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[18:12:26] ja: ansraliant: lot_size->>'value'
[18:13:22] ja: ansraliant: yea, i'm pretty sure it's required
[18:15:01] ja: ansraliant: is this postgresql? maybe lot_size->>'value'::numeric then?
[18:17:44] ja: dminuoso: what is “lens support”?
[18:19:04] ja: ansraliant: postgresql? then see https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.3/static/functions-json.html
[18:19:20] ja: ansraliant: my mistake: you'll want ->
[18:19:54] ja: ansraliant: ->> will cast to string
[18:20:07] ja: you're welcome, ansraliant


[01:03:31] ja: Stabs: PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation "users" does not exist
[01:04:26] ja: did you db:migrate on Heroku?
[01:09:09] ja: I'm glad I could be of help, Stabs.


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[16:59:12] ja: morfin: that's what i would do. dunno if there's a better approach.


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[15:07:37] ja: Danish variable names, fuck yeah!


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[13:52:44] ja: sevenseacat: That is indeed a nice cat
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[13:55:08] ja: oh my, this exists
[13:57:28] ja: oh! oh. alright! i understand. your secret is safe with me!
[14:07:49] ja: sevenseacat: have you read why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby?
[14:10:01] ja: did you like it?
[14:11:53] ja: I found it rather funny, but I think you have to be in a certain mood to truly enjoy it.


[01:49:27] ja: imagine phpMyAdmin in Rails, with a proper UI?????that???d be pretty cool???
[05:23:30] ja: hypermist: ruby devs are paid in rubies
[05:23:45] ja: ???????
[05:24:44] ja: hypermist: My suggestion: Google it! ^-^
[05:27:30] ja: haha, well, Ruby devs tend to be well-paid, hypermist
[05:28:46] ja: hypermist: Better buckle up and learn Ruby yourself then! :DDD
[06:15:16] ja: I highly doubt it
[06:15:34] ja: But you???re using Ruby, so you shouldn???t be concerned with speed, barhum2013
[06:16:36] ja: oh. ^-^ right
[06:18:21] ja: ???guys???, ???guys???, ???guys??????


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[01:01:21] ja: Hi peeps! I???m curoius: Has any of you ever used Float#phase? What???s the point? I find it very intriguing.
[01:02:11] ja: ???Returns 0 if the value is positive, pi otherwise.??? ?????Who would *ever* need something like that? It???s probably a math thing that I don???t understand.
[01:06:14] ja: Reading Complex#phase???s documentation only confused me further


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[00:45:29] ja: lol, so hardcore, Ox0dea
[00:50:00] ja: hahaha, oh dear


[06:30:06] ja: ACTION chuckles and falls asleep
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[00:08:19] ja: hurr durr
[01:41:40] ja: voidDotClass: In your `Account` model: `has_many :orders, foreign_key: :customer_id`
[01:42:37] ja: voidDotClass: `belongs_to :customer, class_name: Account`
[01:42:50] ja: In this specific instance, why not just rename your `Account` model to `Customer` though? ???????
[01:43:13] ja: That'd be least confusing, I think, personally, but maybe this was a hypothetical example.
[01:43:21] ja: Ah, I see. That makes sense then.
[01:43:56] ja: `t.references :customer`
[01:44:45] ja: the downside to this is that you can't simply use `foreign_key: true` in your migrations
[01:48:56] ja: but outside your `create_table :orders` call you can do `add_foreign_key :orders, :accounts, column: :customer_id`


[21:50:41] ja: What would make e.g. `.select(%{date(concat(to_char(date, 'YYYY-MM'), '-01')) AS beginning_of_month})` generate `SELECT beginning_of_month AS beginning_of_month`? I must be doing it very wrong.
[21:50:50] ja: https://gist.github.com/alminde/830779a7a8df2fc1755e ??? Perhaps some clever person can tell me what I???m missing?
[21:55:15] ja: durexlw: On line 3? No.
[21:55:26] ja: I should've made my example clearer by not having that `beginning_of_month = %{date(concat(to_char(date, 'YYYY-MM'), '-01'))}` variable
[21:56:52] ja: ACTION updates gist.
[21:57:54] ja: durexlw: Yeah, that's not it. Look again now. AR is generating weird SQL. `beginning_of_month AS beginning_of_month`
[22:02:39] ja: durexlw: ??\_(???)_/?? I found it curious. Sure, I can just go with the first approach, but I don't like to repeat myself, and I don't like when AR does weird things
[22:04:29] ja: durexlw: Any minute now Radar will chime in and explain what I'm doing hilariously wrong
[22:37:59] ja: Radar: That is confusing, yeah, and yes, I'm attempting to group things by month while also summing.
[22:41:35] ja: Radar: I love how you say you're busy but then you look anyway! ^-^ I've updated my gist with the desired output. Even if there's a better way to do this, I still don't understand why I get "x AS x" when I `.select("somefunc() AS x")`
[23:28:53] ja: lacrymology: how is it ???not working???? what happens, or what error do you get?
[23:29:27] ja: lacrymology: alright
[23:36:22] ja: lacrymology: See rule 3: https://gist.github.com/radar/996779
[23:52:35] ja: ACTION didn't even know Rails had a DoubleRenderError


[15:12:16] ja: Hi people! When???s that new `.?` (or `.&` or what it was) operator coming to Ruby? (I???m unable to find the issue where it was discussed.)
[15:15:38] ja: ljarvis: haha, what a name! nice!
[15:16:08] ja: it???s &., really? that a lot better than .?, I must say??? (wasn???t it originally proposed as `.?`?)
[15:16:22] ja: ljarvis: lol!
[15:18:19] ja: but 2.3?! so I???ve been able to use it since December 25 without realizing? O_O Thanks, ljarvis & shlomo! I???ve got tons of find/replace work to do now, hehe; brb


[21:47:30] ja: I'm in so much trouble I can't possibly dream of phrasing a proper question.
[21:47:57] ja: Oh hi! Happy new year!
[21:48:18] ja: :x well??? brb
[21:54:27] ja: FailBit: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7402331e2efdbf74b874 ??? I might???ve just solved it myself, so thanks. ???????
[21:55:59] ja: ACTION had to google john cena
[21:58:21] ja: matthewd: Thanks. Hrm. Will using a hash let me get rid of either #includes or #references?
[22:02:24] ja: matthewd: Oh. Interesting. Thanks!
[22:03:16] ja: It???s semi-odd to be using tabel names instead of relationship names in the hash though, I think ??? which I have to do, as far as I???ve understood
[22:12:10] ja: matthewd: Very well then. ^_^ Thanks again


[02:29:18] ja: DeBot: !hangman ruby 5
[02:29:39] ja: DeBot: :D
[02:29:58] ja: DeBot: e
[02:31:50] ja: Ox0dea: I like it when you quote Eleanor Roosevelt.
[02:32:12] ja: DeBot: xyz
[02:33:00] ja: DeBot: 509
[02:33:43] ja: DeBot: OpnSSL Crtifa
[02:33:49] ja: (??????????????????? ?????????
[03:11:17] ja: ???sup FailBit
[03:11:23] ja: are you enjoying your Rails 5 beta?
[04:09:45] ja: some men should just stay on the moon
[04:09:51] ja: just sayin
[05:01:42] ja: I like your attitude, xybre
[05:02:00] ja: whoops; /me was in scrollback
[06:20:38] ja: Haha, don???t be
[06:20:46] ja: besides, only ???ja:??? highlights me
[06:21:28] ja: /^ja:/ even
[06:39:16] ja: ACTION is starting to worry about Radar
[06:39:21] ja: he hasn???t spoken in over 24 hours
[11:39:34] ja: Radar: Oh. Right. Thanks for the recommendation.


[01:09:13] ja: POKEMANS
[01:10:48] ja: FailBit: are you on typeracer.com?
[01:10:56] ja: it???s great
[01:11:01] ja: try it if you dare
[01:11:38] ja: the site itself looks very ???hi i just learnt php and wat is everything??? but I like the game
[01:11:58] ja: lol nice
[01:12:02] ja: i bet you made that yourself, FailBit
[01:18:13] ja: ACTION comes back from the fridge to discover his monitor covered with ever-spawning profanity
[01:18:24] ja: hi ro. nice nick length.
[01:18:47] ja: ACTION doesn???t follow
[01:18:50] ja: what are you rtying to do, ro?
[01:19:41] ja: oh. errh???
[01:19:49] ja: why do you need the `request.parameters.merge`?
[01:19:50] ja: need/want
[01:19:58] ja: alright, I???m completely lost, I should sleep
[01:20:08] ja: get Radar to help you! x3
[01:20:38] ja: Depends on what you want to do, ro.
[01:21:09] ja: yeah, so you want to link to the export URL?
[01:21:17] ja: using the already provided request params?
[01:21:27] ja: why `request.parameters` and not just `params` anyway?
[01:21:37] ja: but anyway: why? what???s in the params that you need?
[01:21:51] ja: and what is the real issue anyway? doesn???t your pasted code work?
[01:22:00] ja: slash_nick: halp
[01:22:28] ja: that's not useful, slash_nick??? >8C
[01:22:59] ja: no, this sounds good
[01:23:02] ja: format: is good
[01:23:21] ja: does your index.xls contain roughly the same data as your index.html?
[01:23:45] ja: someone kick me before I confuse more people including myself
[01:25:25] ja: oh. yeah. you need at route for that.
[01:26:08] ja: `get 'export', on: :member` or something inside your `resource :users do ??? end`
[01:26:17] ja: ??\_(???)_/?? am I wrong, peeps?
[01:27:14] ja: you???d end up with a `users_export_path`
[01:27:23] ja: (or `user_export_path` in singular? SOMEONE HALP PLS)
[01:27:33] ja: ro: do you know of `rake routes`?
[01:27:36] ja: running that from the terminal
[01:27:49] ja: can clear up a lot of confusion
[01:28:57] ja: no problem. I haven???t slept in ages so I???m pretty head thick right now.
[01:29:08] ja: you haven???t been annoying, ro.
[01:29:28] ja: ro: tell me: do you prefer /users/1.xsl or /users/1/export.xsl?
[01:29:43] ja: as the URL
[01:29:49] ja: (obviously. hi.)
[01:30:25] ja: so it should realyy be /users.xsl simply?
[01:30:29] ja: really*
[01:30:38] ja: so a collection route
[01:30:41] ja: not a member route
[01:31:05] ja: why not just use `users_path(format: :xsl)`, ro?
[01:31:30] ja: and UsersController#index with respond_to format.xsl
[01:31:34] ja: in respond_to
[01:31:52] ja: you have one of those already? with `format.html`?
[01:32:39] ja: then just add format.xsl and you should be golden, I guess
[01:33:08] ja: yeah, if you have loads of lines, then sure
[01:33:10] ja: you could move it somewhere else
[01:33:15] ja: make a UsersExporter class or something
[01:33:22] ja: oh, jeez
[01:33:46] ja: not simply by POST???ing to /users?
[01:34:47] ja: ???all the login????!
[01:35:02] ja: that sounds good
[01:35:07] ja: or dunno really
[01:35:21] ja: haha. I would???ve probably moved the import logic out of the model and into some UsersImporter class or something
[01:35:31] ja: so it doesn???t clog up your model layer nor your controllers
[01:35:40] ja: but I have no idae. You???ll have to ask Rebecca who wrote a book about awesome
[01:36:18] ja: ro: lib/
[01:36:25] ja: I guess
[01:36:48] ja: only if it makes sense. how big are your import/export methods?
[01:37:02] ja: yeah, lib/ is as ???global???-y as it gets in Rails
[01:37:21] ja: not that there???s really any actual separation of things
[01:37:31] ja: nothing and everything is ???global???
[01:37:46] ja: right. 50-60 sounds large.
[01:37:55] ja: pipework: my answers or ro???s questions or both?
[01:38:27] ja: where've you been all this time lil buddy???
[01:38:49] ja: ro: Rails autoloads it all if you follow the Java-esque conventions with the file names named after the class/module inside
[01:38:52] ja: (right?)
[01:39:39] ja: so if you have `class UserImporter ???` in `lib/user_importer.rb` you should be able to `UserImporter.new` from any other file
[01:39:53] ja: no? yes? am I wrong? pipework give me a hinting pun
[01:40:10] ja: ACTION should really finish reading http://guides.rubyonrails.org/autoloading_and_reloading_constants.html >.<
[01:40:34] ja: rails??? autoloading system seems quite involved
[01:41:00] ja: Ilike it when it works.
[01:41:15] ja: pipework: So Rails doesn???t do so automatically either through its autoloading system?
[01:41:19] ja: Oh hi, sevenseacat!
[01:41:32] ja: pipework: Alright. Very well. I suck then.
[01:41:43] ja: ro: Listen to pipework. They know what???s up.
[01:41:47] ja: Yay! You too, sevenseacat!
[01:43:06] ja: sevenseacat: Why aren???t you in -offtopic? It saddens us all. Or at least me.
[01:44:07] ja: slash_kick: good luck with yugioh
[01:44:12] ja: is that really how it???s spelt?!
[01:44:16] ja: my oh my
[01:46:46] ja: droptone: Good qusetion. Doesn???t Ruby have something `tail -f`-ish?
[01:53:53] ja: droptone: Using Bash? ^_^