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[08:18:38] mr-robert: don't we have that with jruby already


[01:58:37] mr-robert: or use HTML.
[02:08:23] mr-robert: yeah. sending reports as HTML is pretty common.
[02:14:03] mr-robert: erb is stdlib and def worth it too
[10:30:59] mr-robert: leitz: learning C is worthwhile.
[10:32:07] mr-robert: learning C will make you a better programmer generally speaking.
[10:32:52] mr-robert: C is harder to learn than Ruby, though
[10:32:56] mr-robert: Ruby is easy to learn
[10:34:53] mr-robert: well, i'm not sure if learning C will make you a better Ruby programmer. it might make you appreciate Ruby even more, though.
[10:46:32] mr-robert: C is the foundation of so many things in computers.
[10:48:18] mr-robert: without C, there wouldn't be a Ruby :)
[10:48:59] mr-robert: not just the unix world.
[10:49:02] mr-robert: Windows too
[10:52:15] mr-robert: and yet no one has written a decent replacement. people have tried, with Go, and Rust, but C still reigns supreme.
[10:55:22] mr-robert: i disagree. C is the holy grail. it's the foundation that other programs and languages are built upon, right up until this day.
[10:57:28] mr-robert: it's unforgiving
[11:00:38] mr-robert: and it's not for everything. i wouldn't build web applications with it. i'd use Ruby, but without C there wouldn't be a Ruby.
[11:17:20] mr-robert: that's just not true
[11:19:48] mr-robert: no one has written an OS in Rust that isn't a toy or PoC. theo de raadt made this point in a video, too, where he argues that no new language has come close to replacing C for OS development, and all the userland tools are still written in C.
[11:27:52] mr-robert: Geany is a good editor :)
[11:59:10] mr-robert: doesn't have to be commercial.
[12:06:51] mr-robert: I don't argue against C++ being suitable for OS development. C++ has been used by NASA to control robots it sends to space. But I don't think Rust has proven itself beyond toy concepts people put on github. C is still king in the land of OS development.
[12:08:22] mr-robert: apeiros: i wouldn't call it an operating system either.
[12:08:49] mr-robert: apeiros: we're talking about operating systems. seems you missed the conversation.
[12:09:18] mr-robert: apeiros: in the context of operating systems. you've missed the conversation and interjecting wrongly.
[12:10:36] mr-robert: apeiros: well. you lack context, then you interject with some stuff about firefox when it is not the basis of the conversation at all.
[12:11:18] mr-robert: apeiros: we're talking about C, and how it is the foundation of many things in computers today.
[12:11:34] mr-robert: dminuoso: i never mentioned firefox.
[12:11:49] mr-robert: i'm talking about operating systems. Rust hasn't proven itself in that regard.
[12:12:29] mr-robert: it means there isn't one serious OS written in Rust.
[12:14:21] mr-robert: that's not my point.
[12:14:38] mr-robert: but redox looks impressive
[12:17:19] mr-robert: apeiros: should just be "other languages", not "other programs"
[12:20:11] mr-robert: Rust is one of the many attempts to replace C. i don't think it has proven itself yet.
[12:20:24] mr-robert: i don't think any language has.
[12:20:59] mr-robert: not just that. C is the bedrock of so many things.
[12:21:13] mr-robert: i'm not calling Rust a toy
[12:21:56] mr-robert: Rust is a good language, but will it be capable of replacing C? that is yet to be proven
[12:23:18] mr-robert: no, it depends on adoption of the language by the masses.
[12:25:33] mr-robert: i can agree there, but since so much is already written in C it's not always feasible to use Rust
[12:26:29] mr-robert: that's my point. you still rely on C and will for a long time.
[12:27:58] mr-robert: but it is still very valuable to know C.
[12:29:38] mr-robert: nice chatting, back in a while
[15:06:08] mr-robert: it could also be a Hash, where "rollback" is a Symbol.


[03:18:28] mr-robert: yup, ruby[bot] isn't here
[03:19:17] mr-robert: but havenwood is!


[21:18:14] mr-robert: hi banisterfiend
[21:18:51] mr-robert: nothing much. good to see you here
[21:33:04] mr-robert: heading to sleep


[00:25:46] mr-robert: Fridtjof: share your code on
[00:31:02] mr-robert: your script just hangs? did you try .new instead of .open?
[00:34:25] mr-robert:
[00:34:28] mr-robert: does that hangtoo?
[00:38:09] mr-robert: can you paste the real code you're working with
[00:39:55] mr-robert: or something closer to the real code.
[00:46:45] mr-robert: Fridtjof: are you sure it hangs and not exits before you expect? you might be missing a Thread#join but for best results please share what you're working with. describing your problem with words and from your understanding usually doesn't get the answer you want.
[00:48:51] mr-robert: is the main thread in a loop? otherwise it'll exit, and the threads you've spawned will die with it.
[00:53:47] mr-robert: ah i see. and the exception didn't bubble?
[00:55:23] mr-robert: you can set `Thread.abort_on_exception = true`, so that exceptions in spawned threads abort the main thread with a stacktrace.
[00:55:45] mr-robert: otherwise just implement exception handling in the thread itself
[00:56:54] mr-robert: you're welcome
[01:34:49] mr-robert: quuxman: share your code


[18:27:56] mr-robert: baweaver: you use javascript now?
[18:32:24] mr-robert: no alternative to JS?
[18:32:28] mr-robert: there's tons
[18:36:27] mr-robert: Crystal is too like rubinius. not ready for production yet imo.


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[16:08:13] mr-robert: voker57: select takes a list of column names, your part of the query is for where() and it works as intended.
[20:43:44] mr-robert: dimik---: gem "name", "= X.X.X" then require "name"



[17:57:57] mr-robert: that or sinatra will take the block's return value as the response body.
[18:15:17] mr-robert: are -preview releases the same as release candidates?
[20:34:51] mr-robert: another security vuln in rubygems?
[21:05:05] mr-robert: apeiros: i think it's vaporware
[22:23:02] mr-robert: memo1: you could most likely use threads and a queue.
[22:30:53] mr-robert: i would spawn two threads, one to run ffmpeg and the other to monitor the disk, with the main thread responsible for polling a queue and killing the ffmpeg thread.
[22:34:09] mr-robert: oh ok. i would still do that on the main thread. i don't know of any good tutorials.


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[04:02:47] mr-robert: xco: Dir["path/*.rb"].each { |path|, 'w') { |f| f.write "puts 'hello world'" } }
[04:05:09] mr-robert: are you from brazil?
[04:05:52] mr-robert: noticed the name 'Emanuel' :)


[14:24:40] mr-robert: hey apeiros
[14:48:14] mr-robert: don't need the is_successed local variable.
[14:48:43] mr-robert: don't need 'data' local variable
[15:14:35] mr-robert: people do program in crystal
[15:14:47] mr-robert: but this is #ruby :)
[17:13:40] mr-robert: howdy havenwood


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