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[07:00:36] jtbandes: has joined #ruby
[07:01:18] jtbandes: is there a way to pass a string to exec which will be used as stdin for the command?
[07:01:32] jtbandes: I guess that sorta contradicts exec
[07:06:45] jtbandes: bnagy: can I do something like that but have stdout/err go to the main process's stdout/err?
[07:08:48] jtbandes: reopen is all i need
[07:08:54] jtbandes: but turns out DATA isn't working in this context :/
[07:45:05] jtbandes: Ox0dea: should've worked fine, I think it's just a bug with Alfred (from which I'm running the ruby script)
[07:45:39] jtbandes: nope, not another file
[07:46:01] jtbandes: the idea was something like "popen3(...){|stdin...| stdin.write DATA.read } __END__ the script I want to run"
[07:50:07] jtbandes: yes, I'm solving the problem by jumping through bash instead of ruby
[08:44:52] jtbandes: Quit: Leaving