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[15:18:43] istrasci1: I'm trying to define a custom :after callback using `define_model_callbacks :my_method, only: [:after]`. I wrap the logic for :my_method in a `run_callbacks :my_method` block, but if that logic has an explicit return in it, the after callback doesn't execute. I need explicit returns in several of the logic branches, so what should I do?
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[07:18:40] istrasci1: If I call a rake task programmatically, how do I pass an environment variable to it? Calling Rake::Task["db:drop RAILS_ENV=test"] doesn't work.
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[03:33:27] istrasci1: If I call Array#any? or Array#all?, are they guaranteed to evaluate the array objects in order?
[03:44:41] istrasci1: Radar: So we can safely short-circuit this way?
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[21:06:26] istrasci1: When running `rails g model`, can you specify an irregular model name? I need to override the default and I want it to propagate to the file names that get created by the generator.
[21:07:23] istrasci1: I run `rails g model nbrjobs`, but it automatically gets singularized.
[21:07:35] istrasci1: I need it to remain plural
[21:10:36] istrasci1: So there's no way to specify that when you run the command? I'd rather not have to manually rename all the generated files.
[21:13:06] istrasci1: It's a mode for a 3rd party database whose tables names are just all over the place.
[21:15:08] istrasci1: That's out of my control.
[21:15:18] istrasci1: Model name needs to match table name.
[21:17:46] istrasci1: Yeah, the real world doesn't really work that way.
[21:20:12] istrasci1: I'm lucky to have a terminal.
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