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[11:24:12] jessu: Hi everyone I have a doubt I craeted graphs using d3js module now can i create a webapp where i can send the data to those graphs from rubyonrails...I wanted to created a webapp
[11:24:30] jessu: I can read ruby and understand but not very good
[11:24:33] jessu: someome help
[16:23:56] jessu: hey jhass


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[10:19:01] jessu: hi guys I need to create a webpage which contails a forrm say name age sex location etc. Now can I can save all the details into a databasse?
[10:20:26] jessu: doge__: any tutorial?/ I am very begineer to rails
[10:20:58] jessu: doge__: I wan to know all the details whpo pened my page and who entered thos edetails
[10:21:39] jessu: doge__: What is there?