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[09:16:43] morfin: can i somehow use I18n.t() with certain locale?
[09:17:14] morfin: t('string', locale: :ru)?



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[06:31:32] morfin: holy crap - bundle install gave me HTML output lol
[06:47:38] morfin: anybody can help me with builduing mysql2? I need somehow to specify libiconv(-liconv)
[06:56:01] morfin: i need to pass ldflags to gem somehow
[07:07:35] morfin: and again gem install mysql2 -v '0.5.2' -- --with-ldflags="-L/usr/local/lib"


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[06:34:21] morfin: only way to use groupwise max in ActiveRecord is writing like 1/2 of query as plain text?
[07:12:04] morfin: if i use .lock(true) with joins will be only primary table locked?
[07:24:54] morfin:
[07:25:11] morfin: i have this code: will be only emails table locked until transaction ends?


[08:53:40] morfin: not this again
[08:54:04] morfin: same issue with mysql2 gem and liconv :(
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[03:17:10] morfin: method call?
[03:20:30] morfin: when i do will scope available in block be same?
[03:22:35] morfin: seems like yes )
[03:22:47] morfin:
[03:33:07] morfin: Class is an instance
[03:33:25] morfin: >> Class.ancestors
[16:45:03] morfin: i think i found solution how i can bulk create models
[16:45:19] morfin: with validations
[17:47:57] morfin: with Capistrano i get Net::SSH::ConnectionTimeout: Net::SSH::ConnectionTimeout but when use SSH client everything is ok
[17:48:03] morfin: any idea?
[17:48:49] morfin: looks ugly)
[17:49:27] morfin: Haskess can do better i believe


[19:14:03] morfin: not sure can i pass ruby object representing Selenium safely trought Redis


[22:07:20] morfin: *.net *.split
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[10:31:51] morfin: i need help with Selenium - when i do @driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for driver where driver variable have value :firefox i get Net::ReadTimeout: Net::ReadTimeout exception any clue why?
[10:37:07] morfin: i see geckodriver starts but firefox not i guess i should start in headless mode?
[11:49:07] morfin: does Selenium run isolated instances of Firefox?
[18:38:23] morfin: if i do class Foo < Bar end for already existing class something change?
[18:39:50] morfin: ah i can't do this


[13:27:03] morfin: hello again
[13:27:28] morfin: how can i detect who's mail hoster by address?
[13:27:38] morfin: look up MX and then check?>
[13:29:45] morfin: as example corporate email could look like but hoster is so i need to find out it's not or something else
[13:30:12] morfin: well, like i said )
[13:31:39] morfin: problem is that i dug my company domain and there is no such thing
[13:32:46] morfin: ah nevermind, i had to specify i want MX record: it points to which is thing i am looking for
[13:45:05] morfin: apeiros, what do you mean?
[13:45:29] morfin: hmm good point
[13:46:05] morfin: i will ignore all accounts with unknown typew
[13:46:27] morfin: i detect from domain first, then will try MX and then screw iot
[13:47:08] morfin: hmm you think so?
[13:48:33] morfin: basically hosters require it
[13:49:13] morfin: so if you register account for enterprise emails on GMail you have to add MX into your NS
[13:49:26] morfin: same for Yandex, idk what about others
[13:50:06] morfin: darix, basically i am concerned about that case mostly
[13:52:12] morfin: you register then you want create enterprise mails using some service(as example GMail), you have to register MX in your DNS so association will exist between and your account
[15:38:35] morfin: i detect MX => address
[15:39:01] morfin: to parse address i use Mail::Address.parse('')
[15:39:21] morfin: *'')


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[12:48:59] morfin: i need some help here: i can't install mysql2 on FreeBSD because bundle install saying -liconv is not found but i have it installed from ports
[12:55:49] morfin: i guess better ask on #freebsd
[18:30:02] morfin: can i somehow pass -L/usr/local/lib to gem?
[18:41:07] morfin: -L is linker flag specifying where i can find libraries
[18:59:59] morfin: no idea how make this work
[19:00:20] morfin: -- --with-ldflags=-L/usr/local/lib probably worked but hm
[19:00:36] morfin: this looks like an ugly hack
[19:13:59] morfin: this may work too )


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[16:29:45] morfin: my timezones screwed up
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[16:38:06] morfin: DateTime.to_i return timestamp in UTC?
[16:38:38] morfin: i ask this question here because seems like to_i is part of ActiveSupport extending many classes
[17:09:07] morfin: i think i know where from my issues are


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[16:33:50] morfin: do you use CarrierWave for attachments on s3?
[16:34:24] morfin: i remember it could upload files with aws gem


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[15:18:10] morfin: i was confused first time too )
[16:51:01] morfin: what is references
[16:52:35] morfin: ah it adds join anyway
[16:52:48] morfin: in context of query builder


[17:10:46] morfin: nothing changed except name in FactoryBot right =)
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[00:25:14] morfin: i used delegate yesterday
[00:25:49] morfin: because title is in related model and sluggable-rails use title_changed? method
[17:33:06] morfin: hm i remember before_action was before_filter earlier)
[17:33:21] morfin: and return false interrupt chain


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[16:31:10] morfin: so i had to include models to make RailsAdmin(ew) load them when this models dynamically created by globalize
[18:00:06] morfin: any idea where do i start rewriting old crap from scratch with RoR?
[18:01:45] morfin: it seems to be a little bit problematic because of ugly shitcode
[18:01:51] morfin: even for PHP it's so ugly
[18:05:04] morfin: also there is lots of places where could be not so obvious traps
[18:18:52] morfin: well, i saw this code and understand what it does, just not sure where start =)
[18:20:02] morfin: do not forget local path can contain any number of symlinks =)
[18:21:04] morfin: not sure... is this true for NFS
[18:25:32] morfin: so what? you compare behavior?
[18:27:05] morfin: as example user with personal discount 10% have cart 500$ and get 3% discount so he owe you 435$


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[09:29:56] morfin: anybody can help with ActionMailer? i need to send message from console
[09:33:17] morfin: i do not understand why messages aren't delivered from rails project
[09:33:54] morfin: seems like ActionMailer::Base.mail(from: "", to: "", subject: "Test", body: "Test").deliver_now worked
[10:27:46] morfin: well, i had to start queue


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[07:30:26] morfin: ok, i am going to try this gem again...
[07:30:47] morfin: i remember that somehow managed to install gem manually


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[07:57:39] morfin: i've got /home/morfin/.rbenv/versions/2.4.1/lib/ruby/2.4.0/digest.rb:16:in `const_missing': library not found for class Digest::MD5 -- digest/md5 (LoadError) - that's because i should rebuild Ruby with new SSL library?
[13:57:52] morfin: how bundler install git gems?
[15:34:57] morfin: how do i specify iconv directory if it's /usr/local/lib/?
[15:39:40] morfin: can i somehow install gem which use libs from custom path?
[15:46:35] morfin: i tried -- --with-libiconv-path=/usr/local/lib
[15:46:48] morfin: tried set LD_LIBRARY_PATH
[16:59:41] morfin: still have same question - how build gems and link against libraries in different directory?
[17:01:47] morfin: gem install mysql2 -v '0.4.9' -- --with-iconv-dir=/usr/local/lib do not work(give library not found)
[17:21:52] morfin: %bundle config build.mysql2 --use-system-libraries --with-iconv-dir=/usr/local/lib did not help either
[18:02:56] morfin: havenwood, FreeBSD 11.1 i installed it using ports
[18:03:21] morfin: in /usr/ports/converters/libiconv but there is no packageconfig file for iconv for some reason
[18:03:53] morfin: i checked /usr/local/libdata/packageconfig/*iconv* nothing found, as example libressl has one
[18:07:23] morfin: i am wondering what if i create own pkgcoinfig
[18:07:36] morfin: libiconv.pc i mean
[20:06:33] morfin: is it possible to psas variables to gem install?
[20:07:10] morfin: *pass - i tried i even bundle config build.mysql2 --use-system-libraries --with-iconv-dir=/usr/local and then bundle install
[20:07:45] morfin: why the heck it does not add this to path?



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[11:33:56] morfin: suppressing does not allow saving record?
[11:34:24] morfin: or if i suppress i just can't see what happens?
[13:43:43] morfin: guys is passenger outdated way to deploy?
[13:56:35] morfin: i mean run app
[13:58:01] morfin: well, i am not exactly sure why Webfaction suggest it, because i guess you can just run your application on port they want(using Puma) instead of having own nginx + passenger
[14:31:32] morfin: you think Passenger is better option?
[14:33:17] morfin: mojca, maybe install openssl with brew and set pkgconfig if it's valid on Mac OS X?
[14:34:36] morfin: i thought it's RIP
[14:35:52] morfin: same way as on Linux i guess - PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/openssl-1.1/pkgconfig
[14:36:12] morfin: PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/openssl-1.1/pkgconfig rbenv install 2.4.2
[14:37:54] morfin: it's not workaround basically
[14:38:10] morfin: system just assume you can have several versions of OpenSSL installed
[14:39:46] morfin: it can't find one
[14:40:05] morfin: way you installed it is not standard ..
[14:40:59] morfin: i mean openssl
[14:41:50] morfin: where is your installed from mp openssl?
[14:44:17] morfin: you have only 1.1?
[14:47:37] morfin: pkgconfig is executable not directory
[14:48:27] morfin: oops sorry, no
[14:48:39] morfin: it's directory
[14:49:48] morfin: can you run in verbose mode?
[15:01:18] morfin: can you install with RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS?
[15:01:49] morfin: you can put before rbenv
[15:03:22] morfin: RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS=--with-openssl-dir=/path/to/openssl/from/macports rbenv install 2.4.2
[16:30:35] morfin: capistrano do git clone
[16:30:43] morfin: using port 22(SSH)
[19:18:57] morfin: pastebin should die


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[15:10:29] morfin: how can i call mailer from rails c?
[15:11:22] morfin: i created instance, call method but get an error NoMethodError: undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass in from /home/morfin/webapps/crm_openproject/gems/gems/actionview-5.0.4/lib/action_view/lookup_context.rb:212:in `normalize_name'


[00:05:09] morfin: i tried 5.1.12
[00:05:50] morfin: i started an app but it's not available
[00:14:12] morfin: how passenger actually works?


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[14:03:30] morfin: i forgot how can i update some record(s) without triggering callback?
[14:27:54] morfin: only in certain context?
[18:03:21] morfin: i can't use Passenger because agent is not built
[18:04:44] morfin: but i can't build agent because autotools are older(1.13 and gem was configured with 1.15)
[18:06:54] morfin: i am deploying on webfaction
[18:07:11] morfin: this is my first time when i deploy something using Passenger
[18:12:48] morfin: autotools is huge POS
[21:04:42] morfin: hmm what a heck
[21:05:05] morfin: if i run /home/morfin/webapps/crm_openproject/gems/gems/passenger-5.1.12/bin/passenger-config compile-agent where does it compile?
[21:05:24] morfin: i thought there should be buildout dir with module
[22:33:13] morfin: i just wanted follow common practice on this host
[22:33:36] morfin: i can say "f**k this" in any moment and run Puma
[22:37:09] morfin: shared hosting is evil
[23:08:49] morfin: i am wondering which phusion-passenger works with Ruby 2.4.1?
[23:09:11] morfin: i tried passenger-5.1.12 but it seems to be broken for me