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[21:57:34] johannesvetter: is there a way to have a "option_groups_from_collection_for_select" also add <ids> to the created optgroup tags?
[22:00:05] johannesvetter: hm, looking at it's sourcecode there isn't
[22:26:32] johannesvetter: rhizome: hm, I've got grouped multiselects which are connected.
[22:26:46] johannesvetter: and upon some event, I would like to remove a whole group from the select
[22:26:59] johannesvetter: but it could be that labels might be the same (as it's user-entered data)
[22:27:09] johannesvetter: so I need to ensure to remove the proper group.
[22:27:28] johannesvetter: my idea was to rewrite the helper to include a dom_id() of the group as id-attribute
[22:27:45] johannesvetter: I was just wondering if there is a solution out there already


[00:10:21] johannesvetter: what's the replacement for titelize?
[00:10:32] johannesvetter: I just figured out it's gone after rails 3.0.9
[00:12:07] johannesvetter: oh, sorry for the noise
[00:12:17] johannesvetter: had a typo: it is titleize instead of titelize


[21:08:24] johannesvetter: I know I'm pretty bad at naming. so what would you guys name a class to hold lookup-values for "marital status" ?


[16:07:02] johannesvetter: when I run this migration it refuses to process it with this message: Index name 'temp_index_altered_transcodings_on_transcodable_id_and_transcodable_type' on table 'altered_transcodings' is too long; the limit is 64 characters. The problem now is, how to specify or control this temporary index name?


[22:52:55] johannesvetter: I'm finding myself having problems finding good names for polymorphic relationships every now and then
[22:53:06] johannesvetter: so I wonder if there's any good "pattern" you guys are using for this
[22:53:21] johannesvetter: just adding a "*able" not always seems the way to go
[22:54:11] johannesvetter: DouweM: sure. there is an Administrator as well as a Producer
[22:54:17] johannesvetter: both can own "Cta" instances
[22:54:34] johannesvetter: and "ownable" looks really weird
[22:55:37] johannesvetter: that's a "Call To Action" …
[22:55:52] johannesvetter: hm DouweM, you're right
[22:56:40] johannesvetter: but from the CTA, I want to get the owner, so I'd rather go with owner ...
[22:56:50] johannesvetter: maybe I should do that … the more I think of it
[22:57:49] johannesvetter: DouweM: hm, good call. I will keep it in mind. and for this one, I'm convinced that owner is the way to go
[22:58:05] johannesvetter: thanks guys for sharing your experiences!


[20:38:12] johannesvetter: anybody here how successfully got private_pub gem working using SSL ?
[20:38:41] johannesvetter: I've basically set it up and it seems to run, accepts messages published but it does not end up pushing them to the clients
[20:41:34] johannesvetter: nobody using private_pub or faye?
[20:50:31] johannesvetter: nevermind, got it working
[20:50:41] johannesvetter: although not sure what really did the trick


[19:25:01] johannesvetter: I know this seems a bit dumb, but I'd like to read about what $! does in ruby
[19:26:37] johannesvetter: GeekOnCoffee: thank's


[19:16:55] johannesvetter: I'm running rails 3.2 and just hit a nasty routing problem. I've got a resource "series", which I've added to routes.rb using "resources :series". fine. but in my new.html.haml, when I'm using form_for @series all I get is an routing error: No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"series"}
[19:17:23] johannesvetter: any idea how to come over this? I think the problem is that series has no other plural than series, does it?
[19:25:07] johannesvetter: hey guys, I need some help with the routing. got a resource named "series" (which is acutally not a singular resource). but for whatever reason, form_for freaks out completely
[19:30:11] johannesvetter: crap, just found the bug. had nothing to do with form_for … sorry for the noise


[17:15:16] johannesvetter: is it possible that url_for() freaks out if I'm using a constraints :subdomain => … ?
[17:15:38] johannesvetter: obviously "admins_url" works where as url_for(:controller => "admins") does not