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[09:52:43] livcd_: *.net *.split


[15:09:54] livcd_: for those that use emacs. Do you guys use rsense or robe mode ?


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[17:31:02] livcd_: guys what's your opinion about eloquent ruby book ?
[17:31:49] livcd_: i like how you had to add that no-irony disclaimer :D
[17:35:22] livcd_: pontiki: you are talking about what book now ?
[17:42:25] livcd_: pfff dollar is so strong
[17:42:35] livcd_: err euro is so weak..this is going to be expensive :S
[17:50:15] livcd_: i need to practice focusing while reading
[17:50:23] livcd_: i tend to automatically skip the boring parts
[17:50:37] livcd_: and then i miss all of the nuances :S...anybody has a similar issue ?


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[12:25:04] livcd_: Hi guys is there some style guide you can recommed / or you just like ?
[12:30:09] livcd_: thanks :-)
[12:42:12] livcd_: what's the reason for preferring single line format for class definition with no body ?
[12:43:47] livcd_: yeah something mysterious
[12:47:13] livcd_: mikecmpbll: the's okay according to the guide
[12:47:33] livcd_: why ? is he german ?


[08:17:38] livcd_: thebatu1_: but does not that just create a html element image_tag which is wrong ?
[08:20:12] livcd_: thebatu1_: because the %image_tag creates an html element image_tag which does not exist
[08:22:41] livcd_: can haml/slim be forced to create a "compiled" file in your directory so you do not have to inspect it in a browser ? somehow what codekit would do for you ?