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[22:00:34] miah: tuf work?
[22:24:52] miah: openbsd has good code quality


[20:35:56] miah: include Enumerable
[20:36:51] miah: https://ruby-doc.org/core-2.6.3/Enumerable.html


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[21:26:12] miah: _discuss_
[21:43:53] miah: https://github.com/tupl-tufts/rdl
[21:44:03] miah: zenspider told me about that one


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[22:08:32] miah: nil? is typically a smell


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[18:20:12] miah: i am excited for movies. its been a week(tm)
[18:20:47] miah: i dont mind that you all know im excited for movies, and that its been a week but that was meant for another channel <3


[20:15:01] miah: little bop beep


[18:58:34] miah: well, if you do squash and there isn't a good top level comment on the changes you might lose some details in your git log
[18:59:21] miah: i tend to rebase and squash before i push my branch so i dont have 150 individual commits and i ensure there is a good top level comment detailing my changes
[18:59:39] miah: and then my project does squash on merge requests so we dont lose much


[17:35:58] miah: all i saw was hunter2


[20:47:13] miah: nice little microblogging site about software dev


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[19:24:14] miah: this is ruby on train https://github.com/inspec/train
[19:25:25] miah: also what if you do a Sinatra rather than a Rails? does all this sillyness still apply?


[16:46:43] miah: probably take a few days to process them all and get online. give it a week or two


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[21:45:25] miah: barg: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFB_protocol


[19:07:03] miah: \msg zenspider welcome to the team =)
[19:07:41] miah: all you saw was hunter2 right?
[19:09:38] miah: ACTION watches the tumbleweeds in here
[19:16:19] miah: by huge you mean asterisks right?
[20:36:46] miah: awesome. glad you're making all the rounds on the conference circuit this year =)


[19:41:41] miah: Iarfen: somewhere in your code, near the area you want to debug you need to add 'byebug' when ruby hits that method the console appears. its going to be in the same terminal as you started your application from.
[19:42:11] miah: https://github.com/deivid-rodriguez/byebug#from-within-the-ruby-code


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[19:29:36] miah: also check out exercism.io


[22:44:04] miah: any of you use neovim / deoplete? i'm curious what you use for a ruby completetion source
[23:13:50] miah: there are no user management tools in posix afaik. https://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/contents.html
[23:15:41] miah: newgrp is in there. maybe there is another list
[23:17:54] miah: amazing how varied it is http://bhami.com/rosetta.html
[23:21:35] miah: ya im confused at that too lol
[23:24:04] miah: been there done that (and i work for chef)
[23:24:35] miah: mostly im confused that there is no su or equivilent in there, but we have newgrp.
[23:25:36] miah: possibly related to how people used the systems previously compared to now, more group usage probably. i dont see very complex groups anymore
[23:26:03] miah: but ive never really "used" newgrp either, just good group permissions


[00:01:40] miah: yes, but i avoid system ruby
[00:02:26] miah: reruning the xcode enable shouldnt make things any worse and it may resolve your issue
[00:11:35] miah: this seems familiar https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll/issues/7274
[00:12:16] miah: same error you're getting
[00:13:25] miah: fwiw i use chruby / ruby-install and avoid the system ruby because apple always messes it up in some way


[23:43:19] miah: is there a Makefile in your directory? make isn't really related to ruby in any way.
[23:46:59] miah: are you trying to build ruby?
[23:47:40] miah: do you have xcode installed and activated?
[23:48:23] miah: (as it looks like you're using the system ruby and its going to rely on the xcode dev kit stuff)
[23:52:04] miah: have you updated osx recently?
[23:54:46] miah: you have to re-do the xcode stuff every time you update macos


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[19:55:19] miah: i just put webbrick / puma whatever behind haproxy and only route the dynamic requests to that endpoint. putting it behing apache just adds another layer that isnt helpful
[19:55:37] miah: one haproxy that knows about all your rails endpoints will get amaze performance
[19:55:53] miah: and you can better distribute the load and handle failures.
[19:56:40] miah: https://www.amazon.com/Art-Capacity-Planning-Scaling-Resources/dp/0596518579 is really great if you want to learn all about building stable web sites =)
[19:57:03] miah: sadly its really common to have like 'load balancer -> apache -> rails' rather than 'load balancer -> rails'
[19:57:34] miah: and you can swap apache/nginx in most scenarios. its just another layer of indirection where requests can get lost and tied up waiting for your rails backend to process.
[19:57:45] miah: rather than letting haproxy route things to available rails endpoints
[19:58:02] miah: i'll shush now, i can rant about this for hours because ive seen it so many times and it frustrates me to no end


[20:01:31] miah: if 'bundle exec rubocop' doesnt work.. is rubocop in your Gemfile?
[20:01:40] miah: (or your gemspec)
[20:02:38] miah: rubocop working without bundler means its in your system rubygems installation, when you 'bundle exec' its trying to execute from your bundle stash, and if rubocop wasn't in that list its not going to work
[20:04:26] miah: and similarly if the :development group is `optional: true` you'll end up in a similar scenario
[20:07:43] miah: do you have a paste of the error?
[20:07:52] miah: preferably gist it
[20:11:35] miah: good call
[20:23:36] miah: or somebody else did in the past



[20:00:31] miah: i use mixlib-cli
[20:00:41] miah: https://github.com/chef/mixlib-cli
[20:01:12] miah: and uh. there is mixlib-command or something let me see. (we have a bunch of these)
[20:02:54] miah: mixlib-shellout thats it =) https://github.com/chef/mixlib-shellout
[20:03:17] miah: lots of useful helpers around command execution


[01:14:23] miah: things are thing
[18:55:11] miah: windows has chocolatey, which is like brew
[18:56:01] miah: eh, i'd rather not get into OS Holy War in this channel, take it to #ruby-offtopic please
[18:57:12] miah: ive done ruby dev on windows even, it works
[18:57:47] miah: i used https://rubyinstaller.org/ and vim for windows
[18:58:36] miah: but often, because of work i use chefdk + my product which is all bundled together https://downloads.chef.io/inspec/stable/3.6.6#windows
[18:59:23] miah: ya vagrant is solid
[18:59:32] miah: i use that a lot for integration testing
[19:00:00] miah: https://kitchen.ci/ that
[19:00:10] miah: and i use a plugin to run it all through docker (kitchen-dokken)
[19:00:24] miah: but often i'll use virtualbox integration because i want to test on like BSD
[19:01:26] miah: test-kitchen works with a bunch of different backends
[19:01:56] miah: like you can spin up nodes in aws/azure/docker/etc
[19:02:08] miah: https://kitchen.ci/docs/drivers/


[22:57:11] miah: you can always use Time#strftime for things like that
[23:01:09] miah: Time.now


[22:58:45] miah: ive had two of these for a few years and i <3 them https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=188


[20:10:27] miah: afternoon =)
[20:12:01] miah: ya they are probably fine
[20:15:55] miah: no idea, i have never used mint. you might find better answers for mint questions in a mint channel
[20:16:20] miah: but as far as setting up a basic ruby / rails environment that looks fine
[20:17:07] miah: it does not
[20:17:33] miah: rails might, but ruby itself does not
[20:17:56] miah: that rails uses =) likely rails is using it to minify js and such
[20:18:14] miah: sure, good luck!
[20:19:01] miah: i think its just a solid default database that rails works with. you might be able to find more details on that in #rubyonrails
[20:19:11] miah: i've never made a rails app so i don't know the answer
[20:19:36] miah: ive used sinatra a bit though, just a tiny tiny bit =)
[20:19:54] miah: both rails and sinatra are really cool


[18:59:21] miah: i got a guitar for the holiday and have been practicing as well. im not very good. only know a few basic chords


[19:19:54] miah: not sure there are other places without similar issues and less hostility towards lgbt people
[19:55:07] miah: that kansas thing only affects state agencies though
[19:56:33] miah: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Kansas
[19:56:33] miah: kansas is still a hole.
[19:58:56] miah: i hate that much of this is state by state. its civil rights. i shouldnt be denied housing or employment just because i'm trans :/


[20:23:21] miah: not sure about a Rakefile, but if the other gem provides a library its not hard, eg; https://github.com/test-kitchen/test-kitchen/blob/master/lib/kitchen/rake_tasks.rb
[22:02:31] miah: im terrible at web too but i made a really simple web based admin for our ldap system at my last job. sinatra made this really easy
[22:02:43] miah: a coworker helped me build a little css to make it look not terrible. but my basic html worked fine.


[22:28:43] miah: there is a #rubocop
[22:28:50] miah: https://github.com/rubocop-hq/rubocop/blob/master/manual/support.md
[22:29:07] miah: but it seems like gitter is the main place for rubocop discussions



[21:21:33] miah: its not asking you to use a constant named Customer, its only using Customer as an example
[21:23:43] miah: i suspect you already have a Customer defined somewhere in your code. when I do this in pry it works fine.
[21:33:29] miah: can you show the exception?
[21:34:42] miah: also any time #account is called its creating a new Account
[21:37:01] miah: you should define your struct outside of the #account method
[21:37:46] miah: and then in your account method create a instance variable that holds a Account, eg `@account ||= Account.new`
[21:38:45] miah: oldest ruby i have installed is 2.4.0 so i cant validate =)
[21:39:48] miah: (why i use chruby)
[21:40:39] miah: chruby + ruby-install
[21:44:05] miah: it should you just need to tell it the path to your ruby
[21:44:23] miah: i used it years back



[19:51:05] miah: baweaver: congratulations on a very productive 2018
[20:25:49] miah: im trying to set myself up for a productive 2019
[20:32:27] miah: i never set those up, maybe thats why i havent had a good year?
[22:29:43] miah: sometimes external influences, or lack thereof have an impact on how you can make your life =)


[19:37:45] miah: any of you know of tooling for automating management of teams / users that have access to a repository on github?
[23:36:55] miah: would also help to provide the failing code if possible



[17:36:31] miah: sup too =)
[21:16:18] miah: i do want to watch this =)
[21:23:57] miah: planning on going to fogcity next week too. hopefully it will live on in some other form as well


[20:34:42] miah: such a fun talk
[20:34:51] miah: baweaver did such a great job


[20:58:07] miah: i usually go to this place https://www.yelp.com/biz/piedmont-springs-oakland
[20:58:41] miah: $20/hr is better than $50/mo or $150
[21:09:22] miah: i hope you're able to find something suitable
[21:09:29] miah: and that it helps you feel better
[21:14:42] miah: oof. well good luck on that. i can empathize, after my surgery i have weird numbness in my leg and i couldnt sit in my desk chair for months. had to get good cushion for it.
[21:14:56] miah: posture is a big deal



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[17:27:27] miah: sometimes DSL's can obscure the actual programming language they run on
[17:50:08] miah: memo1: not really a ruby issue, but i'd look into some sort of configuration management solution like chef, ansible, puppet, etc


[22:16:16] miah: i read that there is a issue discussing letting users to subscribe to the timeline of other servers though, so if you were on mastodon.social but wanted to read the ruby.social timeline it would be easier
[22:16:37] miah: i know some people are creating multiple accounts and trying to 'post topical discussions' to those specific federated nodes
[22:16:44] miah: but thats just... wacky imho



[18:22:40] miah: is the horse pale due to malnutrition?
[21:23:11] miah: i use pry-byebug its still pry, but adds a bunch of useful features
[21:23:25] miah: https://github.com/deivid-rodriguez/pry-byebug
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[18:10:07] miah: it shouldn't be too much of an impedement to create a github account


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[21:27:55] miah: https://bundler.io/v1.16/man/bundle-gem.1.html for more details


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[17:36:22] miah: i'd also recommend #metasploit


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[15:59:07] miah: i think i would avoid installing a gem that used multiple licenses peppered throughout various headers
[16:01:48] miah: i'd worry that license auditing software wouldn't support it out of the box as well
[16:02:06] miah: eg https://fossa.io/ && https://github.com/chef/license_scout
[16:02:30] miah: that said, do what you want. =)


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[19:18:20] miah: have you verified the certificates are valid and non-expired?
[19:22:34] miah: ubuntu 14.04 is a Long Term Support release, I dont think updating openssl will do much more than patch security vulns, not going to change behavior/functionality
[19:22:59] miah: well, it _shouldnt_ change behavior or functionality =)
[19:25:52] miah: you can also just download the cacert.pem from curl.haxx.se and then run `update-ca-certificates`
[19:29:13] miah: so your code is connecting to that api endpoint?
[19:32:21] miah: sarmiena_: i'd read through this https://mislav.net/2013/07/ruby-openssl/
[19:33:12] miah: good luck =)
[19:41:10] miah: look at the code?


[17:51:54] miah: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-ruby


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[20:08:31] miah: i think because he decided to publish his books on C# and Java
[20:08:38] miah: thankfully archive.org is there to save me =)
[20:24:27] miah: pdf is only a small part of it :(
[20:25:01] miah: i find the brpreiss book a bit easier to parse than the algorithms book, but the algorithms book is good too