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[21:47:09] hpfmn: I'm running an instance of redmine and after an update it stopped sending mail
[21:48:49] hpfmn: I tried to enable the log to see if something fails but all action mailer says in the log is "Sent email "SUBJECT"" and then the list of addresses it was sent to
[21:48:56] hpfmn: but the mails doesn't get delivered
[21:49:10] hpfmn: *don't get delivered
[21:49:29] hpfmn: I tested sending a mail via telnet and smtp and via sendmail
[21:49:33] hpfmn: both is working perfectly
[21:49:40] hpfmn: is there anyway to debug what is going on?
[21:50:01] hpfmn: I don't know much about rails and it seems quite complicated
[21:51:20] hpfmn: herbst: yeah sure
[21:51:56] hpfmn: I didn't change anything in the configuration
[21:52:09] hpfmn: actually there is not much configuration of the smtp server
[21:52:17] hpfmn: I guess it is just using default values
[21:52:20] hpfmn: which should be fine
[21:53:20] hpfmn: fryguy: haha you're right
[21:53:35] hpfmn: it is just frustration to work without an error message ;)
[21:56:06] hpfmn: I basically upgraded from debian jessie to stretch - that means from 3.0 to 3.3.1
[21:56:27] hpfmn: fryguy: yep
[21:57:22] hpfmn: fryguy: I send a mail via sendmail and telnet via smtp and it works fine
[21:57:40] hpfmn: so I'm assuming there is an redmine/rails issue somewhere
[22:01:23] hpfmn: fryguy: and I'm basically asking if you guys know how to turn on more verbosity in the log
[22:05:01] hpfmn: fryguy: there is no configuration
[22:07:13] hpfmn: fryguy: I just set it up with no auth and smtp and nothing changed
[22:07:30] hpfmn: maybe it is also debian because they handle this instance thing different somehow
[22:07:39] hpfmn: but I think there should be some error message in the log?
[22:07:44] hpfmn: if something went wrong?
[22:12:20] hpfmn: I'm I set up the thing in the file and also tried to add a config to instances/default/config
[22:12:27] hpfmn: doesn't seem to help in anyway