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[19:26:54] h8sreggin: has joined #ruby
[19:30:51] h8sreggin: you have to install it to your app if you want to use it
[19:31:07] h8sreggin: but if you like ruby i could suggest npm since it's amazing
[19:31:20] h8sreggin: it's the counterpart to rvm but it's much better since it's in javascript
[19:31:25] h8sreggin: javascript > ruby
[19:32:16] h8sreggin: i don't recommend doing that
[19:32:33] h8sreggin: you need dependencies for it to run properly
[19:32:52] h8sreggin: so that's why installers exist
[19:33:09] h8sreggin: if you like wasting time and having huge headaches be my guest
[19:36:27] h8sreggin: this is what happens when an uneducated retard changes a line of code... he breaks the entire gem... way to go sir, way to go!
[19:36:48] h8sreggin: has joined #ruby
[19:38:11] h8sreggin: thte gemfile lists all the files required for the gem to run properly
[19:38:31] h8sreggin: import modules first
[19:38:58] h8sreggin: Someguy123:you still have to run the installer
[19:39:03] h8sreggin: what change did you make to the code?
[19:39:39] h8sreggin: havenwood:i am being nice and respectful i did say sir, you fucking cunt
[19:43:47] h8sreggin: has joined #ruby-banned
[19:43:59] h8sreggin: white power! i hate niggers and fat cunts like havenwood