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[23:42:25] logik-bomb: so I'm creating a new record with factory bot inside a controller spec. Somehow that record doesn't appear on my scope. If I run the test again the new one is also not there but the previous one now exists. Am I missing something? Do I need to "refresh" my model or something? Thanks


[12:57:34] logik-bomb: I'm a bit lost on how to plan this. My record belongs to a category. Depending on the category, the record should have different options. For instance. Record is category car and should have a value for the colour and number of doors but if the record is a cake it should have values for amount of sugar and weight. Just trying to get my head around the modeling. Thanks


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[16:18:17] logik-bomb: I'm trying to add a published_at to my model when the attribute is_published gets set. How can I execute this from my model? I'm trying with after_save :set_published_date, :if => Proc.new{ self.published_changed? } without much success. Thanks
[16:24:26] logik-bomb: jhass: thanks


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[13:24:12] logik-bomb: I'm playing with models and namespaces but I'm a bit lost regarding associations. How should I define this migration? Thanks https://gist.github.com/alopes/6408daaba612f000e17afabb3cc408a0#file-ruby-rb-L33
[13:33:41] logik-bomb: Arkentias: I could cry of joy right now


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[13:28:44] logik-bomb: is it possible to do atomic updates to a record (AR) without triggering the full model validation? I'm trying to update it everytime there's a change on the frontend... as in, a field going blur. Thanks
[14:22:59] logik-bomb: dminuoso: thanks


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[15:21:20] logik-bomb: its been a while since I used rails. I have a list of Brands and a list of Dealers. If I want to associate a few brands per dealer (where multiple dealers can have the same brand) whats the best way to do it? has_many :through ?


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[17:00:36] logik-bomb: guys, what's the best way to manage dynamic text on a view? is there a gem for that? Not sure if just creating a model would be enough. thanks
[17:06:23] logik-bomb: yeah, my bad. Text that would sit in the db.
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[09:05:00] logik-bomb: is anyone here using docker with rails? If so, are you using it for dev, prod or both? I've just started with it but it feels like an overhead during dev. Thanks


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[11:02:02] logik-bomb: Nested resources. I have an album that has_many photos and accepts_nested_resources for photos. In order to speed up the creation of a new Album, I'm trying to upload all the photos as soon as they get selected by the user. My problem is that when the server tries to save each photo.. the parent album hasn't been submited yet.. Is there a solution to this?


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[00:11:48] logik-bomb: ok, I'm a bit lost here. Album as_many photos and accepts_nested_resources for photos.. Is it possible to save my photos even when the album validation fails?
[19:19:17] logik-bomb: is it possible to create a nested record bypassing the parent validation?


[10:45:12] logik-bomb: guys, is it anti pattern to create a record on controller#new?
[11:49:11] logik-bomb: is it possible to ignore the parent model validations when creating a nested resource?


[11:25:08] logik-bomb: drop the .scss
[11:30:04] logik-bomb: connect.css -> connect.scss ?
[11:30:18] logik-bomb: I don't know
[17:07:38] logik-bomb: my root_path takes me to my controller#index. What's the best way to change this so that when I user has only a record, root_path behaves like controler#show ?


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[11:55:12] logik-bomb: Is anyone here using carrierwave multifile upload using json as datatype? I'm having some trouble when editing a record. For some reason all the previously attached images get replaced by the new ones when editing :| Any thoughts? Thanks


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[11:22:43] logik-bomb: what's the rule of thumb regarding more than 1 devise model?
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[14:19:25] logik-bomb: I have 3 models. User, Site, Membership ( https://gist.github.com/anonymous/b108e4e4132ec8de44aa#file-role-rb-L12 ) How should I change my User model so that I could do something like User.find(1).sites.first.role ? Thanks
[14:24:26] logik-bomb: pipework: thanks


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[14:54:33] logik-bomb: guys, what's the best way to store an unknown amount of params on my db?
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[15:27:23] logik-bomb: guys.. I have a form. Let's say it's Car that belongs to a Brand. how can I create a new brand and set it as my brand_id inside the form?
[15:29:25] logik-bomb: smathy: that should be fine.. what I'm worried is on how to create a new brand from the form
[15:31:51] logik-bomb: I will. Thanks smathy


[11:43:25] logik-bomb: is it feasible to user uuids as primary key? I'm trying to hide the real :id numbers. Any suggestions?
[13:00:13] logik-bomb: some sort of before_filter


[13:03:38] logik-bomb: guys, with factory_girl how can I randomize foo? create_list(:product, foo: bar.all.sample )


[15:40:03] logik-bomb: How can I create a nested resource with factory_girl? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5bfa7606780b55ff95ae User has_one Profile. Thanks
[15:44:03] logik-bomb: awesome! I will have a look. thanks


[14:22:27] logik-bomb: fantastic news
[16:11:29] logik-bomb: taxonomy 1 => taxonomy 1.1 => taxon 1.1.1 ?
[16:12:19] logik-bomb: how can I understand how taxonomies work under the hood?
[16:15:34] logik-bomb: let's say I have 5 sections on my website. Do I need a "section" root taxonomy?
[16:24:42] logik-bomb: Yeah but just had another look. Thanks
[16:33:00] logik-bomb: Yeah I need to get my head around taxons and filters
[16:33:22] logik-bomb: my plan is to have custom products#index based on the current taxonomy
[16:34:10] logik-bomb: atm my sidebar is showing all the taxonomies
[18:13:38] logik-bomb: are there any helpers to handle taxons..depths..and parent taxonomies?


[10:59:08] logik-bomb: strixd_: yep
[21:20:19] logik-bomb: is it possible to rename the labels from supported_locales_options?


[22:16:10] logik-bomb: spree_auth_devise handles that (I think)
[22:17:06] logik-bomb: https://github.com/spree/spree_auth_devise/tree/3-0-stable/lib/controllers/frontend/spree
[22:23:20] logik-bomb: I can't help you with that



[13:07:39] logik-bomb: guys, am I doing something wrong here? https://gist.github.com/alopes/b246acd61470ca0ac436#file-error-txt-L6
[13:08:36] logik-bomb: I'm trying to do this -> https://github.com/comfy/comfortable-mexican-sofa/wiki/Devise-Cancan-Authentication-Authorization
[13:12:07] logik-bomb: would you mind elaborating on that? :D
[13:14:52] logik-bomb: so.. instead of "class CustomAbilityAdmin" it should be "module Spree::CustomAbilityAdmin" ?
[13:22:11] logik-bomb: well on the documentation https://github.com/spree/spree_auth_devise they don't do that :/
[13:22:15] logik-bomb: maybe is out of date
[13:24:28] logik-bomb: gmacdougall: thanks for your help! :)
[13:27:30] logik-bomb: got it working!! :D
[14:55:26] logik-bomb: fantastic news


[00:16:32] logik-bomb: is there any sorcery to replace views/spree/products/show.html.erb
[00:16:56] logik-bomb: I had success on all views apart from that on
[00:18:59] logik-bomb: ...nevermind lol
[11:41:34] logik-bomb: how do I go about changing my product image sizes?
[11:41:40] logik-bomb: is there a config file?
[14:46:01] logik-bomb: thanks Ave.. I've managed to fix it :)
[14:47:08] logik-bomb: this is the first time I'm using it... and tbh... looks really cool


[10:24:14] logik-bomb: hi all! Btw, does anyone know how much Wombat costs?
[10:25:14] logik-bomb: I can't find any pricing details on the website :|
[10:45:49] logik-bomb: I'm no expert but have you added variants and stock?
[14:40:04] logik-bomb: GeekOnCoffee: do you know anything about wombat pricing?
[14:40:14] logik-bomb: I can't find any info about it
[14:45:57] logik-bomb: I might drop them an email
[14:46:08] logik-bomb: just to be told 1M/year
[15:01:05] logik-bomb: yeah, I'm just kidding..
[15:24:20] logik-bomb: Sent them an email.. let's hope for the best :)


[16:17:34] logik-bomb: can I define an AbilityClass from an extension?
[17:15:27] logik-bomb: are you installing spree-fancy because of bootstrap?
[17:37:29] logik-bomb: https://github.com/comfy/comfortable-mexican-sofa/wiki/Devise-Cancan-Authentication-Authorization
[17:37:36] logik-bomb: is it possible to do this with spree?
[17:38:03] logik-bomb: I'm having some issues with config.admin_auth = 'MyApp::DeviseAuth'
[17:39:02] logik-bomb: I've tried with Spree::User but it raises # Authentication module must have `authenticate` method
[17:39:06] logik-bomb: mleglise: yeah
[17:39:59] logik-bomb: I think I've done all of that but I will try again
[17:49:37] logik-bomb: GeekOnCoffee: I think you are right
[17:49:44] logik-bomb: let me give it a go


[15:45:37] logik-bomb: Hi all. is it ok to start a project using the latest version or should I stick to 2.4?
[15:51:43] logik-bomb: less than 3 months
[16:52:32] logik-bomb: what's the main difference between spree 2 and 3 ?
[17:38:21] logik-bomb: GeekOnCoffee: thanks
[17:38:59] logik-bomb: I might give 2.4 a go then
[17:57:24] logik-bomb: is there a release date for version 3?


[11:56:08] logik-bomb: is it ok to split a web app into engines? Like having an engine just for the backend? I've never worked with engines before but I'm thinking of extracting some of my code into one. Is this something complex? Thanks
[11:58:46] logik-bomb: tbuehlmann: it's getting a bit to big and it would be nice to split it (if feasible)
[12:00:43] logik-bomb: tbuehlmann: I see. thanks for your insight


[19:42:05] logik-bomb: Hi! I'm looking to run some payments through a background job. What's the best way to do this? I looked into ActiveJob but it's only available with rails 4.2. Thanks


[15:32:53] logik-bomb: Shouldn't my find_for_authentication method be able to get warden_conditions[:partner_id] ? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/18a953cb6f596df69feb#file-client-rb-L14 I'm getting " undefined method `partner_id' " on my Devise::SessionsController#create. Thanks
[18:29:57] logik-bomb: does anyone know a domain that resolves to localhost and supports wildcards? Thanks
[18:33:12] logik-bomb: gheegh no longer works :/


[20:42:55] logik-bomb: how can I include a custom class inside my routes.rb file?
[20:43:31] logik-bomb: should it go into the /lib folder?
[20:43:36] logik-bomb: bricker`work thanks!


[16:31:19] logik-bomb: anyone using searchkick?
[16:32:17] logik-bomb: fearoffish: are you faceting your results by range?
[16:32:38] logik-bomb: thanks anyway :)


[15:21:15] logik-bomb: Is it possible to do something like this with factory_girl? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/9ba53d40e60ff373f88a#file-product-rb-L12
[15:25:19] logik-bomb: diegoviola: do you have a contact?
[15:25:37] logik-bomb: .. * contract
[15:27:33] logik-bomb: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/04/09/dealing-with-clients-who-refuse-to-pay/


[22:33:36] logik-bomb: guys, using FactoryGirl, how can I create more than one (has_many) association inside my factory? I'm currently doing variants{ [association(:variant)] }
[22:45:48] logik-bomb: Radar: thanks!
[23:45:24] logik-bomb: how can I define has_many :variant and :product_photo inside my :product factory? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/dd9936d858dfca3b6b8a Thanks


[23:26:37] logik-bomb: Guys, I 2 models. Address & Order. Can I have something like Order.address_home_id & Order.addres_business_id mapping to an Address record? Is this the best way to do it?
[23:31:10] logik-bomb: uberjar: what would you suggest? THanks
[23:44:21] logik-bomb: uberjar: thanks for your help


[11:24:02] logik-bomb: Anyone using paper_trail? If so, how do I recover a record back if I don't know the version index?
[11:26:40] logik-bomb: I'm looking at the docs but how do I find the index if the record no longer exists?
[11:27:08] logik-bomb: widget = PaperTrail::Version.find(153).reify
[11:27:25] logik-bomb: not sure where to look for that 153
[11:28:01] logik-bomb: rushed: that's the gem example :)
[11:30:22] logik-bomb: Lets say I have a table with orders... in each order I have a product_id. Let's say someone deleted that product. How do I query PaperTrail::Version in order to get that product back?
[11:31:29] logik-bomb: lets say I want to know what was the product title
[11:31:39] logik-bomb: is that possible?
[11:33:33] logik-bomb: rushed: thanks for your help!


[12:06:16] logik-bomb: Bower & Rails, any recommended gem?


[00:46:20] logik-bomb: is there a gem to help setting an active class on my menu items?


[15:40:06] logik-bomb: guys is there any helper to do an .each() grouping by attribute?
[19:20:23] logik-bomb: how can I set a specfic layout for a controller?
[19:22:22] logik-bomb: soahccc: thanks


[09:56:30] logik-bomb: I need to create an image gallery for my model Product. Regarding carrierwave, should I create a product_images with product_id & image_id and an Image uploader? What's best way to do this? Thanks


[15:30:20] logik-bomb: I need to connect an app to my rails4+devise website. What's the best way to handle the client side authentication? Thanks


[19:36:44] logik-bomb: Quick question regarding devise and model associations. I have a user model. That user belongs to a team. During my user sign up I could I set a nested attribute with the team details?


[17:48:26] logik-bomb: I'm currently using 2 devise models. Is it possible to match example.com/dashboard to controllerA#index and controllerB#index depending on the model thats currenty logged in? If so, is it done in the routes file? Thanks
[17:50:50] logik-bomb: cool! Thanks bricker`LA


[11:29:20] logik-bomb: any thoughts on rubymine? (I've always used textmate/sublime)
[11:30:35] logik-bomb: mikecmpbll: I don't know if I'm missing some awesome feature


[10:22:20] logik-bomb: how do you guys generate random seed data in dev?
[10:22:55] logik-bomb: rvanlieshout: thanks


[12:37:00] logik-bomb: is it possible to have a different locale inside rails_admin from the one in application.rb?
[17:47:23] logik-bomb: is it possible with rails 4 the have my model name with some sort of i18n translation?
[18:06:29] logik-bomb: multi step forms. Is there a gem for that? I don't even know where to start with that. Thanks
[18:16:13] logik-bomb: universa1 thanks!


[19:33:18] logik-bomb: sunspot_rails & sunspot_solr with rails 4 and osx 10.9 -> https://gist.github.com/alopes/471775b2b86b4f763aa6/raw/d43289e170ec99d0f9bacc49644862a8e543bea4/gistfile1.txt What could be happening? Thanks


[08:39:14] logik-bomb: denym_: went on "holidays"


[09:49:52] logik-bomb: I've just noticed that my precompiled assets show some differences from the non-precompilde version. How should I go about solving this? Thanks
[09:51:48] logik-bomb: ...and I'm guessing that active_admin is the culprit
[10:06:52] logik-bomb: https://d15uu3l1sro2ln.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/jigsaw-lets-play3.jpg


[20:00:22] logik-bomb: I'm giving activeadmin a go but when I try to edit a record, it starts complaining about mass assignment. Do I really need make all fields accessible in my model? Thanks
[20:03:06] logik-bomb: TheMoonMaster: but is it secure?
[20:05:01] logik-bomb: thanks TheMoonMaster :)
[20:07:15] logik-bomb: LBRapid: I was literally on that page. Thanks :)


[21:24:07] logik-bomb: guys, what's the best way to sync my production postgresql into development? Even after dropping my dev db I'm getting -> ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint"


[15:59:58] logik-bomb: is there a way to do rails g controller name with the default crud methods?


[11:51:41] logik-bomb: any hosted elasticsearch recommendations?
[11:55:36] logik-bomb: alnutile: thanks


[11:09:00] logik-bomb: how can I render a string from my controller without usign any layout?
[11:10:23] logik-bomb: thanks elaptics


[17:43:07] logik-bomb: I have used devise + omniauth-facebook to authenticate users into my website but right now, I'm building a mobile app that hopefully will tap into the website backend.How can I still let the users authenticate in the app with FB and fetch the correct data for that user from my backend?
[17:47:50] logik-bomb: Apane gist.github.com


[13:54:23] logik-bomb: guys how do you comment code out? Is there something like <%= #render 'shared/navigation' %> ?


[00:01:04] logik-bomb: what's the correct way to do this? https://gist.github.com/alopes/312a4760a4348c38991e/raw/8d3af483a6bd8306ba135ac9a17052aec63ded92/gistfile1.rb


[21:38:25] logik-bomb: Guys, how do I update the hour and minute from a datetime object?
[21:43:57] logik-bomb: Thanks guys. I will have a look


[17:27:08] logik-bomb: guys, how do I go about debuging this? https://gist.github.com/alopes/e752f7dedfe597ccb2f3/raw/1446136d890c98ad4a8555aacda9d1c46d0c9bbc/gistfile1.txt
[17:32:47] logik-bomb: JustinAiken thanks


[13:54:27] logik-bomb: I'm doing session["devise.user_attributes"] = user.attributes to pre-populate some fields on my sign up form but how can I do the same for a nested model on the same form? Thanks


[14:07:22] logik-bomb: how can I run a jar file from my rails app?
[14:07:53] logik-bomb: I'm trying with Open3 but I'm unable to locate the .jar file that I have on my /public folder
[14:08:49] logik-bomb: love_color_text: thanks, I will have a look


[11:06:05] logik-bomb: 1.9.3-pXXX what does the XXX means? Thanks


[13:38:32] logik-bomb: I'm a bit confused regarding restful urls. Lets say I have an 'users' resource with the basic CRUD paths and each user has a nested 'profile'. ex: "/users/12/profile/12". Now I want to create a user dashboard where the user logs in an edits it's own account and profile. What should that url be? Feels wrong displaying something like example.com/users/:id/edit. Thanks
[13:43:06] logik-bomb: Thanks guys.
[14:01:13] logik-bomb: sorry to bother you guys again regardind the restful routes but would this be acceptable? https://gist.github.com/c9daeb33911a8984b8d5 Thanks
[14:02:12] logik-bomb: should I specify get?
[14:02:32] logik-bomb: workmad3: thanks for your help
[14:03:18] logik-bomb: workmad3: sure. Thanks.


[13:51:24] logik-bomb: What's the best way to drop a coming son page to a project in development? Should I just create a controller and map it to my root_path ?
[13:53:31] logik-bomb: ThaDick: thanks!


[22:28:52] logik-bomb: Quick question, -> https://gist.github.com/raw/c5ffb6d898f55a9a9ebf/db69a3563cb3cb9aac0c0476ffd81ed056270f9b/gistfile1.rb
[22:29:01] logik-bomb: How can I drop /admin/ from the url ?


[13:14:40] logik-bomb: does it look wrong to you?
[13:15:57] logik-bomb: injekt thanks for your help
[13:40:47] logik-bomb: ok, I'm lost again. https://gist.github.com/f6d1aab502267fad96ad any clue? thanks
[13:42:46] logik-bomb: injekt thanks again!