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[20:42:11] genshu: has joined #ruby
[20:42:16] genshu: hi everyone
[20:44:22] genshu: anyone interested in working on my lightweight MIT-licensed Internet Site framework? It is not the second Ruby On Rails, it should stay lighweight. If you are not interested in yet another Framework, have a look at the included SQLite3 wrapper (which will be a separate gem). Link on Github:
[20:45:25] genshu: I have some dump feelings on how I extract and save values, if I would do some stuff twice, but cannot concentrate after some hours coding.
[20:46:38] genshu: the SQLite3 wrapper is the files "", "" and "database.module.rb"
[20:47:41] genshu: regarding myself I judged innovative to overwrite the standard types for database functions, instead of methods of a class which has the object of the type as an argument.
[20:49:01] genshu: this time last to be said is that it's the first working alpha version, as the GPL requests, anyways MIT licensed
[20:59:07] genshu: are there any sites to make repos more public? there are often links to github, are there more popular sites to make my repo more public?
[21:01:57] genshu: however, got to shutdown now, cya ruby folks!
[21:02:09] genshu: has left #ruby: ()