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[11:29:13] mnms_: hi! Is there any way to use rails api with pg 1.0.0?
[11:29:22] mnms_: rails 5.1.4
[11:30:27] mnms_: I give it a shot with 5.2.0 beta and see if its work
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[21:32:22] mnms_: Is there any way to add readonly attribute to activerecord model which will be serialized?


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[17:11:11] mnms_: Hi :) Does .joins can load associated data to not execute subqueries?
[17:23:27] mnms_: matthewd: it should execute two queries?
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[20:58:08] mnms_: Hi.. Someone use ruby-opencv gem ? I cannot find fastNlMeansDenoising function in API
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[13:02:40] mnms_: Hi. I use sambal gem and I get "Unknown Process Failed!! (can't get Master/Slave device)". What could be the cause ? Permission problem ?
[13:04:11] mnms_: I get this when I try to connect to samba resource
[13:16:02] mnms_: shevy: I was counting that someone use this gem :)
[13:16:42] mnms_: shevy: this line is problematic
[13:16:43] mnms_: PTY.spawn("COLUMNS=#{options[:columns]} smbclient \"//#{options[:host]}/#{options[:share]}\" '#{options[:password]}' -W \"#{options[:domain]}\" -U \"#{options[:user]}\" -p #{options[:port]}")
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[07:53:23] mnms_: I created a simple app with sunspot gem. I have model question with searchable block with text :content inside. When I add new question in SOLR database only id and version fields for ducment are filled in (content field is not saved ?)
[07:54:04] mnms_: Someone has experience with sunspot ?
[07:55:08] mnms_: sevenseacat: sure, doing it...
[07:56:34] mnms_: sevenseacat:
[07:58:15] mnms_: update without parameters
[07:58:25] mnms_: I will make a gist
[07:59:14] mnms_: sevenseacat:
[08:00:52] mnms_: I check it in solr admin panel
[08:00:59] mnms_: sevenseacat: query section
[08:01:26] mnms_: sevenseacat: I can show you a results of making a query
[08:01:49] mnms_: sevenseacat: Maybe I dont understand whole concept, I dont know... :P
[08:03:55] mnms_: I was using SOLR without problem but nu in rails project, here I dont understand everything :P
[08:04:20] mnms_: sevenseacat: I get nothing doing this search
[08:04:38] mnms_: sevenseacat: records should be saved in sqlite and SOLR database ?
[08:05:41] mnms_: sevenseacat: I couldnt find anywhere information about that...
[08:06:56] mnms_: sevenseacat: in sql db you mean ?
[08:07:06] mnms_: if they dont exist ?
[08:07:28] mnms_: sevenseacat: I made new rails app with sqlite db
[08:10:04] mnms_: yes but lucene index is the second one, I store there information too..
[08:11:07] mnms_: Im looking
[08:11:22] mnms_: aaa can you check what you have in admin panel when you make a query for all ?
[08:12:20] mnms_: sevenseacat: you would just have to open select development from dropdown
[08:12:49] mnms_: sevenseacat: click the query link on the menu on the left and press the button "Execute query" :P
[08:14:14] mnms_: sevenseacat: you didnt change anything ? just click execute query, this is default setup to grab everything from database - first 10 records :)
[08:15:23] mnms_: what you got there ?
[08:17:37] mnms_: It works like that before, I was not sure if it should be saved in sql also
[08:17:56] mnms_: so you told me that :P
[08:19:15] mnms_: In previous project I was storing logs in solr database, I didnt need save it also to sql db
[08:19:33] mnms_: I guess I didnt understand whole concept
[08:19:43] mnms_: with full text search
[08:19:53] mnms_: yes it was .net project
[08:20:45] mnms_: sevenseacat: I read it, Im sure and there is not explicit info about that :)
[08:21:29] mnms_: Acha but I didnt know if it was intended, I was just not sure
[08:21:42] mnms_: But now I know thx
[08:24:10] mnms_: What has to do knowing rails, to not understand concept ? ;)
[08:25:39] mnms_: thanks for clarification
[08:26:57] mnms_: universa1: the point is that SOLR is fulltext search index and I didnt understand why records has to be saved in db. Ok Im doing Model.create I get it
[08:27:23] mnms_: but I could be done without saving to db


[10:10:15] mnms_: sprockets are responsible for converting haml view to html, yes ?
[10:11:23] mnms_: thanks, so which gem is responsible for it ? haml-rails ?
[10:13:46] mnms_: so sprockets detects file, they see "haml" handler, ask "haml-rails" to make conversion ?
[10:14:25] mnms_: I mean I said that haml-rails make conversion
[10:18:09] mnms_: it's doesnt like that the sprockets search for assets in load_path and use processors and in this case they will use haml processor ?
[10:18:23] mnms_: from haml-rails gem
[10:35:06] mnms_: sevenseacat: I see register_engine method in engine.rb in Sprockets, so sprockets basically use registered engine to convert haml file to html
[10:39:02] mnms_: DylanJ: thx
[11:22:06] mnms_: someone try to use highlightjs with haml ?
[11:22:22] mnms_: I cannot remove indents
[11:23:14] mnms_: basically first indent
[11:24:23] mnms_: I use preserve
[11:25:03] mnms_: and its almost fine but first line has not needed indent
[11:26:41] mnms_: universa1: I have plain text there
[11:27:59] mnms_: universa1:


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[18:35:42] mnms_: Hi, someone use angular rails templates ?
[18:36:53] mnms_: I cannot make it work with rails 4


[21:27:42] mnms_: unicorn + nginx is good choice for rails app ? how about apache ?
[21:31:24] mnms_: smathy: I was using passenger and apache but I had stranghe problems with passenger so thats why Im asking about unicorn and nginx
[21:31:29] mnms_: is it a mature configuration ?
[21:53:29] mnms_: smathy: what use case (unicorn) ?


[10:29:51] mnms_: Im looking for tool to validate csv file on linux, someone know soemthing ? :)
[10:32:12] mnms_: rvanlieshout: I have some app which is importing csv file but it stops without showing what is wrong
[10:32:29] mnms_: and my first thought it was that something is with my csv file
[10:33:02] mnms_: rvanlieshout: thats good idea


[12:35:51] mnms_: Hi, Im struggling with: Your Ruby version is 1.9.3, but your Gemfile specified 2.1.3. My Passenger.conf in apache dir pointing to right version
[12:35:58] mnms_: what could I fucked up...
[12:39:26] mnms_: sevenseacat: You mean logs or virtualhost definition ?
[12:41:02] mnms_: actually I have nothing which is telling about a version of ruby in virtualhost definition
[12:41:12] mnms_: I thought that passenger.conf is enough
[12:41:50] mnms_: I have only those 3 things in my vh definition PassengerFriendlyErrorPages PassengerMaxPoolSize RailsEnv
[12:44:40] mnms_: sevenseacat:
[12:46:41] mnms_: sevenseacat: Only on start Im getting ruby version mismatch. It is in mods-enabled directory, so I think it is loaded.
[12:48:50] mnms_: sevenseacat: apache2ctl -M shows me passnger module
[12:49:35] mnms_: sevenseacat: sure
[12:50:43] mnms_: sevenseacat: what about passenger.load also in mods directory ?
[12:51:58] mnms_: I have already enabled it
[12:52:29] mnms_: sevenseacat: a2enmod passenger shows me "Module passenger already enabled"
[12:57:16] mnms_: sevenseacat: Your Ruby version is 1.9.3, but your Gemfile specified 2.1.3 (Bundler::RubyVersionMismatch)
[12:59:14] mnms_: sevenseacat: 4.0.59
[13:00:29] mnms_: sevenseacat: bundler 1.7.4
[13:07:00] mnms_: sevenseacat: ok, thx
[13:13:57] mnms_: mikecmpbll: rbenv. Installed with rbenv: 2.1.3, 2.2.0. 1.9.1 from package with system
[13:16:39] mnms_: mikecmpbll: this PassengerDefaultRuby /home/marcin/.rbenv/versions/2.1.3/bin/ruby
[13:16:52] mnms_: in passenger.conf in mods dir
[13:22:44] mnms_: mikecmpbll: RIght now I have move it to apache.conf and it didnt help
[13:22:58] mnms_:
[13:23:04] mnms_: It is not a bundler bug ?
[13:25:19] mnms_: mikecmpbll: yes I did it
[13:25:39] mnms_: mikecmpbll: Im trying to put everything to VirtualHost file
[13:26:21] mnms_: fawk, still nothing
[13:35:49] mnms_: I also updated a bundler to 1.8.3 and this also didnt solve the problem
[13:39:35] mnms_: mikecmpbll: when the app starts first time
[13:41:41] mnms_: mikecmpbll: Im able to start the application and Im able to use it, but first request throw this error to logs
[13:49:12] mnms_: mikecmpbll: do you use apache + passenger ?
[13:49:32] mnms_: mikecmpbll: rbenv also ?
[13:50:35] mnms_: safetypin: thx for info
[13:51:27] mnms_: mikecmpbll: I have no choice I think
[13:51:34] mnms_: Ok Im going to make a break
[13:51:37] mnms_: thx for support


[12:28:44] mnms_: My rails app under passenger throws exception and it looks like it is restarting app ? Is it normal ?
[12:30:44] mnms_: universa1: It throws this "Your Ruby version is 1.9.3, but your Gemfile specified 2.1.3"
[12:31:02] mnms_: apache + passenger
[12:32:58] mnms_: universa1: PassengerDefaultRuby /home/mnms/.rbenv/versions/2.1.3/bin/ruby
[12:33:25] mnms_: universa1: yyyy.... why 2.1.2 ? You mean 2.1.3 yes ?
[12:33:55] mnms_: but the problem is I have it and everything is work fine till I have this exc
[12:34:40] mnms_: universa1: exactly, it is not showing
[12:35:34] mnms_: It is working after deploy. If I made something which cause exception in rails code like find something in DB which doesnt exists then I see this
[12:40:24] mnms_: universa1: 4.0.37


[10:37:58] mnms_: Sorry guys for yesterday mess with deploying with capistriano, it looks like something was with network, cause I went to home and I deployed it without any problems
[10:38:06] mnms_: was wrong*


[09:35:33] mnms_: Im deploying my app to Digital Ocean hosting (2GB Memory, 2 Cores) and compiling assets sometimes takes 3 minutes sometime it takes very long time (now 7 minutes and it havnt finished)
[09:36:00] mnms_: there is a lot of free memory and processor is almost not used
[09:36:58] mnms_: guys do you think it is on hosting site ?
[09:37:08] mnms_: not enough resources for my droplet ?
[09:38:47] mnms_: tabish: images ? You mean images in assets folders ?
[09:40:39] mnms_: mikecmpbll: 4.1.5
[09:41:13] mnms_: Im usign capistrano, sorry I forgot
[09:44:30] mnms_: mikecmpbll: ~/.rbenv/bin/rbenv exec bundle exec rake assets:precompile
[09:44:37] mnms_: hangs up on this task
[09:45:22] mnms_: and like I said randomly sometimes i take 3 minutes sometimes almost forever
[09:47:28] mnms_: mikecmpbll: thats bad
[09:58:27] mnms_: maybe it is ssh timeout, but Im not getting anything like that
[10:02:12] mnms_: mikecmpbll: acha, Im checking
[10:04:58] mnms_: mikecmpbll: its very fast
[10:05:33] mnms_: I paste it from capistrano debug info to be sure
[10:07:38] mnms_: the last deployment took 20 minutes and even not finished
[10:13:48] mnms_: basichash: I would not mix controller with wizard funcionality
[10:17:04] mnms_: basichash: cause controller is not for that, It will be fat hard to test, better do this on client side... Thats my opinion
[10:18:02] mnms_: Do the wizard on with javascript on client side
[10:19:15] mnms_: Guys I realy dont have idea what is wrong with capistrano deploy, rake assets takes very long time, is there any way to debug this. Maybe I should check if it realy stops on rake assets:precompile not on something else
[10:20:30] mnms_: basichash: Do the js validation between steps and submit on the last step with transaction, validate on server.
[10:20:47] mnms_: I mean validate on server also !
[10:25:13] mnms_: mikecmpbll: Validation on JS is for users more than for validating data
[10:25:54] mnms_: mikecmpbll: for me validation on server site is more important becuase of data validation and security reasons
[10:26:33] mnms_: on client side it is somthing which helps users to input good data
[10:26:48] mnms_: mikecmpbll: Yes, nice apps require some work :)
[10:27:11] mnms_: mikecmpbll: Its only my point of view
[10:31:02] mnms_: Someone use Digital Ocean as Hosting provider ?
[10:32:23] mnms_: universa1: so Im only the one who has problem with deploying app via capistrano
[10:32:49] mnms_: universa1: Sometimes it hangs up on rake assets:precompile...
[10:33:27] mnms_: universa1: 2GB
[10:34:02] mnms_: load average: 0,00, 0,14, 0,26
[10:34:24] mnms_: KiB Mem: 2049988 total, 1393144 used, 656844 free
[10:34:32] mnms_: pause for very long
[10:34:40] mnms_: after 20 minutes I killed it
[10:35:58] mnms_: universa1: No there is also mysql with wordpress
[10:36:46] mnms_: universa1: It is running, cause seomtimes it takes 3-5 minutes
[10:36:57] mnms_: universa1: Today I cannot finished deployment
[10:38:46] mnms_: sevenseacat: that it takes 3-5 minutes ?
[10:38:57] mnms_: but 20 minutes ?
[10:39:09] mnms_: sevenseacat: Im fine with even 5 minutes
[10:39:15] mnms_: or maybe 10
[10:39:42] mnms_: universa1: no I just pressed ctrl-c
[10:41:12] mnms_: In all this mess I dont understand why sometimes it is so quick and sometime not, So my first thouht was that is something with resources assigned to my droplet
[10:42:28] mnms_: universa1: and what then ?
[10:44:48] mnms_: mikecmpbll: Yes I did, it was 10 seconds
[10:45:00] mnms_: universa1: Im not sure about that also
[10:46:07] mnms_: mikecmpbll: Yes I add -v flag -t flag to capistrano but It didint tell me smth which could explain why it takes so mauch time
[10:47:08] mnms_: mikecmpbll: Yes it could be one of those 3
[10:47:54] mnms_: mikecmpbll: anyway, Im just out of idea how to solve it
[10:58:54] mnms_: I deployed again version and I found process which is responsible for rake task. It took 3 minutes (100% of processor resource) and it finished but capistrano is hanging on the same task
[11:02:13] mnms_: rushed: ok


[18:30:34] mnms_: eager_load = true loads most of Rails app in memory. What does it mean most
[18:30:59] mnms_: as far as I see views are not cached
[18:42:12] mnms_: amrtnz: in rails logs you have line about sending email ?
[18:46:11] mnms_: amrtnz: so you cannot connect to your smtp server
[18:47:43] mnms_: Try to login to your gmail account, maybe they blocked temporary sending emails and you need to prove you are not robot
[18:51:25] mnms_: can you connect from DO to or server address which you have defined in environment.rb file
[18:51:31] mnms_: from console
[18:51:37] mnms_: using telnet


[12:13:17] mnms_: How can I check why my capistrano deployment stops on assets:precompile task
[12:13:27] mnms_: till yesterday everything was fine
[13:12:16] mnms_: WHy I can precompile assets manually on deployment server but not with capistrano ? Someone has similiar problem ?


[11:51:40] mnms_: I want to assign ENV variable to config.action_mailer.default_url_options[:host]
[11:51:51] mnms_: but it seems that rails application doesnt see this variable
[11:52:42] mnms_: when I run env from shell I can see this variable.
[11:54:56] mnms_:
[11:57:33] mnms_: rvanlieshout: so how can I use env variables ?
[11:58:57] mnms_: apache + passenger
[11:59:06] mnms_: on production
[12:13:09] mnms_: rvanlieshout: So it looks like I should add SetEnv to virtualHost section but it doesnt work
[12:35:02] mnms_: rvanlieshout: rbenv_vars solved my problem


[16:02:18] mnms_: Im deploying my rails app to new server without success. cap --hosts=somehost production deploy produce following error
[16:02:22] mnms_:
[16:02:35] mnms_: could someone point me what Im doing wrong
[18:38:23] mnms_: Cat_1: this is user home folder so he has all needed permissions that why dont understand what is going on ?
[18:50:23] mnms_: Cat_1: so how I could solve it ?
[18:51:24] mnms_: Cat_1: but am logging on server as user who is owner of this folder so what process has to do ?
[18:51:37] mnms_: process is executed by logged int user, right ?
[19:10:57] mnms_: Cat_1: I think I know is wrong I added another server to production.rb
[19:11:33] mnms_: Im deploying with --hosts switch and it looks like it is not taken in consideration cause in stack trace I have message from the second server


[12:44:32] mnms_: Someone familiar with configuring BIND ?


[12:10:30] mnms_: myabe it is not the best place
[12:10:51] mnms_: but I would like to read from mbox file all emails from specific user and save it to file
[12:11:03] mnms_: someone did something similiar ?
[12:11:23] mnms_: specific email address*
[12:11:36] mnms_: later I will parse it and save it to DB for rails app


[15:00:05] mnms_: someone use godaddy certs ? After setup them my page load very slow


[11:43:39] mnms_: I use sidekiq, my tasks are added to queue, I can see them in scheduled jobs, but they are not sent from there
[11:44:10] mnms_: I have to use add them to queue manually, someone has idea why ?


[14:24:38] mnms_: nobody has an idea how could I save one date from model without translating to active_record time zone ? I set time zone in around filter with Time.use_zone(time_zone, &block)