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[00:07:18] mindeavor: thank you pontiki, it all works
[00:07:48] mindeavor: for whatever reason I couldn't add /to/my/folder to '../..'
[00:08:07] mindeavor: and had to do add File.join instead
[00:09:45] mindeavor: File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__), '../..') got me to the lib directory
[00:10:03] mindeavor: but adding to the '../..' string still left me with the lib directory
[00:12:30] mindeavor: anyways, thanks a lot! I've gotta go


[23:47:35] mindeavor: if I'm developing a gem, and I have json files inside the gem's directory, how can I load them from code inside the gem's lib/ folder?
[23:49:37] mindeavor: pontiki: yes. For example, in lib/myfile.rb, I'd like to load a json file
[23:51:08] mindeavor: havenwood: I do know the names, and I'm running 1.9
[23:51:40] mindeavor: pontiki: Would I put that inside the main lib/gem_name.rb file?
[23:53:25] mindeavor: thanks pontiki, I will try that now
[23:53:40] mindeavor: I think so. we'll see
[23:55:56] mindeavor: havenwood: thanks for the info, though I'd rather my gem not require 2.0