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[17:03:33] maetthew: Hey guys, It was a while since I fiddled with ruby. I'm looking to output a continous ping, prefixed with timestamp. Could anyone point me in the general direction (methods/gems to use)? Thanks
[17:07:57] maetthew: pontiki: Thanks but that seems a little too advanced imo. I'm having trouble with my home internet connection, was just trying to monitor when it goes up and down so I can give my ISP something to look at.
[17:08:12] maetthew: jhass, I would do that except I wanted to be able to run it on a Windows machine as wel
[17:08:57] maetthew: Never heard of mtr
[17:09:40] maetthew: Well, that seems to solve my problem :P
[17:11:27] maetthew: pontiki: I just had a quick glance, but I just wanted a small quick tool to monitor my internet connection on my Windows dekstop.


[11:50:57] maetthew: hackeron: Not sure if theres a Ruby way but you could execute system command `df` to find out which disks are mounted on your system
[11:52:03] maetthew: yeah it is kind of an ugly hack
[11:52:54] maetthew: is it an internal drive?
[11:53:29] maetthew: so you want to see it wether it's mounted or not, right?