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[22:49:29] morsik: Hello there. I'm running GitLab through uWSGI, but I just discovered funny thing. When i specify "Host" header in http request i'm getting reply from Rails. But when I don't (for eg: curl for internal purposes) - I'm getting "Not Found: /" from rails app (it's from rails for sure cause I see X-Cascade header in reply)
[22:49:49] morsik: My question is: is this somehow configurable in Rails? Or it's rather GitLab "feature"?
[23:30:20] morsik: recurrence: asked already, but maybe it's something Rails specific so I asked here too ;)
[23:30:33] morsik: I don't know rails too much, and routing engine is from Rails


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[15:31:05] morsik: hi, is there any setting in rails that can prevent access to page from some ips? (or allow from only them)
[15:31:32] morsik: strange, but my application stopped working (but works when i'm connecting to itself "localhost" by it's domain)
[15:31:38] morsik: (actually it's GitLab)
[15:32:29] morsik: all requests are correctly forwarded to Rails (confirmed with uwsgi and rails application.log) but GitLab somehow returns 403 for everything except server internal connections
[15:33:36] morsik: tubbo: you mean user authentication on web page? nope, tried incognito mode ??? i can't even see login page.
[15:34:51] morsik: tubbo: redis and mysql in my case. gitlab-shell is just executed as normal application
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[09:01:43] morsik: i'm trying to update gitlab to latest version and it needs capybara-webkit. well... the problem is that i can't install it for unknown reason:
[09:02:56] morsik: i read in capbara-webkit docs that i need Qt, but it even don't try to run configure or anything like that...
[09:03:36] morsik: bnagy: it's bot... ;D
[09:05:43] morsik: bnagy: this is log! i pasted it. gen_make.out contains only "/home/git/ruby/bin/ruby extconf.rb"
[09:05:47] morsik: and nothing else
[09:07:28] morsik: dev tools for ruby?
[09:07:37] morsik: i have ruby 1.9.1 compiled by myself
[09:08:45] morsik: bnagy: well... i think yes. i have installed native nokogiri
[09:09:59] morsik: i installed qt-devel (centos 6.3)
[09:10:11] morsik: but it doesn't try to run some configure or anything like that...
[09:10:18] morsik: it doesn't show any error or etf
[09:10:28] morsik: bnagy: ? :D
[09:11:26] morsik: bnagy:
[09:11:28] morsik: the same.
[09:12:46] morsik: and for example here:
[09:13:02] morsik: there ↑ is something more... it try to run at least qmake.
[09:13:09] morsik: for me, qmake is even not started
[09:13:17] morsik: i don't see any "Command not found" or something like that
[09:14:03] morsik: ln -s /usr/bin/qmake-qt4 /usr/bin/qmake
[09:14:06] morsik: and i got something
[09:14:16] morsik: who the fuck hide "command not found" error?!
[09:17:07] morsik: 1 gem installed
[09:17:07] morsik: Successfully installed capybara-webkit-0.12.1
[09:17:11] morsik: bnagy: thanks for help...
[09:17:22] morsik: someone should fix bundler/whatever to show stupid errors like that
[09:18:28] morsik: Muz: gen_make.out contained: "/home/git/ruby/bin/ruby extconf.rb"
[09:18:30] morsik: that's all