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[19:23:24] machuga: flip_digits did you get your answer? I remember it's a plugin to sync up with %'s standard block jumping
[19:42:56] machuga: flip_digits matchit plugin *should* do it
[19:45:19] machuga: flip_digits do you have the ruby version?
[19:45:31] machuga: flip_digits


[19:11:25] machuga: cabinB do you want it to fetch the data from a route or inject it into the page?
[19:13:26] machuga: If you want to plop it into your page you can declare a var inside a JS block and then just output the var serialized to json
[19:15:00] machuga: ERB would be <script>var foo = "<%= bar.to_json %>";</script> pretty much
[19:15:15] machuga: You definitely can do it that way
[19:15:30] machuga: or just return format.json
[19:16:49] machuga: if you want the same data available and paginatable via json or page browsing I'd probably render it as both html and json
[19:20:07] machuga: for simple things or page specific code I'll drop it straight into the view, but if you are paginating the JS it'll probably be easier to just always fetch from an endpoint
[19:20:27] machuga: Because you'll always be fetching new data, and dropping it to the view would mean having to get your data from two places
[19:22:38] machuga: sure thing


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[18:53:27] machuga: Jon30 did you check the object id of the params object in both the middleware and the controller?
[18:53:56] machuga: I think the AC params object gets built from the rack request params if I'm not mistaken.
[18:54:38] machuga: so request.params is nil?
[18:56:42] machuga: Right - did you check the ID from the params object?
[18:57:12] machuga: like if you do puts response.request.params vs puts params in controller they will likely be different objects all together
[18:58:29] machuga: The controller effectively should wrap the rack params with something like
[18:58:50] machuga: So I'm not sure that'll let you update them
[18:58:58] machuga: Rack request params need to be updated via update_param()
[19:00:46] machuga: I think you need to find another approach if I'm not mistaken - I don't htink hashwithindifferentaccess will keep it that way
[19:01:08] machuga: I'd have to find the actioncontroller source for that to verify but I think your changes will be dropped
[19:01:43] machuga: You can see if `request.params` will get you the raw params object
[19:03:10] machuga: if the request object is the same you could append something to that perhaps
[19:03:25] machuga: or the response itself since that's what you'll be accessing
[19:03:52] machuga: Or the session
[19:05:20] machuga: So can I ask what the nature of the string you're passing back is?
[19:07:07] machuga: ^^ the real question
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[19:06:03] machuga: malgorath haha nice. cheers!
[19:06:54] machuga: Most of it will be the same at least
[19:06:58] machuga: 3/4 are pretty close
[19:07:05] machuga: watch out for Spring though


[17:23:36] machuga: DigitallyBorn if you want the query to be optimized and don't need the rest of the association at all that request, .pluck(:field) will be what you want.


[20:44:03] machuga: Sawbones don't fear that all companies are that judgemental. My buddy just got hired this past year at a big, mostly Rails company, with only PHP experience in the field
[20:44:29] machuga: We've hired strong C# people getting into Ruby at my work too
[20:44:54] machuga: I got my first Ruby job as half php/half ruby which made the experience thing easier to transition with
[20:46:12] machuga: Ya there are quite a few out there. I know a few good PHP shops that are trying to keep it different
[20:48:03] machuga: Sawbones you can always check out Larajobs for a decent PHP job, but if you're moving away from PHP in general just start using a lot of Ruby on OSS projects and on your own so you can demonstrate you know what you're doing when in an interview
[20:48:13] machuga: PHP devs leaving for Ruby is quite common so many companies are used to seeing that
[20:50:56] machuga: Sawbones as far as jobs go Rails is still wildly popular, so no worries there
[20:59:16] machuga: it accepts both


[21:04:56] machuga: Scriptonaut params object isn't allowed to be passed to ActiveModel now
[21:05:24] machuga: only the result from your strong params is (or some other object that isn't the actioncontroller params)


[20:32:07] machuga: startupality the docs show that it's a db field named invitation_token - so user.invitation_token should get you what you need
[20:39:14] machuga: hmm not too sure then


[19:16:25] machuga: naftilos76
[19:20:06] machuga: seme I've used both jbuilder and AM-S, it's really a horse a piece. We ultimately ditched both and just have our own builder objects for simplicity, but either option is perfectly good


[13:16:04] machuga: Sylario think you're looking for Macaveli


[03:02:08] machuga: EasyCo did you run `rake db:test:prepare`?
[03:10:18] machuga: EasyCo had no idea that was a thing in 4.1 - still on 3.2 for most day to day stuff. neat.
[03:13:25] machuga: sevenseacat ya we had some reliance on db_charmer that we finally got taken care of so we're working our way towards 4


[03:24:56] machuga: mocx php5-fpm won't take up much ram until it's underload and doing work since it the PHP proc dies at the end of each request
[03:25:42] machuga: for comparison - run bundler on a rails app on a 512mb RAM instance, then try running composer on say a Laravel project on the same server - composer uusally runs out of memory
[03:26:33] machuga: Rails loads many things into memory and caches classes so they don't need to be reloaded every request
[03:27:21] machuga: sevenseacat ya, not the easiest thing to context switch between
[03:36:26] machuga: mocx no - rails is a long-running process
[03:36:39] machuga: it'll load itself into memory and remain cached
[03:37:13] machuga: there will usually be less overhead per request than a PHP request with a full framework though
[03:37:20] machuga: unless you go nuts with the object allocations


[18:18:21] machuga: ardian if you have your relations setup it can just be `user.posts.count <= 20`


[15:27:48] machuga: tyl_ if you want the key/val pairs,
[15:29:20] machuga: tyl_ 'rails c'


[14:12:30] machuga: rvanlieshout: wrong nick


[16:40:59] machuga: ajph if you're in development mode it does not concat your files for you


[00:28:37] machuga: hah normally I get "lettuce" or "meshugga" references
[00:30:18] machuga: spanish "lechuga" is lettuce


[12:11:10] machuga: bratsche out of curiosity, how was Canonical to work for?
[12:12:43] machuga: that's kind of a bummer to hear
[12:13:02] machuga: omarqureshi CEO's micromanaging is terrifying


[16:34:16] machuga: erichmenge that same release the author implemented a bad version of strcpy at the c level as well
[16:34:22] machuga: that was a very bad release :)


[21:01:15] machuga: Though I'm mostly with Laravel and Rails these days
[21:01:30] machuga: mbduino haven't done CI in well over a year
[21:01:44] machuga: In which bio?
[21:05:04] machuga: mbduino shall we continue in PM so we don't flood the channel?
[21:05:50] machuga: parndt normally, yes - unless you just like hearing about me, likely not much lol
[21:06:20] machuga: mbduino I've been doing rails work since 2.x, but finally got a job with it ~ 2011
[21:07:06] machuga: pipework ya we're ~ the same in #laravel, I just tend to be quiet-ish in here
[21:07:32] machuga: mbduino mmmm I'd say I started getting into it more heavily around late 2009, it was like 2.3
[21:07:50] machuga: pipework I'll see what I can muster up ;)
[21:08:38] machuga: mbduino part time learning in 2.3, then I had to maintain a 1.x app for a very short duration, then moved onto 3.0 at a job in 2011
[21:08:47] machuga: Very very realistic
[21:09:04] machuga: my current job's product is on rails
[21:09:28] machuga: depending on the day I could be doing more JS or more Ruby
[21:09:47] machuga: mbduino I suppose it depends on your local area or if you find remote jobs
[21:10:50] machuga: mbduino ya I believe most devs in CI hit that point after a while
[21:11:40] machuga: mbduino certainly no reason not to do both
[21:12:12] machuga: mbduino Actually if you have a Net Tuts membership I did a course recently where I build the same app twice if you'd like to see some similarities/differences
[21:13:17] machuga: mbduino
[21:13:53] machuga: I agree with pipework on that one
[21:14:18] machuga: Life's too short to hate your job when companies really need developers
[21:16:13] machuga: danabrit that's a good place to be
[21:16:28] machuga: mbduino sure, sounds good :)


[23:03:56] machuga: hybris <%= form_for
[23:07:46] machuga: emocakes yup. hello :)