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[19:07:02] majuscule: how would one go about creating a rubygems mirror for version control?


[18:50:10] majuscule: *.net *.split


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[23:21:54] majuscule: any ideas on a cleaner way of doing combinations than this? %w(b c d e).map{ |d| "sd#{d}" }
[23:22:20] majuscule: (i think this example is short enough to write out, but for sake of discussion)
[23:23:51] majuscule: ahh nice :-)
[23:24:01] majuscule: that's actually perfect for me, thanks.
[23:24:41] majuscule: or erm, not quite, but w/e, it's cool


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[21:04:20] majuscule: that's not a question!


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[19:15:36] majuscule: bundler is telling me it can't find Chef, but I see chef (12.8.1 ruby universal-mingw32, 12.3.0 x86-mingw32) with `gem search chef`
[19:15:40] majuscule: what might i be doing wrong?
[19:15:50] majuscule: chef*, no capital
[19:17:16] majuscule: norc: 'chef' is in my gemfile, that's the point? i think i'm confused
[19:19:09] majuscule: norc:
[19:19:16] majuscule: bundler install --path vendor/bundle
[19:20:07] majuscule: Could not find gem 'chef' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile or available on this machine.
[19:21:37] majuscule: gizmore: it is:
[19:22:24] majuscule: fwiw this is using rvm and ruby 2.3.0p0
[19:22:33] majuscule: gizmore: the entire gemfile is that paste
[19:23:13] majuscule: which bundle gives ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.0/bin/bundle
[19:23:28] majuscule: ruby 2.3.0p0
[19:24:32] majuscule: norc: one odd thing i noticed - when i do this from another project, i see it saying Fetching gem metadata from etc
[19:24:41] majuscule: it does not do that here, it just immediately errors
[19:26:26] majuscule: norc: .rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.0/gems/bundler-1.11.2 and .rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.0/bin/bundle ?
[19:27:25] majuscule: norc: i've tried that :-( no change
[19:27:32] majuscule: rm'd the gemfile.lock too
[19:27:49] majuscule: erm, actually the lock file never was created in the first place as it keeps failing
[19:28:43] majuscule: norc: holy shit wait i think i figured it out
[19:28:57] majuscule: norc: bundle install works, bundler install doesn't
[19:29:02] majuscule: i didn't realize they were even different things
[19:31:36] majuscule: norc: bundler{,r} --help give the exact same man page...
[19:36:35] majuscule: norc: they are both ruby_executable_hooks script text executable .rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.0/bin/bundle{,r}
[19:37:02] majuscule: which are identical except one does load Gem.bin_path('bundler', 'bundler', version)
[19:37:06] majuscule: and the other loads bundle...
[19:37:28] majuscule: except one works and one doesn't :D
[19:37:46] majuscule: i believe it
[19:38:21] majuscule: haha, i have no affiliation. just trying to get a setup working
[19:38:26] majuscule: i'd heard of rvm in the past
[19:38:46] majuscule: thought it might help another dev who's osx el capitan ruby install is broken
[19:43:24] majuscule: how can i pass some build instructions to a gem i'm trying to install into vendor/bundle?
[19:43:43] majuscule: aka i need --use-system-libraries etc to build nokogiri
[19:43:57] majuscule: which is fine to install on it's own, but fails through bundler
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[21:52:26] majuscule: can someone give me super simple explanation of the difference between foo[:bar] and foo['bar']? it's driving me crazy. or a link to some good documentation would be cool too :-)
[21:53:12] majuscule: the first is a string, the second is an index
[21:54:11] majuscule: ahh sorry, that's essentially what i meant, the key in the first is a string, the second is an integer, and generally numerical keys are indexes
[21:55:12] majuscule: ahh okay. that makes sense.
[21:55:23] majuscule: and is there generally a reason to choose one over the other when defining a hash?
[21:56:33] majuscule: interesting


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[19:50:55] majuscule: how can i use a hash in an erb template?
[19:52:18] majuscule: ahh you just need to use :key instead of 'key'
[20:17:37] majuscule: How can I use .map(&method:foo), where foo is a method of the objects being mapped over?
[20:18:27] majuscule: ahh perfect
[20:48:24] majuscule: how can i force a hash to be created from a mapped array? aka, this_should_be_a_hash = [1,2].map do |i| Hash[ a => 1 ] end'
[20:50:59] majuscule: Radar:
[20:51:42] majuscule: i am realizing why that's dumb though :-)
[20:53:03] majuscule: ooo super cool


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[20:15:20] majuscule: I'm trying to figure out how to generate a prepopulated array and make a call on it, and am confused by (1..32).join(', ') giving NoMethodError: undefined method `join' for 1..32:Range
[20:15:31] majuscule: how do i turn the range into an array?
[20:16:39] majuscule: thanks Papierkorb
[20:19:54] majuscule: Ox0dea : quite.
[20:21:39] majuscule: true, but as i showed above, i need to call join on it, i'm using it to construct a string