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[03:42:10] hous: how do you override a particular dependency in a gem when running bundler
[03:43:26] hous: https://github.com/ccocchi/rabl-rails seems to require railties ~> 3.0, and I have railties 4.0.0.beta1 you see.
[03:45:21] hous: so I guess my question is, what's the best way to do that
[03:45:35] hous: I guess there's a specific gem directory and I can copy it over and rename it?


[02:58:12] hous: what's the easiest way to get rails to take whatever error the DB returns on save, and spit it back at you verbatim
[02:59:56] hous: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b329/Cmd598/emote/BenderNeat.jpg
[03:01:25] hous: did you just update that bot in real time


[01:58:13] hous: anyone know a thing or two about heroku?
[01:59:11] hous: ok so if I get this when I upload to heroku https://gist.github.com/mark-os/497832b734100d77a3df
[01:59:26] hous: then why do those assets return 404 in my application
[01:59:29] hous: no problem Just_X
[01:59:39] hous: you're probably more of a power user than me


[09:04:01] hous: Any way to make bundle install ignore a particular dependency
[09:05:40] hous: if I'm trying to use gem "devise_invitable" but the latest gem is not yet updated to include actionmailer 4.0.0.beta1 in the gemspec...
[09:06:07] hous: then what's the easiest way to update that
[09:06:15] hous: can I just hack it


[23:39:46] hous: really dumb question… when I type "rails -v" I get "Rails 3.2.11" but when I type "gem list rails" I get 3.2.12 in the list… but when I type "gem update rails" it says nothing to update… how to update installed version?
[23:40:16] hous: brian___: yes
[23:41:09] hous: ryanf: yes
[23:42:12] hous: ryanf: you're right
[23:43:07] hous: Also it seems "gem update --system" gets you to 2.0 but "rvm rubygems current" gets you back down to 1.8.25...
[23:43:38] hous: but ryanf was right, I was in the directory of a project with a gemfile.lock
[23:43:40] hous: thank you


[00:08:54] hous: trying to work with paperclip, can anyone explain how this works: https://github.com/thoughtbot/paperclip/wiki/Attachment-downloaded-from-a-URL
[00:11:26] hous: ok nevermind
[00:11:29] hous: I got it


[22:19:33] hous: anyone here work with paperclip?


[05:15:43] hous: Guys, my Gemfile has a simple gem 'sqlite3' but when I run bundle it installs sqlite3 1.3.6 with native extensions, instead of using the already installed 1.3.7 with an updated sqlite3 install. What gives?
[05:17:05] hous: ok I see that. How do you generate a new Gemfile.lock?
[05:20:18] hous: sevenseacat, thank you, I simply specified the version in the gemfile


[20:36:33] hous: Question: open-uri or httparty?


[01:34:06] hous: can someone explain to me how this works: http://www.theboohers.org/development/how-do-you-deploy-an-application-yml-based-config-to-heroku/
[01:34:24] hous: specifically how does the dude get application.yml onto heroku when it is excluded by git?
[01:47:54] hous: ok apparently there's a command heroku config:add for adding environment variables
[01:48:00] hous: so nevermind I got my question answered
[03:52:45] hous: any heroku experts here
[03:53:17] hous: topriddy, are you using homebrew?
[03:55:48] hous: ok beneggett, ty... I'm trying to run heroku rake db:seed and I'm getting an error "instance of IO needed"... I'm using an application.yml file to load environment variables into seeds.rb
[03:58:09] hous: beneggett: heroku run rake db:seed... I think I messed up this loading of config variables. I tried running "heroku run rake figaro:heroku" and got "No such file or directory - heroku config:get RAILS_ENV"
[04:02:58] hous: beneggett: I'll figure it out, thanks


[23:16:41] hous: require File.expand_path('../application', __FILE__)
[23:16:41] hous: why is it, that in the environment.rb, this loads the rails application:
[23:16:55] hous: and not './application'
[23:17:00] hous: why the ..
[23:21:26] hous: apparently it's how expand_path works
[23:21:33] hous: I will move on