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[02:35:57] keithy: hello I am looking for the best way to run remote ssh commands , and collect the output, possibly as rak tasks
[02:36:19] keithy: so far I have found net::ssh::shell
[02:36:35] keithy: does anyone have any other suggestions?
[02:36:52] keithy: I havent quite got the hang of net::ssh::shell
[02:41:52] keithy: I tried an on_output callback but it goes into an endless loop
[02:57:44] keithy: whatever happened to documentation!
[03:03:23] keithy: its beyond my ken
[03:04:06] keithy: if anyone can understand how to collect output from net-ssh-shell and go onto the next command
[03:06:48] keithy: putting on_output ruins something
[03:14:41] keithy: the shell stays logged in! until you do an exit.
[03:16:04] keithy: im going to use bash
[03:21:26] keithy: ill ask again about this in the morning
[03:25:35] keithy: now i have heard of capistrano!
[03:26:03] keithy: something was vs capistrano...
[03:32:45] keithy: using net-ssh-shell I am strucggling to see how a command execution finishes
[03:32:51] keithy: and hands over to the next comand
[03:33:21] keithy: ive got a callback to grab the output (cant understand why a simple usecase is not documented
[03:34:54] keithy: capistrano looks like it migh be good for my usecase
[03:39:58] keithy: not sure about capistrano
[03:47:09] keithy: you know what I think bash is so much simpler
[03:48:31] keithy: put together a bash script using “sub” to roll several commands into one. script A, checks out code with git, checks out deploy bash scripts , rsyncs them up to the server and then ou can run the scripts there!
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[00:03:34] keithy: ok, running some experiments...
[00:08:45] keithy: its working as expected! but somethings are a bit fragile… it doesnt make it through a whole disk
[00:09:04] keithy: ok… back to me other problem...
[00:09:42] keithy: I listened I implemented
[00:10:00] keithy: I tested I approaved
[00:10:14] keithy: and now im back to trying to understand slpashes and blocks
[00:12:51] keithy: thanks guys I am glad I asked
[00:13:32] keithy: I think I missed that ‘prune’ option earlier
[00:19:15] keithy: ok now that works lets look at the simpler options that you guys suggested
[00:20:29] keithy: My last argument was not expecting someone to try and turn it into a hash, it only knew to_str
[00:20:44] keithy: I think this must be a newer ruby idion
[00:20:56] keithy: idiom, variable numbers of argments etc
[00:22:29] keithy: what are you talking about
[00:22:40] keithy: I listened to everything everyone said and I use their advise
[00:22:58] keithy: what more do you want
[00:24:14] keithy: hello I have used find find I have tested it on 1TB of disk and its does what you said
[00:24:26] keithy: all since you guys suggested it
[00:24:52] keithy: then I thanked you for your help
[00:25:52] keithy: aparently I cant win
[00:26:24] keithy: now I go back to my original problem of trying to understand splats and args
[00:26:30] keithy: and I fised that as well
[00:27:20] keithy: and you did
[00:27:43] keithy: and I again I thank you for your help
[00:28:18] keithy: I then said that I apparently ran into an issue which ruby I dont think ruby had 15 years ago
[00:29:26] keithy: but im not certain of that
[00:30:03] keithy: I admit im too tired for this now…
[00:39:58] keithy: variable numbers of arguments and optional arguments at both ends?
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[08:11:50] keithy: *.net *.split
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[21:49:47] keithy: I am puzzled to be unabled to find an efficient find utility
[21:50:37] keithy: my usual approach is to walk the file tree one file at a time, thus not keeping anything in memory. You just say walker.nextFile
[21:51:16] keithy: cant find anything for effectively invoking and capturing a shell process as it works. except…
[21:53:52] keithy: I did find a multithreaded method on the web but now I cant find it again
[21:53:56] keithy: and this
[21:55:01] keithy: or this
[21:55:27] keithy: ah found it
[23:36:01] keithy: is this a joke ?
[23:36:38] keithy: ok, it isnt the website doesnt load on my chrome!
[23:36:50] keithy: I thought the author was being ironic
[23:37:06] keithy: and posted a page wiht a tile and no content
[23:38:37] keithy: still havent got a clue about splats
[23:39:19] keithy: im trying to pass splats and blocks
[23:39:55] keithy: and the block is getting included in the slpat array
[23:40:21] keithy: heading for pastbin
[23:41:45] keithy:
[23:43:17] keithy: yes I had that amp it still didnt work
[23:43:31] keithy: I took it out as an experiment
[23:44:18] keithy: yes dont get that far
[23:44:28] keithy: because I think args has block as its 6th member
[23:44:56] keithy: just stepping thorugh the code now
[23:47:27] keithy: I cut it out of other stuff
[23:47:57] keithy: to show you
[23:48:15] keithy: how could it
[23:48:23] keithy: you wouldnt see the result till the end
[23:48:51] keithy: it might do for this application
[23:49:15] keithy: I come back to ruby after 10 years and find I have to roll my own find file utility
[23:49:52] keithy: ok, find me a find file utility that can search 100Gb of files in
[23:51:07] keithy: and is it efficient, not holding anythin in memry excep the path you are looking at
[23:51:59] keithy: my normal find utility walks the tree one file at a time
[23:52:06] keithy: and collects information
[23:52:25] keithy: everything I looked at today globs the whole lot
[23:53:10] keithy: I am deploying 2000 websites
[23:53:11] keithy: updating code
[23:54:17] keithy: so I am looking for the roots of the websites and then working through the files
[23:54:46] keithy: performing operations on them, liike removing duplicates, moving new bits in with rsync, hardlinking something etc
[23:55:22] keithy: I want a file system traversing utility, that walks the tree
[23:55:44] keithy: I use this for lots of things. like…
[23:56:09] keithy: collecitn info on files duplicate, counts of images sizes of files disk wastage etc.
[23:56:51] keithy: the space_walker, (in php) collects about 1,000,000 records for a spreadsheet analysis