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[00:45:44] napstablook: hey, can anyone help me out? i'm an absolute newbie with ruby and I'm having trouble understanding an example
[00:50:52] napstablook: ok, I'm trying to follow a tutorial but I don't really understand the usage of symbols on a certain part
[00:50:56] napstablook: can I link it here?
[00:51:13] napstablook:
[00:51:32] napstablook: the author uses :title and :text
[00:51:50] napstablook: but from what I understood those will be replaced with the actual title and text of the article
[00:52:11] napstablook: but how can he do this using symbols? don't they simply have a string value?
[00:52:34] napstablook: what's the channel for rails?
[00:53:41] napstablook: but it's being set by the user
[00:53:50] napstablook: can symbols have their values changed?
[00:55:13] napstablook: so they're not acting as variables
[00:57:26] napstablook: so they're not symbols?
[00:59:22] napstablook: I think I get it
[01:01:38] napstablook: ok, so if I were to grab those parameters with the params[:something]
[01:01:52] napstablook: ok, I understand now...
[01:02:23] napstablook: I'm working on an assignment on rails, is it ok if I ask more questions here over time?
[01:02:33] napstablook: or should I go to the rails channel?
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