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[10:30:40] kalleth: regex :trollface:


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[16:54:27] kalleth: how is rubby formed


[15:33:31] kalleth: rofl, epitron
[15:33:35] kalleth: 52 card pickup in ruby, nice
[15:33:46] kalleth: can you fudge the GC to spray them over the memory space? ;)


[11:58:38] kalleth: I thought by default when you make install'ed it replaced the binary that already existed in $PATH ?
[11:58:47] kalleth: unless ofc you use rbenv/rvm/etc
[11:58:53] kalleth: rather than wget && ./configure && etc
[12:00:21] kalleth: rm $(which ruby); reinstall ruby
[12:00:28] kalleth: totally clean and acceptable way to replace ruby
[12:00:42] kalleth: wouldn't need to also clean up the gem executable and the bundler and the and the and the
[12:00:47] kalleth: ACTION stops talking and being unhelpful
[12:19:41] kalleth: <jhass> kalleth: well, if you call that clean... ruby installs more than the executable
[12:19:45] kalleth: jhass: sorry, i need sarcasm tags


[15:27:57] kalleth: expect(:tail).to be_wagging tyvm
[15:28:19] kalleth: well rspec2 should just die ;p
[15:28:42] kalleth: oh come on
[15:28:44] kalleth: rspec isn't too bad
[15:28:52] kalleth: minitest is worsae
[15:28:56] kalleth: test:unit is dodge
[15:29:05] kalleth: if i'd followed through the replace


[13:50:11] kalleth: I've never liked subarus.
[13:50:49] kalleth: mlangenberg: i far prefer the STI version, honestly.
[13:51:00] kalleth: it's cleaner and i can understand it far easier
[13:51:10] kalleth: i don't have this evil hatred of STI that most developers do though



[23:42:29] kalleth: where did andrewfree go
[23:42:36] kalleth: i had an answer to for him
[23:43:03] kalleth: http://progrium.com/localtunnel/ if anyone is interested


[17:16:04] kalleth: okay, so, say i have [false, true, false, true, true, true, false, false, false], and i want to compact sequential duplicate elements. Any suggestions otehr than iterating over each one and comparing it to the previous one
[17:16:12] kalleth: ie my desired output is [false, true, false, true, false]
[17:16:42] kalleth: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2516312/remove-adjacent-identical-elements-in-a-ruby-array
[17:16:45] kalleth: woo, there's a stackoverflow post
[17:16:50] kalleth: ACTION should have googled better
[22:10:04] kalleth: benzrf: so did i
[22:10:09] kalleth: but i just wrote A Thing completely without rails
[22:10:27] kalleth: i <3 ruby, tbh
[22:10:36] kalleth: though i do want to learn me some go/scala at some point
[22:11:46] kalleth: i did use a static site for my resume though
[22:11:51] kalleth: does that make me a Bad Programmer
[22:15:00] kalleth: shevy: but but but but
[22:15:19] kalleth: i used middleman to generate it
[22:15:25] kalleth: that has to be worth something
[22:16:15] kalleth: shevy - it's a jekyll-like static site generator in rubby
[22:17:26] kalleth: nah, it just generates static sites


[13:51:39] kalleth: okay, say I have a concept of a "Latest event" (Event.order('date ASC').first), and I want to create a routing helper called "latest_event_path"
[13:51:51] kalleth: can i do that in routes.rb or should that live as a helper in app/helpers ?
[13:51:59] kalleth: it accesses models, so i'd guess helpers are a nono
[13:52:07] kalleth: could be a helper_method in applicationcontroller tho
[13:57:40] kalleth: jammanbo: i don't want a new route, I want an alias to the existing resourceful route for that resource
[13:58:04] kalleth: so /events/6 is events_path(Event.next), but can also be referred to in a view as 'next_event_path'
[13:58:23] kalleth: which then figures out what the next event is itself
[13:59:00] kalleth: I *could* create a custom, non-resourceful route of /events/next which has a controller action which finds the next event then renders :show
[13:59:10] kalleth: but i don't see the reason to when I already have a route for that resource
[14:01:22] kalleth: okay, sorry, I worded my question wrong
[14:01:42] kalleth: I want to alias an existing route -- events_path(Event.next) -- to be also referrable to as 'next_event_path'
[14:01:52] kalleth: which, when you call it, looks up Event.next then delegates to Event.next
[14:01:57] kalleth: *delegates to events_path
[14:02:05] kalleth: i wonder if i could manually extend the route set..
[14:02:09] kalleth: seems like a bad idea tho


[11:16:33] kalleth: I can't figure out what side I fall down on on this
[11:16:34] kalleth: https://gist.github.com/kalleth/e8ef48d2565def507257
[11:16:56] kalleth: what do you guys feel about using dependency injection to inject the current time into methods which operate on the current time?



[22:12:58] kalleth: so, shoulda-matchers appears to be inferring an association ('site') on my 'Order' object which doesn't exist
[22:13:15] kalleth: it's going to be difficult to describe this without a test case, isn't it
[22:13:19] kalleth: ACTION tries to narrow it down
[22:17:18] kalleth: right, narrowed it down
[22:22:57] kalleth: Okay, this describes my problem with shoulda-matchers reasonably: https://gist.github.com/kalleth/7796677
[22:23:38] kalleth: when trying to errors.add(:attribute_that_doesnt_exist, 'message'), it behaves as expected *until* shoulda tries to run it, at which point shoulda attempts to instantiate 'site', which of course, doesn't exist


[14:21:45] kalleth: zmalex: you can't really share localstorage (stored in the clients browser) with server-side storage/logic (used in ERB)
[14:22:10] kalleth: zmalex: what you can do, is on page load, use some javascript to set whatever is stored in localStorage as the active tab to active
[14:23:02] kalleth: so you don't need to modify your erb, but something like $(document).ready(function() { $('.nav-tabs .active a[href='getfromlocalstorage']').parent().makeActive() } );
[14:24:23] kalleth: jragon: your_active_record_collection.sum('score') ?
[14:28:53] kalleth: it's a javascript problem then zmalex
[14:28:59] kalleth: you'll have better luck in #javascript
[14:31:38] kalleth: jragon: you did, but my brain isn't up fully comprehending it atm


[15:19:57] kalleth: how serious do people think the ruby bug is
[15:20:00] kalleth: in temrs of a running rails app
[15:20:12] kalleth: (a large one consuming and providing lots of API's)
[15:20:41] kalleth: trying to find arguments to push an upgrade from ruby 1.8.7 (REE) to 1.9.3
[15:20:50] kalleth: but its a large amount of work on a large app
[15:21:35] kalleth: terrellt: i know, i've used 1.9.3 myself for loads of other projects
[15:21:48] kalleth: we only just got the rails 2.x -> 3.x upgrade done
[15:22:07] kalleth: i know it *needs* doing, i'm struggling to make a cogent case to the product owner on the reasons behind it / why it should be prioritised over features
[15:22:47] kalleth: terrellt: yeah, but still.. we're only just coming off a few sprints where most of what we did was technical debt so he didn't have much to show stakeholders
[15:23:28] kalleth: yep, and it is, and cancan can do things other than just checking roles
[15:23:42] kalleth: in fact, cancan ignores 'how' you check if a user can do something and just wraps up the functionality of checking it


[21:29:55] kalleth: just got asked to apply for a job at a company that's astroturfed their own glassdoor page
[21:29:59] kalleth: why would you even do that
[21:30:06] kalleth: its so obvious you havent even done it well jesus fuck
[21:30:43] kalleth: banisterfiend: glassdoor is a site which people write reviews of companies on
[21:30:53] kalleth: so you can tell wether you want to work there or not
[21:32:21] kalleth: ACTION facepalm.gif
[21:32:31] kalleth: they started recruioting for this job beginning of september
[21:32:37] kalleth: before which there's 3 or 4 shitty reviews saying 'bad management' etc
[21:32:55] kalleth: and ALL OF A SUDDEN on sept 3rd, 9th and 11th appear 3 GLOWING reviews (5 star) saying the company is AMAZING TO WORK FOR
[21:33:07] kalleth: and written with total marketingese
[21:40:01] kalleth: Sc0rp10n: pick a project you like, fork it on github, fix an issue from their issues backlog, submit a pull request
[21:40:27] kalleth: great minds etc


[13:17:13] kalleth: senior ruby/coffeescript developer, ??450/d
[13:17:19] kalleth: i'd put me as mid to high-mid
[13:17:20] kalleth: not senior
[13:17:25] kalleth: i'll call him anyway, and explain that
[16:49:00] kalleth: yeah, robyurkowski
[16:49:04] kalleth: thats for senior senior
[16:49:09] kalleth: my rate is 350-400
[16:49:12] kalleth: probably 350


[11:42:40] kalleth: i've just been made redundant.
[12:33:24] kalleth: GeekOnCoffee: got any jobs going in london? :)
[12:33:51] kalleth: or know of etc
[12:33:53] kalleth: just been made redundant ;(
[12:34:03] kalleth: with the rest of the company
[12:34:57] kalleth: Ruby on Rails(and everything that goes with it), JS, Backbone
[12:35:03] kalleth: and devops w/ puppet
[12:35:05] kalleth: 'Full Stack'
[12:35:13] kalleth: http://tomrussell.co.uk/trcv.pdf
[12:35:25] kalleth: owner_not_making_enough_sales.bat
[12:35:31] kalleth: or ./not_enough_sales.sh
[12:39:58] kalleth: interesting
[12:40:33] kalleth: what's the work like?
[12:40:48] kalleth: I've already applied at datasift before
[12:40:52] kalleth: and been through all interview stages
[12:40:58] kalleth: got contacts there
[12:41:01] kalleth: i live in reading :)
[12:41:17] kalleth: they didn't hire me because i wouldn't be able to dev enough in the role i'd applied for
[12:41:18] kalleth: which is fair enough
[12:41:39] kalleth: they're mainly a PHP shop
[13:28:14] kalleth: front end ;/
[13:28:19] kalleth: but thanks for looking
[14:23:34] kalleth: i have a better version of my CV
[14:27:31] kalleth: http://tomrussell.co.uk/trcv_contract.pdf
[14:27:51] kalleth: that's got the bullshit profile section the agent made me add
[14:38:20] kalleth: just fucked with the site, so those links wont work atm
[14:38:33] kalleth: building http://tomrussell.co.uk/
[14:49:53] kalleth: need more open source
[15:24:21] kalleth: one interview lined up for next week
[15:24:33] kalleth: 'nother starting soon
[15:24:38] kalleth: for the contract opening
[16:12:39] kalleth: nopre, devops maybe, sysadmin as a whole, no
[16:13:02] kalleth: i like coding :)


[12:21:53] kalleth: awesome learn ruby idea: wrap it up in a 'hackers' style minigame
[12:22:31] kalleth: 'use this word list to try and brute force the password to their records database'
[13:56:06] kalleth: end boss: 'You now have access to NSA's mainframe, write a divide and conquer / map/reduce engine to delete all their data in the fastest time possible before you get detected and kicked out'


[16:27:41] kalleth: PROTOTYPE OBJECT MODEL IS AWESOME HURRRRRrrr broken inheritance chains are cool
[16:27:44] kalleth: </brogrammer>
[16:45:24] kalleth: sometimes i get wasted
[16:45:27] kalleth: and talk shit
[16:45:30] kalleth: and promise parndt stuff
[16:45:37] kalleth: and then never follow up
[16:45:39] kalleth: #storyofmylife
[17:02:08] kalleth: i'm moving into freelancing
[17:02:11] kalleth: or in the uk 'contracting'
[17:04:24] kalleth: in the uk we also use both terms
[17:04:32] kalleth: freelancing is more 'we have this project, can you do it for us for $x?'
[17:04:48] kalleth: and contracting is 'we hire you for a fixed term contract of 6 months, your day rate is £x'
[17:04:55] kalleth: 'while you are here you will be working on'