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[20:34:15] makerops: I am doing something stupid.
[20:34:26] makerops: I have the capistrano gem installed, I am running irb
[20:34:36] makerops: I do "require 'capistrano'
[20:35:02] makerops: I get returned true, but when I call Capistrano, I get uninitilizaed constant
[20:35:15] makerops: and I can't see why...
[20:35:40] makerops: Gem::Specification.all().map{|g| [, g.version.to_s] via IRB shows it installed
[20:39:37] makerops: I ddint realize it upgraded my gem
[20:39:40] makerops: wasn't like that in 2
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[17:44:56] makerops: does anyone happen to know how to turn off various header settings w/ the faraday gem?
[17:45:01] makerops: I think Accept-Encoding is causing me problems
[17:56:19] makerops:
[17:56:35] makerops: Im trying to get farday to call an API, I can get it to work via curl
[17:56:59] makerops: but faraday doesnt, and other than some header info, the requests are close to being the asme
[17:57:10] makerops: anyone spot anything obvious Im missing?
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[17:38:55] makerops: how do I change application/xm in rest-client?
[17:39:32] makerops: I tried content_type, accept, default_headers, but it keeps sending application/xml
[17:54:01] makerops: yeah, I tried overriding it in the headers, but I think the default acccfept is getting precedence when apache processes the request
[17:54:08] makerops: im on rest-client 2.0.2
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[18:44:22] makerops: is there anyway to remove the Accept-Encoding header from rest-client"
[18:44:33] makerops: the server Im sending it to, doesn't seem to like it
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[23:45:33] makerops: as a person who lives and breathes systems/operations etc
[23:45:39] makerops: heroku is awesome
[23:48:47] makerops: why do you hate heroku?
[23:48:54] makerops: hte workflow is awesome, it's rock solid
[23:50:27] makerops: overpriced is relative
[23:50:51] makerops: i mean, if people are paying for it, it's by definition not overpriced, but i get what you are saying
[23:52:31] makerops: Arcaire, if people are willing to pay for it, and it makes sense from a business standpoint, it's not overpriced imo
[23:53:24] makerops: Arcaire, on the other hand, Im not sure id find heroku as impressive, if i couldnt do the "ops" stuff in my sleep
[23:53:50] makerops: knowing how the sausage is made etc....


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[21:41:38] makerops: you are calling .save somwhere probably
[21:41:45] makerops: somewhere you shouldn't be
[21:42:41] makerops: durexlw, i agree
[21:42:52] makerops: 90% of the time ive run into that's been that
[21:45:17] makerops: it's something to do with spring fwiw
[21:45:52] makerops: for what it's worth
[21:45:56] makerops: at least i think
[21:47:55] makerops: beingjohnm, i idle i here
[21:48:08] makerops: don't chat much though, unless im really bored
[21:53:45] makerops: georgedrummond, i have an IFTTT recipe setup to scan craigslist for some local major cities
[21:54:25] makerops: post the header


[23:16:26] makerops: i8igmac, what OS?
[23:16:52] makerops: i8igmac, strace it


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[02:18:46] makerops: greghoggard, did you resave the record?


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[16:17:26] makerops: in a SOA collection of apps, is it stupid to have "end user" apps, authenticate against the same mechanism as the Apps in the service?
[16:18:27] makerops: ie, I want end users to be able to write command line clines for the app, but I also want a Web front end for them to sign up and pay
[16:22:57] makerops: tubbo: there will be very little where the requirements don't overlap
[16:23:18] makerops: ie, the only thing I can see differing is stuff that relates to monthly plans etc
[16:23:46] makerops: basically, I was going to use rails 5.0, --api, with doorkeeper/devise, and setup namespaces for admin, public
[16:24:37] makerops: all the other apps that I create will use the admin namespaces, and then I'll reduce the functionality exposed in the API via public
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[00:04:27] makerops: how would you guys design a service oriented system, that has an API, some servies, and a command line client a user can use?
[00:05:02] makerops: i was thinking about adapting this
[00:05:21] makerops: the command line client, and the end users client, i was hoping to be able to sue the same api
[00:07:02] makerops: Sypheren, you can refresh just 1 element fwiw
[00:07:47] makerops: Sypheren, I don't know javascript that well, ive never had a problem writing rails
[00:08:21] makerops: Sypheren, you aren't doing real time content
[00:08:39] makerops: i may need to do refresh information etc
[00:14:42] makerops: I just started a rails 5 project
[00:14:54] makerops: for the --api option
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[18:22:02] makerops: *.net *.split
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[18:18:15] makerops: Signum, add an initialize method, to handle that
[18:29:45] makerops:


[23:28:17] makerops: MrPunkin, i would say so
[23:28:28] makerops: ie, passing a user to a mailer is standard
[23:28:53] makerops: but, if I can reuse the "find_by_launch_date" method
[23:28:55] makerops: then id put it there
[23:29:05] makerops: something like that, seems like it'd be handy to live in the model


[00:25:18] makerops: dending on how it's coded


[02:13:41] makerops: why did hartl's tut jump the shark?


[22:30:48] makerops: do a rake -T
[22:30:57] makerops: should show rake job:work


[23:32:44] makerops: using foreman, and setting up a .env file, I am calling foreman run rails c
[23:33:00] makerops: if I call ENV['VAR'], the correct value is returned
[23:33:16] makerops: but if I reference ENV['VAR'] in development.rb, it is nil
[23:33:32] makerops: ie, I have an actionmailer block setup, and call smtp_settings, and the user/pass is nil
[23:33:41] makerops: do i need to do something special, to intialize that properly?
[23:43:02] makerops: nah, dotenv gem
[23:45:07] makerops: PacoSinbad, restart your dev server
[23:45:25] makerops: more than likely you have a route messed up that propogated to prod, but not in dev
[23:45:48] makerops: the "odd" broken url leads me to that conclusoin
[23:46:30] makerops: PacoSinbad, did that do it?
[23:50:34] makerops: dnewkerk, seperate repo


[02:38:25] makerops:


[02:03:04] makerops: ackpacket, i use that convention
[02:03:12] makerops: no, it wont
[02:03:31] makerops: rails g AddFieldsToProjects name:string
[02:03:36] makerops: will just add a name column


[22:26:52] makerops: product.images.where(name: "filename")
[22:27:26] makerops: we havent told you our rates though
[22:28:07] makerops: donate it to the EFF


[15:51:46] makerops: does guard run tests when rb files are saved by default?
[15:51:55] makerops: it's only auto running when I edit something in spec/
[15:54:56] makerops: when i edit something in lib/, i can see " Start interactor
[15:55:03] makerops: it responds, it just doesnt run the actual rspec
[15:55:06] makerops: when i edit an rspec, it runs
[15:56:37] makerops:
[15:56:46] makerops: thats my guard file, it's not a rails app (it's a gem)
[15:56:57] makerops: but I have a spec, and a lib'
[15:57:52] makerops: the debug gives me "Start interactor"


[18:56:18] makerops: dman777, no
[18:56:23] makerops: well..probably not
[18:56:31] makerops: unless you are running that on the remote host directly


[17:32:50] makerops: dllama, did you start the workers?


[20:08:51] makerops: anyone use sublime?
[20:09:34] makerops: I want to get some kind of automatic build/testing system setup with with it, was curious if anyone had any recommendations


[15:50:00] makerops: ive been using rvm for so long
[15:50:07] makerops: is it worth exploring another way to manage ruby?
[15:50:34] makerops: I just wiped my workstation, and have to setup everything again
[15:50:44] makerops: bored/productivity etc
[15:51:01] makerops: cool, I never had any problems
[15:51:17] makerops: just wanted to see what the best practices were in that regard, or whether it was just a personal choice
[15:51:35] makerops: rushed, heh cool
[18:46:37] makerops: correction babyboomers use perl a lot...
[20:10:08] makerops: 1.5 hours a week doesnt seem like enough time to get much done
[20:10:30] makerops: or at least in any time period that will make you any real gains
[20:10:42] makerops: you are better off reading something like "how to win friends and influence people"
[20:11:02] makerops: for professional development i mean
[20:11:22] makerops: pghale, I budget 1.5 hours/night
[20:11:34] makerops: mon, tues, thur, friday, sat
[20:12:00] makerops: it also just depends on what your goals are
[20:12:18] makerops: i should not have given you any advice without asking you about what your goal sare
[20:13:35] makerops: pghale, it is kind of like working out, in that the longer you do it, the harder it is to make gains and the more time you must spend to keep progressing
[20:13:39] makerops: at least imo
[20:15:19] makerops: my last couple 9-5's where actual 9-5s
[20:16:16] makerops: yeah, I agree, I dont realyl consider that "work"
[20:16:36] makerops: I'd do that for myself, whether I was employed or not
[20:17:33] makerops: tubbo, that's not "jobs" though
[20:17:35] makerops: thats diversification
[20:18:40] makerops: anyways, pghale I always make the biggest strides by just reading and doing as much as I think is humanly possible
[20:18:51] makerops: then get burnt out, and take time off
[20:19:13] makerops: then come back, and when I come back, it's usually a lot of progress
[20:22:13] makerops: JyZyXEL, what are :order :reverse?
[20:22:23] makerops: it looks like you shoul dbe able to create a method for the model
[20:22:42] makerops: that returns a bool


[02:39:47] makerops: whats the proper way to build an association in an after_create call, in a has_one relationship?
[02:40:50] makerops: after_create build_profile, what actually save the profile will it?
[02:59:09] makerops: can :manage, Profile, approved: true, user_id:
[02:59:30] makerops: would I be able to view a profile in cancancan if either of those above conditions are false?


[01:03:00] makerops: does it violate MVC to call a before_save :example_method(request.remote_ip)?
[01:05:46] makerops: kindle hd 8.9, its hit or miss for me
[01:08:47] makerops: is it considered wrong to pass arguments in a before_save?
[01:10:56] makerops: sevenseacat, so if i want to update an attribute everytime the model is saved, is there a good way to do it?
[01:11:06] makerops: other than just call it explicitly within a controller?
[01:12:21] makerops: sevenseacat, just theory, kind of, but say i have a model for a note
[01:12:50] makerops: and every time a user updates the note, i want to update note.ipaddress with the users' ip
[01:15:44] makerops: sevenseacat, so for a really simple example, it may just be easer to do @note.ip = before every save?
[01:16:07] makerops: update, in the Notes controller


[14:37:50] makerops: hi, whats the best way to do something like bitly in rails, so that your routes dont get overridden when the incoming url is
[15:44:42] makerops:\
[15:44:45] makerops:
[15:45:14] makerops: is it possible to match the other controllers first, and then default to the last case?


[15:28:51] makerops: does anyone freelance on odesk?
[15:29:19] makerops: their support sucks, and im having a problem with job app quotas, was curious if anyone could help


[15:37:27] makerops: Fire-Dragon-DoL, yes
[15:37:38] makerops: :if => something
[23:36:55] makerops: the id is returned on a create/save
[23:38:05] makerops: jxport, define incomplete
[23:38:28] makerops: and pre-query*
[23:39:59] makerops: jxport, the query should be complete by the time you save/create it in most cases
[23:41:02] makerops: jxport, why do you need to referenc the ID though?


[04:19:40] makerops: hyperlight, how is your databse setup?
[04:22:27] makerops: hyperlight, there is something up with User::Bid
[04:22:30] makerops: why is it looking for that?
[04:22:42] makerops: is this in a module or something?


[21:44:58] makerops: you dont want to use devise for that, look into rolify
[21:45:51] makerops: they all do differen things
[21:46:04] makerops: check out pundit rather than cancan though
[21:47:52] makerops: ask in the chan
[21:49:28] makerops: or call
[21:50:36] makerops: pipework, sorry
[21:50:50] makerops: he may have meant create a new instance of a model


[00:33:47] makerops: im having some trouble, i have everything working, but the dashboard_controller before_filter keeps saying Im not logged in
[00:34:11] makerops: can i login, as the account_owner and still get the dash, or do i need to just be a normal user?
[00:38:35] makerops: i actually am going to go ahead and integrate devise


[00:04:09] makerops: zcreative, im not an expert etc, but from what i can tell, if you are going to reuse it, yes
[00:04:25] makerops: im in the process of builidng an extensive engine myself


[23:12:45] makerops: but i just added a helper, setup_profile
[23:13:03] makerops: and checked for blank? on any attributes that werent setup
[23:13:32] makerops: || setup_profile