well.
[16:45:32] fujinuma: ACTION sqlite3
[16:47:02] fujinuma: I want to exclude the primary key.
[16:47:05] fujinuma: http://vpaste.net/2YA2G
[16:49:24] fujinuma: jhass: well then, it's OK. thanks
[17:06:52] fujinuma: jhass: http://vpaste.net/fdv5F
[17:07:31] fujinuma: It raises an exception: SQLite3::Exception - no such bind parameter
[17:09:29] fujinuma: jhass: a hash
[17:10:13] fujinuma: jhass: yes, sir ;)
[17:13:59] fujinuma: fujinuma: that worked. but now there's priority problem.
[17:15:34] fujinuma: fujinuma: they have not been inserted in order.
[17:17:23] fujinuma: jhass: that worked well but they're not in order.
[17:19:05] fujinuma: jhass: I mean in columns.
[17:21:14] fujinuma: jhass: OK, but I looked through #execute() bind_vars it already gets : for hash parameters.
[17:21:33] fujinuma: jhass: thank you for your time.
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