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[07:16:10] juliotelan: has joined #RubyOnRails
[07:16:41] juliotelan: Good day, I am using rails 5.1 + webpack. I was wondering how can I host the javascript script for production use like what the WebpackDevServer does it?
[07:17:11] juliotelan: Or is it possible?
[07:21:37] juliotelan: I am using the default webpacker from Rails 5.1
[07:24:03] juliotelan: dminuoso: What I want was to compile the assets and then serve it as a stand alone script which I can load in another project
[07:32:01] juliotelan: dminuoso: So... I just host the script file in another instance? I want it to be public but I should host it in my AWS server. Do you have any leads on what open sourced project that is best to use for hosting a javascript file?
[07:41:00] juliotelan: dminuoso: Yeah :D
[07:41:13] juliotelan: dminuoso: Thanks for helping man :)