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[19:33:26] matt_d: Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm using webpacker and activestorage. Active storage is working just fine. However, I have addEventListener("direct-uploads:end") in a loaded javascript file, however it is not firing. I see it registered in Firefox's inspector, but it is not firing. I am obviosuly missing something, any direction would be appreciated!


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[21:23:19] matt_d: Does anyone have an idea on when ConFreaks will post the RailsConf 2018 vids?


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[22:12:43] matt_d: Amras0000: go for it!! welcome to rails.


[14:53:30] matt_d: hi agent_white


[05:46:07] matt_d: roelof: do you want to accept only validated, error free JSON before saving it to persistent storage?
[05:53:16] matt_d: roelof: the json-schema does what you're looking for. if i understand your issue.


[21:08:35] matt_d: leea: whichever makes you more productive.
[21:10:55] matt_d: SJW spotted
[21:12:04] matt_d: leea: try as many as you can.
[21:19:07] matt_d: Darmani: sorry, I was too busy walking around stressed out after seeing you being attacked by an SJW policy. Yeah, let me take a look.
[21:27:42] matt_d: lupine: it's out of control.
[21:37:57] matt_d: baweaver: it's cool, but thanks.
[21:42:03] matt_d: Darmani: any time. welcome to rails
[21:43:46] matt_d: Darmani: my mistake.
[22:02:40] matt_d: isberg: thor, commander ?




[05:35:23] matt_d: hi indianowl
[05:41:07] matt_d: indianowl: did you not paste all the contents of your code? a lot appears to be missing. could you please use gist when you paste the complete code?
[05:43:07] matt_d: indianowl: thats why gist is a lot easier
[05:43:23] matt_d: indianowl:
[05:47:22] matt_d: gist allows you to post multiple files, so you don't have to paste a mess like that hehe
[05:47:34] matt_d: for one, you have no class definition for your controller
[05:47:38] matt_d: or did you leave that out?


[05:34:12] matt_d: quazimod1: shoot


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[05:40:39] matt_d: sorryiamnew: just about :)


[04:45:37] matt_d: JFlash: Radar is very much real.
[04:46:13] matt_d: Radar: ha!
[06:16:22] matt_d: craysiii: perhaps bundler is not being invoked with any production env vars set, your gemfile has the rails_12factor gem under the production group
[06:21:57] matt_d: craysiii: true, i think i glanced at your error too quickly. if the error is coming from the bundle command: Could not find gem
[06:22:13] matt_d: 'rails_12factor' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile
[06:22:27] matt_d: then it seems that your produciton group is being run
[06:25:50] matt_d: craysiii: rightfully so. i haven't used jenkins ci, so not sure what might be going on with JCI..
[06:26:57] matt_d: craysiii: is this your first project with Jenkins CI?
[06:27:46] matt_d: craysiii: i was just going to ask how you like jenkins ci, but i don't think you're too impressed, yet :)
[06:28:24] matt_d: craysiii: well you haven't been able to really use it yet
[06:35:15] matt_d: FLeiXiuS: sevenseacat is trying to help you. it'll only help to answer the question(s).


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[05:40:03] matt_d: roamingdog: it was like vedu was ignoring you the whole time
[05:42:11] matt_d: vedu: hehe just having some fun is all.


[04:45:39] matt_d: hi rvanlieshout
[04:49:19] matt_d: hi drusepth
[04:49:57] matt_d: drusepth: so, what is your activerecord question?
[04:53:37] matt_d: zacts: never heard of it
[04:53:58] matt_d: doesn't mean its not any good though
[05:04:47] matt_d: zacts: in my opinion, I think defining the relationship though a another model is better, perhaps a Relationship model?
[05:05:28] matt_d: zacts: within that model you can have: belongs_to :person and belongs_to :sibling
[05:05:40] matt_d: zacts: i'm not saying thats the correct way, just one way.
[05:07:41] matt_d: i'm sorry, that was meant for you drusepth_
[05:08:22] matt_d: drusepth_: talking to several people at once, while sleepy. i can confuse myself quite easy this way :P
[05:10:59] matt_d: drusepth_: i guess this is why it's hard to articulate opinions; what is the abstract of your data model? One Peron model that can have siblings, children, cousins, aunts, uncles ?
[05:11:23] matt_d: *hard to articulate without all the info :P man, i'm tired ...
[05:17:02] matt_d: drusepth_: oh, so siblings are other characters (records) within the game?
[05:19:13] matt_d: drusepth_: i see. you can use a has_and_belongs_to_many association
[05:20:36] matt_d: drusepth_: yes, thats how it would work.
[05:26:50] matt_d: drusepth_: if you need some help, i can post something to your gist in a minute.
[05:32:13] matt_d: drusepth_: cool.
[05:39:06] matt_d: arup_r: just getting to your question, hold one second.
[05:48:46] matt_d: arup_r: ah, you have a shoulda-matcher question
[05:49:07] matt_d: arup_r: yeah, as is for a custom serializer does your test pass without as ?
[05:51:15] matt_d: arup_r: and you're right the documentation section of the code doesn't address otherwise. but looking at the code, SerializeMatcher does ensure the attribute is serialized.
[05:52:43] matt_d: but, just not checking the type, which is what you're interested in
[05:57:02] matt_d: arup_r: yup, i hate that. my new m.o. is to shed as many dependencies as i can (like shoulda). its been more work here and there, but has been fun in its own fit :)
[06:00:20] matt_d: kareeoleez: think of an engine as a "mini application" that provides some type of functionality to your application. running system commands might be outisde the scope of an engine. keeping the system command functions within a module or class might be the best bet. but then again, i don't know what the abstract of your application is.
[06:00:54] matt_d: kareeoleez: an activejob might be a better bet, more info is needed perhaps to give you a better consultation.
[06:01:16] matt_d: arup_r: i feel for ya! 400+!!!
[06:03:40] matt_d: arup_r: i hated that crap. i left the industry becuase of that years and years ago to get into something else. well, i guess i'm still in it part-time working on jobs -- on my own time, my terms :)
[06:06:21] matt_d: kareeoleez: and thats all you want your rails app to do, is setup a system by executing those commands?
[06:06:33] matt_d: arup_r: man, i feel old now :) hehe
[06:07:21] matt_d: kareeoleez: why use rails at all then?
[06:07:36] matt_d: kareeoleez: you can juse use ruby
[06:07:45] matt_d: kareeoleez: or better yet, Chef :)
[06:07:58] matt_d: kareeoleez: oh, okay, i see.
[06:08:37] matt_d: kareeoleez: no, i get it now. i actually love to see rails being used for non conventional use cases.
[06:10:31] matt_d: arup_r: cool. i left the software company i was working for at the time in 2002 to go into law. but i never stopped programming, so with my contacts i still make some $ on the side doing something i love to do.
[06:11:01] matt_d: kareeoleez: no, i don't. an engine is just another rails app within a rails app
[06:12:50] matt_d: kareeoleez: think of a gem as a software lib, but a gem could also contain an engine
[06:15:29] matt_d: kareeoleez: are you creating an application only you will be using?
[06:17:14] matt_d: kareeoleez: i just saw your message about wanting to seperate the web app with the system manipulation methods; yes creating gems would make this much easier to accomplish this.
[06:19:06] matt_d: kareeoleez: have you checked out chef (chef-solo)? might help you from doing more work and keep your concerns seperated between your web app and system code
[06:20:17] matt_d: kareeoleez: understood :)
[06:22:17] matt_d: dbugger: are you attempting #t outside of views?
[06:22:51] matt_d: dbugger: which rails version?
[06:26:44] matt_d: dbugger: erb, haml, etc
[06:27:03] matt_d: kareeoleez: yes, of course you can.
[06:28:42] matt_d: kaspergrubbe: in your gemfile: gem "deployment_commands", path: "/home/matt/private_gems/deployment_commands"
[07:53:54] matt_d: baweaver: same goes for Java, perl, lisp, The-Cs ..
[07:55:10] matt_d: baweaver: that would be just punishment
[07:56:02] matt_d: shibly: really no need to get that low....
[07:58:18] matt_d: Good ol' cobol, I remember you :)
[07:59:42] matt_d: baweaver: yup, it's still alive and well.
[08:00:30] matt_d: shibly: RefineryCMS? I've not used it, but it looks like some good work.
[08:01:50] matt_d: baweaver: yeah, I've not touched it since 2002 or so. you'll still find it on z/OS systems.
[08:06:13] matt_d: baweaver: hey, we're neighbors!
[08:07:57] matt_d: cool, nite. my daughter is sick, so who knows when I'll get to sleep. nite.
[08:10:09] matt_d: thanks :P
[18:51:41] matt_d: roelof: do you want some of that content to be dynamic?
[18:52:19] matt_d: roelof: just insert an "erb" tag: <%= @my_var %>
[18:53:42] matt_d: roelof: oh.. rails provides an image helper if you'd like: <%= image_tag "image.png" %>
[18:54:51] matt_d: roelof: yes: link_to some_path do\n image_tag "logo.png", class: "logo"\n end <-- encapsulated within correct "erb" tags of course
[18:56:02] matt_d: roelof: you already do know :)
[18:57:54] matt_d: roelof: no, you need link_to some_path do within its own tag, then nest image_tag and then close them up
[18:58:08] matt_d: roelof:
[19:00:02] matt_d: roelof: any time
[19:06:17] matt_d: roelof: not sure, don't use it. have you checked the command line options?
[23:45:47] matt_d: hi hypnosb


[05:09:30] matt_d: shibly: I don't think 'ruby' works for cygwin platforms.
[05:10:20] matt_d: shibly: i could be wrong, I don't work with windows much.
[05:14:03] matt_d: shibly: and i'm talking about 'ruby' as a platform definition. i think it should be 'mri' for cygwin platforms. again, i could be wrong.


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[06:33:44] matt_d: Arcaire: lol
[06:47:38] matt_d: Edward_: quite the broad question :) perhaps start looking at the diff of the two commits and see what has changed
[06:56:11] matt_d: Edward_: do you know what file you want to look at?
[06:56:21] matt_d: Edward_: or, investigate?
[06:58:54] matt_d: Edward_: you want to compare a feature branch with master branch?
[06:59:49] matt_d: Edward_: so, for exmaple. right now i'm working on a branch called matt-allowed-networks. if i want to compare current changes to master i can: git diff master matt-allowed-networks
[07:05:20] matt_d: AimlessRaven: you can use the form_tag helper and map it to your contact_send route.
[07:09:18] matt_d: AimlessRaven: form_tag(your_route_path, method: "POST")


[01:15:04] matt_d: Naveen: you want to parse json living in a HAML document?
[01:16:58] matt_d: Doh, too distracted he already left.


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[00:57:25] matt_d: Radar: congrats


[06:20:51] matt_d: Abhijit: i wouldn't know
[06:22:43] matt_d: delgiudices: hello
[06:24:01] matt_d: delgiudices: ha, "bootcamp"
[06:25:11] matt_d: ACTION went through an employment bootcamp, it was called the military :)
[06:35:14] matt_d: delgiudices: good luck
[07:17:23] matt_d: p1k: check out ActiveRecord::AttributeMethods::Serialization::ClassMethods
[07:18:49] matt_d: p1k: serialize takes the column name and the serializer. replace the serializer with your custom one.
[07:19:43] matt_d: p1k: If I recall correctly your serializer needs the following class methods: load and dump
[07:32:02] matt_d: p1k: sorry, was away. you can call serialize on multiple columns
[07:32:41] matt_d: p1k: i think, i may be wrong... let me check
[07:34:39] matt_d: p1k: yeah you can call on multiple collumns
[16:20:32] matt_d: jamey-uk: nope, sorry.
[16:29:48] matt_d: mices: doesn't look like enough info to help debug the issue. also, apeiros is right. move that over to your controller.


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[06:08:07] matt_d: trifling-jest: need a little more info; to which prompt are you referring?
[06:09:01] matt_d: trifling-jest: when you say 'current branch,' i'm assuming zsh with oh-my-zsh? :)
[06:17:50] matt_d: trifling-jest: it appears you have any color codes in your PS1 variable, if you followed that tutorial
[06:18:00] matt_d: *don't have any
[06:18:23] matt_d: trifling-jest: add color codes
[06:25:14] matt_d: trifling-jest: too much to explain in here. check out:
[06:25:44] matt_d: trifling-jest: when you look at your .bash_profile, you'll see that you have no color escape codes in your PS1 variable.
[06:26:01] matt_d: trifling-jest: customize away
[06:27:11] matt_d: trifling-jest: it's more of an example and chart of colors you can use
[06:29:21] matt_d: trifling-jest: you're just adding "escape codes." think of it kind of like an open html tag setting a color.
[15:32:25] matt_d: hi gnufied


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[00:00:36] matt_d: bruce_lee: then use rvm, rbenv, chruby, docker
[00:01:26] matt_d: bruce_lee: actually, i'm an idiot.. haha.. after intalling them gem you can rails _2.3.18_ rails
[00:01:37] matt_d: bruce_lee: i was thinking ruby for some reason
[00:02:31] matt_d: bruce_lee: errr. sorry, i'm really preoccupied: rails _2.3.18_ new <project_name>
[00:02:35] matt_d: bruce_lee: should work.
[00:04:28] matt_d: bruce_lee: at least it does with newer versions. let me know.
[00:09:11] matt_d: bruce_lee: I just tried, it looks like when you answer "N," it stops installing them gem versions.


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[23:48:55] matt_d: car54: where are you?
[23:50:31] matt_d: car54: wb
[23:54:57] matt_d: hey bruce_lee
[23:58:44] matt_d: bruce_lee: never seen that message, which OS are you using?
[23:58:57] matt_d: bruce_lee: sounds like you told it not to install rails 2.3.18


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[23:07:39] matt_d: hi private-butts
[23:37:45] matt_d: StaticVoid: For text fields, etc?


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[20:41:47] matt_d: DiCablo: good afternoon
[20:45:54] matt_d: VeryBewitching: yo
[22:22:11] matt_d: pcpanic: if you're going to send a lot, i'd recommend doing it in a background job.
[22:25:28] matt_d: pcpanic: your question is too general. are you asking if rails is designed to send more than one at a time?
[22:29:46] matt_d: pcpanic: have you checked the logs? did you reach your gmail 500 e-mail sending limit already?
[22:31:17] matt_d: pcpanic: how many e-mails did you send today from that gmail account? I think there is a 500/day limit. 1000 for app customers.
[22:34:55] matt_d: pcpanic: ActionMailer::Base.logger
[22:35:43] matt_d: pcpanic: i'd walk you though, but i'm a bit busy with other things :P


[20:38:01] matt_d: gavit: is it? i don't feel that way.


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[14:56:34] matt_d: Yo michael_mbp


[19:45:39] matt_d: mastyd: You need to try and determine how many connections your app may make to your RDS. Heroku actually has a good article regarding pool size and Puma:
[19:49:53] matt_d: mastyd: I spun up a RDS... If you goto param groups, you can create a new group. There, you can modify the max_connections param if you would like.
[19:53:09] matt_d: mastyd: thats how aws is calcuating the default value.
[19:54:09] matt_d: DBInstanceClassMemory returns how many bytes of memory the instance has..
[19:54:19] matt_d: mastyd so if you can change it to a solid number if you wish.
[20:02:52] matt_d: mastyd: so each rails process contains its own connection pool for threads. each proccess shouldn't exceed the connection pool number set.
[20:03:03] matt_d: mastyd: sorry if i don't make sense, trying to do five things at the same time.