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[02:05:04] jnoob22: In a view I'm trying to get a username representation for users instead of the user_id -> http://pastebin.com/s5z1V3xe
[02:06:15] jnoob22: https://gist.github.com/hseritt/4d9156ff187ca0e686d3795951ea1ac3
[02:06:50] jnoob22: Can anyone maybe point me to where I can read on how to do this properly? I'm using 5.0.2
[02:10:56] jnoob22: hmm ok ill try that
[02:14:30] jnoob22: baweaver, like this? <%= f.text_field :user_id, options_for_select([[User.username, User.id], [User.id, User.id]]) %>
[02:15:04] jnoob22: If I do that, I get: undefined method `username' for #<Class:0x007f36fd72f278>
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[23:00:29] jnoob22: dunno if anyone has benchmarked specifically python and ruby scripts but I'm finding ruby scripts to run almost 2-3x faster. Anyone else see that?
[23:01:08] jnoob22: I'm originally a Python guy (who is forced to do Java for a living). I am astonished. But, maybe my tests are flawed, who knows.
[23:01:44] jnoob22: Even more so is that I can't find many sites proclaiming this sort of thing.
[23:02:14] jnoob22: nofxx, tending to agree. I remember 1.9.3 being very fast but thought maybe there was something seriously wrong with my bm tests a year and a half ago.
[23:03:12] jnoob22: nofxx, yeah everything beats Java when you have to run maven on a large set of code ;-)
[23:03:48] jnoob22: havenwood, I was wondering where the version cutoff was ... you think <1.8 was somewhat slow, I take it.
[23:04:06] jnoob22: tbh, I did not know Ruby in the pre 1.9 versions.
[23:04:52] jnoob22: I have always liked it for writing os/systems type stuff.... more elegant than perl, more functional than bash
[23:05:22] jnoob22: going through the Rails tutorial for the 2nd time. Makes more sense to me now
[23:06:19] jnoob22: possible to use jruby for Grails ?
[23:06:25] jnoob22: was not aware of that.
[23:07:18] jnoob22: anyways, 2.4.0 ruby seems to be running at Perl speed. Would never have expected that.
[23:08:20] jnoob22: ok, I'll try to cut out my fanboy fascinations and let you guys get back to important stuff.


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[10:49:05] jnoob22: trying to learn oop in ruby, but I'm not doing something right -> http://paste.ofcode.org/4KpupLL8sPVVcZ5gECUiXb ... a downstream class that I'm not even using just yet is setting values to variables in other class... surely I'm missing the point.
[10:50:18] jnoob22: then how do you access them jhass ?
[10:50:33] jnoob22: class. variables. :-)
[10:50:50] jnoob22: why not use them?
[10:51:32] jnoob22: ok... how do i do that in this case?
[10:52:12] jnoob22: ive read about instance variables and class variables in ruby docs but im missing something it seems. This can be done easily in Python or Java
[10:53:46] jnoob22: this makes ruby extremely limited.
[10:53:58] jnoob22: based on what you've told me.
[10:54:14] jnoob22: how do i use them in this case?
[10:54:47] jnoob22: i got this from ruby docs
[10:55:33] jnoob22: ok, i have to believe there's more to it then
[10:56:22] jnoob22: ive been programming for close to 20 years and have never heard of that for any oop capable language. Now I'm intrigued :-)
[10:58:16] jnoob22: jhass, thanks... going over it ...
[10:58:35] jnoob22: I see attr_reader and super ... super I can figure out ... but attr_reader ?
[10:59:31] jnoob22: jhass, ok, cool .... thanks for pointing this out to me :-)
[11:00:15] jnoob22: jhass, I'm assuming super in this context means 'override' perhaps?
[11:00:51] jnoob22: diverdude, irb you're looking for?
[11:00:58] jnoob22: jhass, ah got it
[11:01:03] jnoob22: workmad3, yep true :-)
[11:01:26] jnoob22: workmad3, true that.
[11:01:54] jnoob22: jhass, ok, cool I'll read up on that. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction
[11:02:45] jnoob22: will do ... will stay away from @@ stuff
[11:04:02] jnoob22: makes sense now that I see the light a little better ;-)
[11:05:55] jnoob22: this still was a lot easier than putting the same thing together for Java.
[11:06:26] jnoob22: the only thing going for me is that I understand Java errors a lot better at this point and know how to make it behave.
[11:08:37] jnoob22: oh Lord, yes workmad3 ... I work with that everyday ... doing support for Alfresco
[11:09:02] jnoob22: and it's such a pain to hook up and debug.
[11:10:12] jnoob22: heh heh dont you love non-obvious error messages? heh Java is full of them. At least with Python, Ruby and PHP I can narrow it down (assuming i know what it means)
[11:10:32] jnoob22: a NPE almost never leads to any useful info.
[11:12:13] jnoob22: well java's good for some things.... you have an obsessive disorder and love extreme organizing.... you cannot stand dynamic programming and like everything defined all the way down without allowances for anything outside the box...
[11:12:46] jnoob22: elomatreb, actually if i would have understood the instance vars better, that would have made sense. But nothing's perfect I guess ;-)
[11:13:24] jnoob22: ... on the java note .... you still think XML files are the best at describing a data structure.
[11:14:25] jnoob22: elomatreb, you're messing up my rant. stop it.
[11:15:35] jnoob22: ddv elomatreb at least with json/dicts you are not having to define/describe what those curly braces and brackets mean ;-)


[03:11:56] jnoob22: If you don't use $LOAD_PATH << "." ... where does Ruby normally look for packages/modules?
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[02:59:26] jnoob22: Weird thing I've found .... should 2.2.0 be 3 times faster than 2.3.1? my script is only going through a demo of array methods with a very small size array but should it be that much faster going over the same code?
[03:44:55] jnoob22: Radar, yeah just a sec... ill post on a paste bin
[03:45:00] jnoob22: you guys here have one you prefer?
[03:46:16] jnoob22: Radar, how about this -> http://paste.ofcode.org/TmtdqGiviJ5iU9JMap3YjM
[03:46:37] jnoob22: Radar, let me get the versions for you
[03:47:32] jnoob22: ruby 2.2.0p0 (2014-12-25 revision 49005) [x86_64-linux]
[03:47:32] jnoob22: $ ruby2 --version
[03:47:32] jnoob22: ruby 2.3.1p112 (2016-04-26 revision 54768) [x86_64-linux]
[03:47:32] jnoob22: $ ruby --version
[03:48:37] jnoob22: about 3x time faster
[03:48:37] jnoob22: 2.2.0 is faster by a longshot on my laptop
[03:48:47] jnoob22: just using Linux `time`
[03:49:05] jnoob22: just a sec
[03:49:20] jnoob22: this is ... 2.3.1 ...
[03:49:22] jnoob22: sys 0m0.094s
[03:49:22] jnoob22: user 0m0.103s
[03:49:22] jnoob22: real 0m0.191s
[03:49:39] jnoob22: this is 2.2.0 ...
[03:49:41] jnoob22: sys 0m0.004s
[03:49:41] jnoob22: user 0m0.064s
[03:49:41] jnoob22: real 0m0.071s
[03:51:19] jnoob22: when I saw the 0.071 compared to a very equal python script at .200, I was impressed since I'm more of a Python guy
[03:51:42] jnoob22: but the .200 for ruby 2.3.1, i thought there was something very odd.
[03:51:56] jnoob22: Radar, you think that's unexpected behavior?
[03:53:10] jnoob22: yeah my thoughts too .... have been looking through release notes to see if there was possibly some new functionality in array methods to account for this but haven't seen anything even close to compelling yet.
[03:53:31] jnoob22: thanks much for the sanity check.
[04:03:49] jnoob22: Radar, there we go -> https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/12453
[04:12:24] jnoob22: Is there a Ruby dev channel by any chance?
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[04:54:59] jnoob22: np, thanks agent_white
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[21:27:02] jnoob22: is this the official style guide for Ruby? https://github.com/bbatsov/ruby-style-guide or is there another one possibly?
[22:39:00] jnoob22: as far as style goes, does Ruby use c-like variable names like say temp_str as opposed to Java-ish tempStr ?
[22:39:45] jnoob22: agreed. just curious how you guys did it.
[22:42:10] jnoob22: hmm... probably the last 2 weeks or so. that's about it von-strauss
[22:42:29] jnoob22: von-strauss, i come from more of a Java/C/Python experience
[22:42:40] jnoob22: hmm probably about 15 years or so.
[22:42:57] jnoob22: i really like ruby. love how it's easy as heck to figure out.
[22:43:05] jnoob22: yeah have been doing it for a while.
[22:43:24] jnoob22: computer science major?
[22:43:59] jnoob22: ah ok... hmm I would say generally stay in school but I realize everyone's situations are very different.
[22:44:20] jnoob22: heh working in software is pretty darned stressful though too ;-)
[22:44:44] jnoob22: i work more on the support side of it though.... luckily i dont have to work on call often.
[22:45:02] jnoob22: von-strauss, well hopefully you're in a big city where jobs are plentiful.
[22:46:00] jnoob22: ok.... i was just working in Maidenhead for about 6 weeks last Nov,Dec. Seemed to be tons of jobs in Reading/Maidenhead areas
[22:46:37] jnoob22: heh probably not as such. But, do you know Java pretty well? or C or JS?
[22:47:06] jnoob22: those will get you some jobs... you may have to get to the more trendier places here in the states to find a decent ROR job or the like.
[22:47:17] jnoob22: heh pointers confuse everyone man ;)
[22:47:29] jnoob22: or there ;)
[22:47:48] jnoob22: I live in Colorado Springs ... Denver has lots of jobs like that but you better know your stuff.
[22:48:23] jnoob22: you got me... I've only done the ROR tutorial a couple of times.
[22:49:01] jnoob22: hmm very high goal mate.
[22:49:51] jnoob22: von-strauss, if you do nothing but code... maybe eat a sandwich and then just code... the problem though with solo learning is that you don't usually get to learn how things are done.
[22:50:46] jnoob22: sure you can pick up syntax and such but it's always best to find someone who knows it well and do an "internship" with them. I wonder if Ruby has a mentorship thing... I know PHP used to. I learned a lot of stuff from that.
[22:51:37] jnoob22: shanemikel, true... hard to know what's local and what's universal
[22:51:51] jnoob22: probably more stuff is local though.
[22:53:20] jnoob22: what's better string comparison method ... == or .eq? ?
[22:54:06] jnoob22: im trying to write this script very basic-like ... probably == is easier to read for a non-rubyist
[22:54:47] jnoob22: yeah git is easiest. I would bet you any place that is mostly using Ruby/JS/Python is using git and not svn.
[22:55:14] jnoob22: when I went for Redhat interview a few months ago, they only asked about git.
[22:55:42] jnoob22: shanemikel, in your opinion which is easier than git, do you think?
[22:56:12] jnoob22: hmm i have never played with mercurial.
[23:02:58] jnoob22: when you say client-side... do you mean client-side from the browser side for instance?
[23:03:31] jnoob22: or something else?
[23:03:50] jnoob22: for me... (just me), it's an odd question
[23:04:40] jnoob22: yeah there are some ajax modules and such that I've heard of but that's about it. (I'm making an educated guess here).
[23:04:55] jnoob22: maybe you mean something else shanemikel
[23:05:55] jnoob22: no, not out of the box.
[23:06:13] jnoob22: maybe you're looking for jquery, shanemikel ?
[23:06:45] jnoob22: or some kind of hybrid (though more client, imo) ... angularjs
[23:07:12] jnoob22: i would think you could mix angular and ror ... ive done it for django.
[23:07:24] jnoob22: lol javascript is no longer a dirty word man :-)
[23:07:37] jnoob22: hasn't been since around 2006 or so. ;)


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[13:24:31] jnoob22: I'm trying to use the Archive module here -> http://www.ruby-doc.org/gems/docs/a/archive-tar-0.9.0/Archive/Tar.html but require 'archive' doesn't appear to work... any ideas what I should use here to import it?
[13:26:08] jnoob22: nm ... looks like require 'archive' is correct but something is munged up... Could not open library 'libarchive.so': libarchive.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[14:02:21] jnoob22: Hi... getting this error when i try to do: sudo gem install libarchive -> http://pastebin.com/M1z791wg any ideas? I'm on Ubuntu 14.04
[14:07:22] jnoob22: thanks guys. I'm using the standard packages from Ubuntu
[14:07:42] jnoob22: ah... any other module to use for 'tar'?
[14:09:20] jnoob22: gem seems to be working when i try to install rails... so it must not be broken but it is 1.9.3 (i know it mentions 1.9.1)
[14:11:59] jnoob22: thanks for the advice
[14:27:10] jnoob22: Hmm. I try: rvm use 2.2.0 but I get: RVM is not a function, selecting rubies with 'rvm use ...' will not work.
[14:28:26] jnoob22: nm .... had to do /bin/bash --login .. weird.


[02:04:43] jnoob22: Is foreman a good candidate to serve ruby in a production environment (as an alternative to using Apache)?


[13:46:03] jnoob22: anyone know if there's a free alternative to GIT? Whereby if you're writing non-public code and want to store it there?
[13:46:46] jnoob22: ahh never thought of that. ill have a look at it. thanks ddv.


[14:32:27] jnoob22: if it's something i know how to do, i usually prefer sorcery ;-) but wasn't sure if i was missing something :-)
[14:33:14] jnoob22: ill have a look at devise and authlogic
[14:33:23] jnoob22: does either of these support ldap possibly?
[14:34:43] jnoob22: whoa that's cool.
[14:35:03] jnoob22: more stuff to add to the toolbox :-)
[14:35:25] jnoob22: yeah i coulda googled heh
[14:36:31] jnoob22: at work we have skype, im the most guilty of sending lmgtfy and then turning around and asking a simple question :-\
[14:40:13] jnoob22: so when i do a rails generate model ModelName ... i notice there is nothing in the model file (app/models/model_name.rb
[14:40:27] jnoob22: according to the tutorial, there's no instructions to add anything there.
[14:40:43] jnoob22: am i supposed to add something there even after doing rake db:migrate ?
[14:41:06] jnoob22: danabrit: railstutorial.org
[14:41:20] jnoob22: arefaslani: welcome to the world of irc, mate.
[14:42:22] jnoob22: danabrit: no, sorry... it is User
[14:42:26] jnoob22: or user.rb
[14:42:35] jnoob22: arefaslani: #xchat is good
[14:42:52] jnoob22: that's my thinking danabrit
[14:43:52] jnoob22: danabrit: it does have stuff like has_many and belongs_to to show reference but im wondering about the actual fields themselves.
[14:43:57] jnoob22: danabrit: oh boy.
[14:44:34] jnoob22: elaptics: indeed.
[14:45:48] jnoob22: danabrit: all i see through this tut is adding validates and other qualifiers but never really a model definition which is kind of what im expecting (info about the model fields, not the meta stuff ... to be clear)
[14:46:50] jnoob22: danabrit: yes ... the fields were placed in the migration file under add table, etc.
[14:47:07] jnoob22: but i expected them to be in the model file but it's ok if that's not how it's supposed to be.
[14:47:31] jnoob22: forgive me, im coming from django, so my initial perspective will be off a bit. :-)
[14:47:55] jnoob22: waseem_: sending a newbie to read ESR, don't make him quit the first day ;-)
[14:47:59] jnoob22: elaptics: yes
[14:48:17] jnoob22: danabrit: ahh that's what i was wondering.
[14:49:36] jnoob22: waseem_: you're right, was making a joke though ;-) ESR is not so bad. He's a little strange but he's on the money with that FAQ
[14:50:21] jnoob22: smart people are just well... weird.