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[07:49:13] lilsheep: Bootstrap isn't being included. Neithre are any other css (or JS) files
[07:49:50] lilsheep: I still have the default
[07:50:14] lilsheep:
[09:58:41] lilsheep: changes to application.css aren't displaying
[09:58:53] lilsheep: I have tried compiling
[09:59:01] lilsheep: The asset pipeline is enabled
[09:59:17] lilsheep: well precompiling fails
[11:30:01] lilsheep: Remote host closed the connection


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[07:10:47] lilsheep: Nm : D working on something Open Source and useful for the first time!
[08:03:40] lilsheep: Q: I send an API request that returns an HTTPFound. It should return the user_id. I am not sure how to see the user id.
[08:04:27] lilsheep: because that's what I ask for! And I am not sure, I would guess the body
[08:05:10] lilsheep: xml response
[08:07:24] lilsheep: #<Net::HTTPFound 302 Found readbody=true>
[08:10:10] lilsheep: cool but it's a string
[08:11:23] lilsheep: how do you recommend parsing it
[08:11:29] lilsheep: does HTTPOK not have it's own parsing method?
[08:13:17] lilsheep: is Nokogiri a rails dependency?
[08:38:52] lilsheep: Can some one help pls
[08:55:05] lilsheep: Remote host closed the connection


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[17:18:26] lilsheep: anyone know how to get the current redirect url ?
[17:19:34] lilsheep: nvm got it.
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[23:23:47] lilsheep: how to read input in a nonblocking way?
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[19:01:13] lilsheep: My regexp with: /[A-Za-z0-9]/ for alphanumeric is not working! it's allowing underscores.
[19:01:19] lilsheep: Anyone know hwy?


[00:56:03] lilsheep: can someone take a look at this! : (
[00:56:04] lilsheep:
[00:56:21] lilsheep: getting unkown attribute content
[00:57:35] lilsheep: No! the comment model has content
[00:58:53] lilsheep: why am I doing it wrong momomomo ??
[00:59:12] lilsheep: I got the )change!
[00:59:15] lilsheep: but that's it , right??
[01:01:12] lilsheep: it's not a nested form! it is with a show.html.erb
[01:02:00] lilsheep: well, my question now, is to pass document_id should I use a hidden form attribute? or is there an easier way?



[01:04:39] lilsheep: so I have a model method self.something, which calls another method in the model that returns a string.
[01:04:55] lilsheep: however I am getting 'undefined_method'
[01:05:07] lilsheep: how to call a private method from within the model?
[05:16:38] lilsheep:
[07:28:50] lilsheep: yo, how does one place helper methods in the model?
[07:29:00] lilsheep: it doesn't seem possible..but I could have sworn I have done it before.
[07:34:39] lilsheep: okay, well how do we create a method to be used by models only in the method? varun_krishna:
[07:38:10] lilsheep: lol no in just one model
[07:38:16] lilsheep: I keep getting errors
[07:44:11] lilsheep: no just access it in the same model
[07:49:59] lilsheep: was working on something


[07:58:55] lilsheep: hello friends
[07:59:16] lilsheep: I am usign acts-as-taggable-on, and well, I generated the migration
[07:59:28] lilsheep: but when I bundle exec rake db:migrate, it doesn't do anything!
[07:59:41] lilsheep: no table is created, even though the migration file is weird : (
[08:00:08] lilsheep: create db/migrate/20141128075742_acts_as_taggable_on_migration
[08:00:08] lilsheep: ??? rails g acts_as_taggable_on:migration
[08:01:52] lilsheep: lists all other migrations and says up
[08:01:57] lilsheep: but says nothing about the newly created one
[08:05:59] lilsheep: yolo I will implement tags myself
[08:28:12] lilsheep: schema rb wasn't changed sevenseacat
[08:28:19] lilsheep: but I got tagging working now! just rolled it outmyself
[08:28:21] lilsheep: if not for one weird bug
[08:28:28] lilsheep: ???undefined method `to_sym' for nil:NilClass???
[08:28:41] lilsheep: people online saying it's a homebrew /version bug


[09:48:46] lilsheep: if I want to save parent relationships in SQL, like Mens -> Clothing -> Shirts -> White
[09:48:52] lilsheep: is there an efficeint way to do that
[09:49:03] lilsheep: or should I store the parent_id in a column
[09:49:12] lilsheep: (that seems terribly terribly inefficient)
[09:49:26] lilsheep: Like those are all part of the same table
[09:50:05] lilsheep: for sure, but is that an effective way of savign that relationship/
[09:50:13] lilsheep: because it seems like one would need to nest a lot of loops
[09:50:19] lilsheep: (which perhaps can be done in JS)
[09:50:24] lilsheep: (on the client! : D )


[02:01:59] lilsheep: have you guys had experience with hostgator/
[02:02:12] lilsheep: BC right now they are driving me mad
[02:03:36] lilsheep: Lol pontiki
[02:17:33] lilsheep: I want to rant so badly about my expeirence with this hosting provider
[02:17:38] lilsheep: wasting so much of my time
[02:24:21] lilsheep: I was refferd to it
[02:24:25] lilsheep: by someone I thought was legitimate : l
[02:24:44] lilsheep: in a customer service chat
[02:24:48] lilsheep: they haven't responded to my last question
[02:24:54] lilsheep: for 5 minutes, after 30 mins connecting
[02:25:05] lilsheep: yeah the price is good! but with that said
[02:25:07] lilsheep: I cancelled my plan
[02:25:18] lilsheep: renewed it for one entire year
[02:25:26] lilsheep: bc I didn't pick up a phone call, where they wanted to convince me to stay...
[02:25:39] lilsheep: there' sno winning
[02:26:51] lilsheep: wow, I turned renew off, and they turned auto renew on for some fuckign reaosn I AM DYING
[02:27:04] lilsheep: does work well with heroku?
[02:28:39] lilsheep: I just need domain registration! = )
[02:28:45] lilsheep: I like heroku...a lot : D
[02:29:06] lilsheep: it's soo sexy = D
[02:29:15] lilsheep: but expensive D:
[02:29:35] lilsheep: Seriously Idk how the shit hostgator pulls is even legal
[02:30:26] lilsheep: they are sending me a confirmation email to an arbitrary email I never chose...and I asked them how to change it and they gave wrong instructions. and I asked them again and they are taking forever to respond
[02:31:33] lilsheep: Damn. Okay = )
[02:32:07] lilsheep: I'll try even tho I am so aggravated
[02:32:29] lilsheep: I am stuck in this office and I should be headed home
[02:32:37] lilsheep: thanks pontiki :D
[04:16:12] lilsheep: have any of you guys done something where you track how many times a page was visited?
[04:16:16] lilsheep: or how many times a link was clicked?
[04:16:24] lilsheep: is that too expensive of an operation, if you are writing that to databawe
[05:13:45] lilsheep: so I have a problem guys
[05:14:00] lilsheep: I have &nbsp; print as that, instead of a space...
[05:14:41] lilsheep: it works for my model.body, but when i print model.title, it doesnt work for the title ; l
[23:56:42] lilsheep: Guys. Should I use the Sorcery gem or roll out my own thing? [What are the con's of using sorcery]


[10:47:29] lilsheep: anybody either have the source for simple_format, or know how I can sanitize + print EXCEPT several consecutive new lines aren't ignored?


[01:29:48] lilsheep:
[01:29:48] lilsheep: still stuck on this : (
[01:31:19] lilsheep: I just updated the gist to reflect that zeknox!
[01:32:42] lilsheep: D: hard way O:
[01:32:47] lilsheep: ty zeknox! = )
[01:33:06] lilsheep: really??? O: why!
[01:36:29] lilsheep: how do I do that zeknox? D:
[01:37:04] lilsheep: I am not sure I understand zeknox : (
[02:25:10] lilsheep:
[03:51:34] lilsheep: Guys, I asked my friend how to become a better developer. He said: Get a mentor. Unfortunately I am working on a project alone and don't think I can find a mentor that is interested. Any ideas?
[03:51:45] lilsheep: [What else can I do]
[03:55:56] lilsheep: Maybe in the future Radar
[03:59:00] lilsheep: San Diego. There are meetups! once a month = )
[05:40:16] lilsheep:
[06:00:25] lilsheep:
[06:00:25] lilsheep: Still struggling :(
[06:12:52] lilsheep:
[06:12:52] lilsheep: So like even after this happens in the is like the code isn't executed!
[06:14:08] lilsheep: build a new picture?
[23:40:35] lilsheep: anyoen know how to poll for keyboard input OR generate some sort of itnerrupt from one that calls a method [ specifically when one presses enter ]
[23:40:44] lilsheep: in a non blocking way!
[23:40:54] lilsheep: Not on rails! On ruby!
[23:41:02] lilsheep: my mistake Radar! I am making a ruby script!
[23:41:13] lilsheep: anyoen know how to poll for keyboard input OR generate some sort of itnerrupt from one that calls a method [ specifically when one presses enter ]
[23:43:05] lilsheep: So I am attempting with a thread Radar. but what do I do with that thread? hav e one thread block while the other goes?
[23:44:25] lilsheep: sweet it Works!!
[23:44:51] lilsheep: only issue is ... when the program ends the thread keeps running. Lol. any tips on how to handle that???
[23:44:53] lilsheep: I can see it on ps aux
[23:48:08] lilsheep: OH hell yea
[23:48:14] lilsheep: Waht I did was I made the infinite loop thread the parent
[23:48:18] lilsheep: and that seems to do it Radar!
[23:48:30] lilsheep: bc ctrl + c kills the parent, and the child is finite


[04:43:05] lilsheep: so I want to update my database to reflect a foreign key... do I just add a thing_id int ...the docs aren't clear : (
[04:43:31] lilsheep: do I just add the int-- how do I specify it's a foreign key?
[04:44:10] lilsheep: Just add an int and migrate? D: but in SQL you can specify though
[04:44:33] lilsheep: is there any foreign_key => Shop
[04:44:44] lilsheep: Okay Pipework! = )
[05:22:41] lilsheep: so I have a variable computed in the controller. But in the view. On create, it says that it cannot be blank!! What can I do : (
[06:31:09] lilsheep: hi all. should I use integer or decimal to handle money?
[06:31:13] lilsheep: I know stripe uses integer!
[06:45:47] lilsheep: So I have a JS file in assets/javascripts... And I use javascript_include_tag on it ... but it is still included in every other page!! how do I prevent it from being included in all pages
[06:46:38] lilsheep: it's not in application.js though! :( sevenseacat
[06:46:52] lilsheep: yea, I just looked :(
[06:47:02] lilsheep: require_tree is in it tho
[06:47:08] lilsheep: require_tree .
[06:47:16] lilsheep: lol, how do I prevent that! : (
[06:49:02] lilsheep: TY :D sevenseacat
[23:40:32] lilsheep:
[23:40:36] lilsheep: help, please!
[23:43:15] lilsheep: Product saves, picture does not! zeknox
[23:45:57] lilsheep: what do you mean pictures_attributes?


[19:15:00] lilsheep: I want to create a commerce website that connects buyers to sellers (there are many buyers and many sellers) do you recommend any specific gems or even tutorials?
[19:16:50] lilsheep: Ahh, okay! thank you!
[19:17:02] lilsheep: What is it being hosted on paulfm ?
[19:19:18] lilsheep: So as long as you can run on the terminal of the machine, set the variable there! on the terminal type EXPORT thingy=value
[19:20:06] lilsheep: yes it will!
[19:20:25] lilsheep: So make a file called and type a bunch of those export lines
[19:20:38] lilsheep: then when you ened to run the server type . OR source
[19:21:02] lilsheep: and document that!
[19:25:16] lilsheep: oh look what I found! = ) allows for several suppliers with spree!! Only issue is the last commit is 3 years ago : (
[19:37:35] lilsheep: is using a gem last updated 3 years ago a terrible idea [it is a spree plugin]? can I expect that Spree is backwards compatible enough for it to work?
[19:39:15] lilsheep: Ok! so do you recommend I write a lot of the commerce stuff from scratch then?? D:
[19:52:59] lilsheep: does active merchant process payments? or would I need to use something like stripe as well?


[03:15:58] lilsheep: if I want to extend usability to different countries will I run into trouble?
[03:16:48] lilsheep: so I have an app, and I might want it to tell users the distance between other users? [ I think ]
[03:18:02] lilsheep: ya mekh that seems a little shady lol
[03:18:23] lilsheep: Input their location, to what degree? like city / country ?
[03:18:31] lilsheep: city / country / state ?
[03:18:45] lilsheep: I think it will scare users away!
[03:18:59] lilsheep: 'this user is 50 minutes away from you' .. ~WAIT HOW DO U KNOW WHERE I AM~
[03:19:08] lilsheep: [it's a dating site]
[03:19:45] lilsheep: k what if I want to do other countries, still Zip Code?
[03:20:17] lilsheep: hmmm, and let's say a user types a city, can you store the lat and long from google?
[03:20:27] lilsheep: is that good practice?
[03:20:54] lilsheep: #globalwarming
[03:21:07] lilsheep: #floatingcities2016
[03:21:14] lilsheep: lol k I am done. sorry.
[03:21:17] lilsheep: thanks all ;D