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[04:51:59] mkp: running a rails 4.2.5 app and my presenter classes are not autoloading, however my services classes. is this normal behavior?
[04:52:17] mkp: services classes are autoloading*
[04:52:56] mkp: presenters are in app/presenters and services are in app/services
[04:54:21] mkp: services work perfectly without any additional work other than creating the service directory and individual service classes. i did the same for presenters but when i try to test it out by calling it in the console i keep getting 'NameError: uninitialized constant ExamplePresenter'
[04:54:39] mkp: i have reloaded my console several times and still get the same thing
[04:56:54] mkp: file would be app/presenters/example_presenter.rb
[04:57:18] mkp: and i haven't gotten past just trying to get the class itself to load in the rails console
[04:57:48] mkp: i haven't done anything outside of create the presenters directory and individual presenter files/classes
[04:58:10] mkp: that's the same way i approached services, and everything automatically worked and loaded
[04:59:17] mkp: gotcha, ill try that
[05:04:00] mkp: sevenseacat, that was it. thanks for the help!
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[18:49:08] mkp: unt to be created unless the User params are valid.)
[18:49:08] mkp: hey, searching for the rails way to prevent a parent model from being created unless the nested params for its initial child model are valid. (e.g. - I have two models: 1. Account 2.User - An Account has many users and a User belongs to an Account. When creating an Account I have a nested form for the User as well and I don't want to allow the Acco
[18:49:53] mkp: i'm already validating the user params in the nested form, though as long as the Account params are valid it does not stop the creation of the Account if the User params are empty or invalid.
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[03:54:47] mkp: Probably asked daily, but anyone have a firm date on Rails 5 release?
[03:56:25] mkp: gotcha, thanks for responding!
[04:08:54] mkp: IFrank00 you should be able to render whatever partial needed or redirect the user to a defined path if the form is successfully submitted within the current update. Depending of you generated your model via the command line, rails should do most of the heavy lifting for you on defining the update method, you just need to add in what to render or r
[04:08:55] mkp: edirect to on a successful update.
[04:09:13] mkp: Check out this SO -
[04:17:41] mkp: IFrank00, no problem. Hope it steers you in the right direction.
[04:25:02] mkp: You can determine which of your two forms is being submitted by inspecting the params passed with the form. Check out the rails docs on it -
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[04:45:01] mkp: IFrank00, Glad it helped!
[04:52:47] mkp: IFrank00, Nice! Good luck with the app!
[05:24:41] mkp: haha, that was the whole reason i came to this channel.
[05:47:24] mkp: IFrank00: It may not be the best option but you can add a conditional to validations and base it off an attr set on the model instance -
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[20:48:52] mkp: anyone here know how i can nest a devise registration form within a parent form? everything i've been able to find on google only shows how it can be done in reverse (adding a child form to a registration form).
[20:48:59] mkp: xists and the new user has been invited to the account by an existing user. (i'm not worried about #2, but I haven't found any documentation on nesting a devise form)
[20:48:59] mkp: my app is using devise to register users. these users belong to an overall account, and this account needs to exist before the user is created. the flow for new users will be one of two use cases: both the account and user are new and the user will need to sign up via an account create form with a nested devise user form or 2: the account already e
[20:53:39] mkp: rhizome: wouldn't nesting it as normal use the default user forms/flow and not the devise forms/flow to create a user?
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[16:27:28] mkp: need some help with an approach to a updating a wordpress database remotely via a ruby script or rails app. not sure which would be the better solution and hoping someone can guide me in the right direction.
[16:28:18] mkp: the end goal is to create a script or app that can receive a request to import data to a wordpress database and enqueue and background job for the import to start.
[16:28:45] mkp: any reason why the simplicity of a script would be better than generating a rails app?
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[07:53:29] mkp: hey - anyone know of any wix style page builder gems?
[08:04:09] mkp: anyone there?
[08:05:50] mkp: true just making sure my posts were actually getting through - haven't used irc much
[08:06:24] mkp: and i got some register message, which i'm guessing i've already done since i'm able to talk on here but it threw me off a bit
[08:18:32] mkp: yea, sorry not very descriptive but wix style meaning - essentially just a drag and drop page builder
[08:19:15] mkp: ive searched rubygems and google using a few different terms but haven't come up with an example or tutorial on what i'm trying to accomplish
[08:19:49] mkp: here's a screenshot of essentially what i'm trying to build
[08:19:50] mkp:
[08:25:30] mkp: thanks, yea i figured front end wise i'll need to use jqueryui but do you know of any resources that have an example of the app architecture?
[08:27:48] mkp: for instance, right now i'm building an app where users can create their own wedding site - each wedding object has many child objects such as BridalParty, Venues, Accommodations, etc that i want to make drag and droppable onto a configurable view
[08:29:13] mkp: architecture wise i'm confused on how i should approach the multiple child objects as i essentially want them to all be considered widgets
[08:29:51] mkp: makes sense rhizome, im guessing i could take a CMS gem and try and mold it into what i need but was hoping for a better built out solution
[17:19:18] mkp: hey - i need some help on setting up model associations for my app. basic idea is that i'm creating an app that will allow users to build their own sites using widgets however currently each widget is its own model and i'm not sure how to unify them so i can use something @site.widgets in my code.
[17:21:37] mkp: ive looked into creating a Widget model as a polymorphic association but i'm bot sure that's the right approach as it would give me something like - @site.widgets and @model1.widgets which isn't what i think is the right way to go


[23:11:33] mkp: nickserv help


[05:42:49] mkp: hey - i have a question about data persistence using PStore if anyone can help.
[05:45:57] mkp: my goal is to grab large datasets via social network APIs and store those datasets temporarily for the current user - the idea being that I don't want to permanently store that data as it will quickly become too large for my servers to handle AND temporarily storing the data will help me prevent users from hitting rate limits set by these social networks.
[05:47:09] mkp: i've read a tutorial on PStore, but I'm not sure that's the best solution for me and I'm not even sure if it's universal storage among all users or specific to the current user and their machine
[06:12:44] mkp: yea, do you know if MemoryStore and PStore are shared across all user of an app or if the app spins up its own store instance for each user?


[05:31:45] mkp: hey, anyone here have experience using sidekiq and sidekiq-status?
[06:20:52] mkp: has anyone used sidekiq-status to track sidekiq processes and communicate with the client? need help with a simple set up but their docs aren't very informative