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[23:33:22] jrcharney: I'm starting to think installing rubywith ruby-instal with the --system attribute (which installs ruby in /usr/local) may have been a bad idea. Any suggestions for how I can uninstall it and reinstall it into something like /opt/rubies?
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[23:36:32] jrcharney: I think tree branch hit my phone line again


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[18:30:33] jrcharney: For ruby-install, should I use sudo if I use --system?
[18:32:29] jrcharney: I guess I'll have to run this again when it is done...hopefully it will just move all the suff it "configure && make"'d and move it to /usr/local
[18:32:55] jrcharney: The problem with chruby and ruby-install is that they will keep going even if you ^C
[18:33:37] jrcharney: What happens to all that other stuff, Papierkorb?
[18:34:49] jrcharney: Yeah...I'm using a debian based distro. They won't update it! apt-get will install ruby 1.9.3
[18:35:27] jrcharney: Also, If I try to install jruby, it will try to install openjdk
[18:35:40] jrcharney: And if I want to install weechat plugins, it will also try to install the older ruby
[18:43:17] jrcharney: I'm probably going to check if my java version is up to date later to figure out why jruby tries to install openjdk even though my /etc/alternatives have java set correctly
[18:46:01] jrcharney: would it seem reasonable to delete my ~/.gems directory after switching from rbenv to chruby as my ruby manager?
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[21:49:15] jrcharney: Yo! What's the best way to install a version of Ruby on a Raspberry Pi 2 that is not so old it has an AARP card?
[21:49:40] jrcharney: Manager or Installer?
[21:50:16] jrcharney: I really was thinking installer this time around
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[22:56:57] jrcharney: Do I need to download ruby-install first before installing chruby or do I need to do it the other way around?
[22:57:31] jrcharney: chruby won't use install ruby?
[22:57:42] jrcharney: s/install ruby/ruby-install/
[22:58:45] jrcharney: OK, how about downloading them through git instead of this wget and PGP stuff?
[22:59:12] jrcharney: Linux...Raspbian


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[18:32:11] jrcharney: I installed ruby via rbenv on Linux Mint, but when I type "whereis ruby" I get nothing. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this?
[18:33:32] jrcharney: domaldel: Check your keyboard layout
[18:33:53] jrcharney: whoops, wrong person
[18:34:10] jrcharney: domgetter: check your keyboard layout. (More to follow)
[18:35:09] jrcharney: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
[18:35:18] jrcharney: adaedra: yes
[18:35:23] jrcharney: Ruby works, adaedra
[18:35:42] jrcharney: Last time I checked
[18:36:11] jrcharney: Just to be sure, I just did that again
[18:38:44] jrcharney: legit: maybe there is a layout for using AltGr (right alt) to do special characters. I live in the US, but I type a lot of words with the spanish and french accents in them. (i.e. El Ni??o)
[18:40:17] jrcharney: toretore: I set up my computer to use UTF-8, ruby means well. Besides, how else is Matz supposed to write his language in Japanese and English?
[18:40:57] jrcharney: domgetter: Interesting...Is it supposed to do that?
[18:43:06] jrcharney: adaedra: At any rate, the reason I need to get my system to recongize the ruby I installed (rbenv) is so that I don't have to install Ubuntu/Linux Mint's way older version of ruby. Ruby is required for weechat plugins
[18:47:05] jrcharney: Nothing, I wrote to the wrong person


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[22:35:45] jrcharney: Is it normal that after I install rbenv and ruby-build and bundler and set my global ruby version and mod my ~/.bashrc, that "whereis ruby" still shows up blank? "which ruby" doesn't, but I'm trying to install weechat-plugins and that package wants to reinstall ALL the really old ruby stuff that's in the ubuntu repo that was the reason I installed ruby via rbenv instead.
[22:37:26] jrcharney: closed the terminal I installed everything to verify what I changed then opened a new shell terminal
[22:38:19] jrcharney: which ruby points to the shim. whereis ruby is blank
[22:41:33] jrcharney: I also went to the weechat website to download their repo file (because ubuntu's version of weechat is really old), and I still got the same results
[22:43:07] jrcharney: So should I install weechat from source instead?
[22:43:55] jrcharney: I could do that. I just wanted a second opinion.
[22:44:38] jrcharney: dr3w: Yeah, apparent weechat-plugin wants to use ubuntu's version of ruby rather than the rbenv version I set globally
[22:45:42] jrcharney: dr3w: when I type "whereis ruby" its blank, so that's kid of the issue with the weechat-plugins. It thinks it needs to install ruby again.
[22:47:54] jrcharney: I do have the shims path at the beginning of the $PATH
[22:50:01] jrcharney: Ruby is set globally, but if i'm missing a step I think it's that "system ruby" issue
[23:00:50] jrcharney: This is starting to turn into more of a ##linux issue than a #ruby issue.
[23:02:52] jrcharney: I compared this with my raspberry pi hacktop (raspberry pi 2 + motorola atrix lapdock + raspbian) where everything appears to b fine to my desktop (Linux Mint 17.3, x86_64) as the raspberry pi shows a list of places when I type "whereis -l". The desktop does not.
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[18:48:25] jrcharney: Just in case nobody at #rvm is home, does anyone know why RVM won't install Ruby on Cygwin? It could but it won't. http://pastebin.com/V4tnMzMB
[18:56:23] jrcharney: zerowaitstate: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/34dbcf664ecdcd7cfa59
[19:03:02] jrcharney: There is a message about Tcl/Tk not being round. I'll look for that and see if that helps.


[05:07:27] jrcharney: Anyone still up?
[05:09:52] jrcharney: Anyone have experience using the Ruby Installer for Windows to upgrade to a new version of ruby?
[05:10:07] jrcharney: What's the general process for that?
[05:15:16] jrcharney: Yeah, I have two linux machines and this windows one I want to keep windows
[05:16:30] jrcharney: ruby 2.0.0. I want to upgrade to 2.2.1
[05:17:19] jrcharney: I was hoping to uninstall the older version
[05:17:58] jrcharney: but Ruby does add variables to the path
[05:19:50] jrcharney: That's the other part, removing the other version. That's the part that has me nervous
[05:21:42] jrcharney: "Add Ruby executables to your PATH"? Y/N