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[23:15:34] hammond: I find ruby to be slow
[23:15:53] hammond: I'm trying to take input abut it takes forever and isn't blitz fast
[23:16:12] hammond: simple one. mine, i have a loop that takes user input, just a string.
[23:16:44] hammond: how? I am serious
[23:17:22] hammond: I'm using gets to take a simple string like "isConnected"
[23:17:31] hammond: string of chars
[23:18:05] hammond: let me try
[23:22:46] hammond: zacts: http://pastebin.com/b5kKUW5h ok i jst pasted a proto-type i don't want to hear I'm a evil coder.
[23:23:07] hammond: I will use GIST next
[23:24:04] hammond: the loop calls functions of threaded Socket classes that aquired connection, but simply inputing the command is a slow process. idk


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[13:20:24] hammond: in a case statement when I'm catching string commands with when how do I catch a string that's included in the general string
[13:20:42] hammond: like "This is a string" when "string"
[13:20:48] hammond: or something
[13:31:20] hammond: idk i think ruby is good for tech-savvy people. like coders.
[13:34:54] hammond: true. distributing ruby code to normal users seems hard. but probably possible.


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[19:16:21] hammond: if a class has a @@ type of variable in the accessor how do I edit that variable? foo1.variable = something
[19:16:39] hammond: or foo1.@@variable = something


[19:33:03] hammond: how can I include a file that has a ruby class in it in my code? require 'file_name' ?
[19:33:18] hammond: or require './file_name'
[19:39:18] hammond: i've to put ./ inside mine so it will run.


[18:38:16] hammond: ok I have a array of Threads. why can't I use arr[index].join ? and I'm forced to use arr.each { |t| t.join } instead
[18:38:34] hammond: the arr is an array. right?


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[05:25:14] hammond: yeah can I make an array of threads?
[05:25:33] hammond: threadss << Thread.new {blah}
[05:26:05] hammond: and then run them inside a loop? threadss.at(index).join


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[13:54:36] hammond: what is java actually used for or good at.
[13:54:58] hammond: it can't be systems programming because thats C.