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[04:24:09] ishikawa91: Take a look at Michael Hartl's book, it's free if you read it on his website
[04:24:41] ishikawa91: Ah ok, joined in late :)
[04:25:07] ishikawa91: It's definitely not thorough, but a decent way to get your feet wet
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[20:10:56] ishikawa91: your webserver access logs have most of that info
[20:31:40] ishikawa91: ah grep always amazes me haha
[20:40:11] ishikawa91: controller requires restart


[16:22:59] ishikawa91: lowercase is completely acceptable
[16:23:09] ishikawa91: i assume you mean to store it in a database?
[16:23:50] ishikawa91: you can either store them as strings in the database, or you can have a join table where the join would be on notification_id or something
[16:24:10] ishikawa91: and have a notification_rate table that contains the different rates
[16:24:35] ishikawa91: or just keep it simple and store "daily", "hourly"in a column
[16:26:23] ishikawa91: did you figure what you need to do now?
[16:27:06] ishikawa91: alright, cool
[16:28:49] ishikawa91: you could also create a module within your app that contains VERSION="1.0"
[16:28:57] ishikawa91: then do ModuleName::VERSION
[21:27:43] ishikawa91: fschuindt not much conceptually has changed. the best way to write a small tool, library, or whatever scratches your itch but do it using tdd with rspec
[21:28:24] ishikawa91: take a look at this
[21:28:40] ishikawa91: and then this


[15:31:30] ishikawa91: in your module
[15:31:52] ishikawa91: and then any method you declare after it, will be a private method for that module
[15:35:18] ishikawa91: outside a module or class? What are you trying to do?
[15:40:20] ishikawa91: gregf__ thats how you do it. But only the public methods in the module Foo can access the private methods, not the class Bar
[15:40:53] ishikawa91: and instead of writing public, just move def foo to before the private line
[15:41:12] ishikawa91: then have foo call bar
[15:49:15] ishikawa91: @gregf__ and @prefixed
[19:41:35] ishikawa91: call of duty black ops 267 nazi worm zombies :O


[01:24:43] ishikawa91: why don't you write a current_user.full_name method that returns first_name + ' ' + last_name?
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[17:11:17] ishikawa91: hey @pocketprotector, check out project euler as well
[17:33:04] ishikawa91: how did people like I have been meaning to try it out
[17:54:17] ishikawa91: could you provide a short gist, beanHolez?
[17:57:23] ishikawa91: for digital ocean, you can usually find their 2 month free coupon ($10)
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[17:42:19] ishikawa91: you can create methods in your spec files, or even put it in a spec_helper
[17:44:56] ishikawa91: constants for your test data?
[17:45:17] ishikawa91: you can leverage factory_girl and faker to generate fake test data
[19:25:30] ishikawa91: just a wild guess, but did you commit your Gemfile.lock after adding pg to your gemfile?
[19:30:59] ishikawa91: Ah, its right there in the error dump:
[19:31:36] ishikawa91: Make sure you removed all sqlite references from the lock file
[19:32:36] ishikawa91: They do support the pg gem, per the article
[19:33:21] ishikawa91: It definitely seems like you have sqlite3 in your Gemfile.lock
[19:33:34] ishikawa91: get rid of those lines
[19:34:06] ishikawa91: Yeah, remove those lines, run bundle install, and then double check sqlite3 is gone from lock file
[19:34:23] ishikawa91: Make sure there is no reference to sqlite in your Gemfile either
[19:35:49] ishikawa91: remove line 11
[19:37:15] ishikawa91: ok, check your Gemfile.lock for any lines that say sqlite3
[19:37:24] ishikawa91: you can try deploying now too
[19:37:46] ishikawa91: you should be able to deploy then
[19:38:11] ishikawa91: commit both the Gemfile and Gemfile.lock
[19:38:29] ishikawa91: gist of the error?
[19:38:54] ishikawa91: that's fine too, that just adds any modified files in your project
[19:40:05] ishikawa91: whats the error?
[19:40:40] ishikawa91: looks like you have an error in your css
[19:40:52] ishikawa91: Sass::SyntaxError: Invalid CSS after " -moz-transition": expected ";", was ": border 0.3s"
[19:42:00] ishikawa91: the error is on line 137 of application.css.scss
[19:42:52] ishikawa91: it was on the next line but all the way at the end of the line haha
[19:43:50] ishikawa91: thats why its sometimes easier to do git add file1 file2 etc instead of git add . or git add -A
[19:44:02] ishikawa91: so you don't accidentally commit something that's not ready yet
[19:45:10] ishikawa91: you can use other databases, just not sqlite3 apparently
[19:45:24] ishikawa91: For example you could use mongodb on heroku
[19:46:04] ishikawa91: what kind of changes, like changing databases?
[19:46:48] ishikawa91: thats kind of where config/database.yml comes in. You can set up different environments
[19:47:09] ishikawa91: yeah, you can use it in development. In your Gemfile just put it in group :development
[19:47:47] ishikawa91: group :development do gem 'sqlite3' end
[19:48:32] ishikawa91: yeah, it looks at your Rails.env and uses the config set in config/database.yml
[19:48:50] ishikawa91: so if Rails.env is set to development, it will use the development config in that yml
[19:49:24] ishikawa91: In general, its set to development automatically. When you run your test suite, the suite sets it to 'test' and heroku sets it to 'production'
[19:50:36] ishikawa91: heroku logs in commandline
[19:51:05] ishikawa91: you can also do `heroku logs -t` to get a live feed in your command line of the log file
[19:51:36] ishikawa91: no but I wish I was :)
[19:52:29] ishikawa91: I am already a highly apologetic individual :) Some call me Canadian :P
[19:54:01] ishikawa91: can you post a few of the lines from the log file?
[19:56:10] ishikawa91: try this: `heroku run rake db:migrate`
[20:27:10] ishikawa91: puts variable_name
[20:27:20] ishikawa91: is that what you meant?


[00:19:37] ishikawa91: @mehwork check out application.html.erb for where the flash messages are being outputted
[00:20:23] ishikawa91: if you want it to disappear after X seconds, you will need to add some javascript. That does not happen automatically.
[00:21:20] ishikawa91: yeah I don't think so either. Someone must have manually put them in there. I would take a look at there first.
[00:22:03] ishikawa91: That's silly, they really should be in there by default
[00:23:07] ishikawa91: yes, they are just related to the session
[00:23:14] ishikawa91: and get cleared on the next page load
[00:23:25] ishikawa91: @Radar, I will
[00:25:29] ishikawa91: I thought it was flash.once
[00:26:06] ishikawa91: @mikecmpbll I write all my webapps in assembly!
[00:27:10] ishikawa91: It must be an instance_variable of ActionView?
[00:28:36] ishikawa91: then still lowercase
[00:30:43] ishikawa91: use gists from github
[00:32:16] ishikawa91: Did you install the latest bundle
[00:33:15] ishikawa91: Wait what was wrong with that name? just wondering
[00:39:55] ishikawa91: probably more important just to be consistent
[00:40:18] ishikawa91: there's nothing wrong with either type
[00:41:01] ishikawa91: but I suppose since osx and what not have case sensitive paths, using lowercase is just easier to be cross-platform considerate
[01:30:30] ishikawa91: relationships are crazy
[01:47:41] ishikawa91: Seems like that insert happened in a previous test, but did not get removed before running this one
[01:48:19] ishikawa91: can you put a gist of the test code?
[01:49:02] ishikawa91: Ah, no worries. Glad you found it
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[16:22:18] ishikawa91: why don't you use another variable?
[16:22:33] ishikawa91: params[:friend_id] || params[:other_var]
[16:46:15] ishikawa91: you can update your routes.rb
[19:50:17] ishikawa91: because you did << instead of = i believe
[19:50:49] ishikawa91: item is a hash, not an array, where << pushes a new object into an array
[19:51:37] ishikawa91: i thought shovel was only array
[19:52:13] ishikawa91: well, you can always extend ha. But by default it only works with array, right?
[19:55:39] ishikawa91: array_var.length
[20:01:21] ishikawa91: could you provide a gist with a little more code?
[20:12:27] ishikawa91: @goldfish6744 is that `mapper` right after the first items.each do |i| statement a typo?
[20:14:32] ishikawa91: try removing that, it doesn't do anything anyway as its just a hash itself


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[02:51:55] ishikawa91: I use a 1.4 macbook air, don't have any slow downs.
[02:53:48] ishikawa91: yeah cpu upgrade is nice, but ssd is awesome


[07:04:48] ishikawa91: What exactly does turbolinks do? I noticed its default in rails.
[23:24:19] ishikawa91: My application css is being cached in my dev environment. The only thing I changed was move require_tree . and did @import "*"
[23:24:25] ishikawa91: Has anyone else run into this before?
[23:24:35] ishikawa91: s/move/remove/
[23:25:17] ishikawa91: The @import is so that I have access to the bootstrap mixins in my stylesheets which you can't do when you require instead of import


[04:22:23] ishikawa91: Hey guys, not sure which channel this would be best asked. I have controller specific css sheets and have @import'd bootstrap into the application manifest. How do I get bootstrap scoped into the controller stylesheets without having bootstrap get loaded twice?
[04:36:57] ishikawa91: pontiki, yes they are scsss files
[04:37:23] ishikawa91: I have imported bootstrap into the application.css.scss file so its available on every page
[04:40:54] ishikawa91: I want to be able to make my classes inherit from bootstrap ie: @include .col-md-4; so I dont have to put that in the html itself
[04:43:26] ishikawa91: I guess my concern would be then every controller would have bootstrap in it so overall all my css size will increase
[04:43:40] ishikawa91: Instead of including bootstrap once in application.css where it can be cached
[04:44:16] ishikawa91: Hm, what do you do then?
[04:44:24] ishikawa91: I am new to both rails and sass btw
[04:44:30] ishikawa91: So trying to learn the best way
[04:45:22] ishikawa91: well I basically put the body id equal to the controller name
[04:46:06] ishikawa91: I guess it doesn't in theory. Just read a guide online that suggested doing it that way
[04:46:35] ishikawa91: I would have to look it up, it was from a while ago
[04:47:04] ishikawa91: I guess my thinking was file sizes. Would having everything in application.css slow things down?
[04:47:59] ishikawa91: Possibly, that sounds familiar
[04:48:49] ishikawa91: Hm, that makes sense
[04:50:17] ishikawa91: I think I will do that, that will simplify a lot of things
[04:50:34] ishikawa91: Thanks for the guidance
[04:52:31] ishikawa91: Does rake assets:precompile also minify the css?
[05:34:24] ishikawa91: Copy the error message and the code here:
[05:34:33] ishikawa91: and link it back to this channel
[07:46:49] ishikawa91: Is `rails generate scaffold` preferred over `rails generate model`?
[07:51:42] ishikawa91: Sure. Is the main difference that scaffold also generates a controller (and views) for the model?


[02:24:30] ishikawa91: How does one manage database passwords in database.yml? Putting the password in the clear seems wrong to me.
[02:27:09] ishikawa91: Ah that's a good idea (I am using postgres too)
[02:30:27] ishikawa91: Its probably closer to managing (and automating) developer and production environments
[02:31:03] ishikawa91: Maybe in between software development and IT?
[02:31:31] ishikawa91: not necessarily vm's, could be anything environment
[02:32:38] ishikawa91: An example would be writing scripts (and using tools) to spin up server instances for some production application
[02:32:59] ishikawa91: instead of doing all that manually like an IT person would do


[00:13:12] ishikawa91: I am new to irc and am trying to get into the rubyonrails channel. But its telling me I need to register? Can someone help me?
[00:35:36] ishikawa91: Is this the official ruby on rails channel?
[00:37:00] ishikawa91: Ok just checking, I had to register my nick (new to irc) so I wanted to make sure