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[20:07:06] nemish: I'm trying to disable a task called from another task in my Rakefile
[20:07:37] nemish: I've tried Rake::Task['release_checks'].enhance do Rake::Task['check:symlinks].delete end
[20:07:40] nemish: but no luck
[20:07:53] nemish: does anyone know how to disable a subtask?
[20:08:48] nemish: these are called in from a rake_tasks as part of another gem
[20:09:03] nemish: so i can't modify the original release_checks task
[20:09:15] nemish: and I'd rather not create a wrapper ;)
[20:30:54] nemish: cerulean: yeah that won't happen :)
[20:31:19] nemish: I would expect some way to disable the task with some sort of syntax like above
[20:31:31] nemish: i tried .clear instead of delete but still ran
[20:37:20] nemish: well i thought enhance was setting pre-reqs on the release_checks task... so you'd think it would run first
[20:51:10] nemish: matthewd: yeah but when i run a bundle exec rake release_checks at the end it still fails on check:symlinks
[20:51:18] nemish: so it's still being run during that task
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[19:01:14] nemish: I have probably a simple question... I have a server that I did a "gem install FOO" on and it went and installed the gem and it's dependencies... now few months later when i do a "gem install FOO" it downloads newer versions of the dependencies even though it's same version of the FOO gem but some of those children require ruby 2.2 :(
[19:01:46] nemish: is there a way I can use a Gemfile or something to install system gems instead of bundled gems


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[16:45:15] nemish: Can someone help me figure out why my puts evaluations are all blank?
[16:47:01] nemish: apeiros: i'm trying to write role with content above from facts[role]
[16:48:11] nemish: apeiros: in `method_missing': undefined local variable or method `role' for
[16:48:13] nemish: if i remove it
[16:52:54] nemish: c_nick: yes that's why i was trying facts[role] which is in the hash
[17:02:42] nemish: c_nick: here is the full script if it helps:
[17:46:05] nemish: apeiros: maybe I'm not fully understanding your statement? You said I'm overriding role = facts[role]. role isn't currently set (only inside the facts hash). I'm trying to print out facts[role] and it's empty
[17:49:21] nemish: c_nick: I can and just did comment out line 28... but the 2 puts above it are printing blank values
[17:50:46] nemish: My Role is
[17:50:47] nemish: My FactsRole is
[17:50:58] nemish: nothing evaluating for either
[17:53:05] nemish: is it because it's within the same context?
[20:00:29] nemish: apeiros: what do you feel I'm missing?
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[21:45:45] nemish:
[21:46:35] nemish: if i wanted to rescue that script if /usr/bin/aws (pip awscli) wasn't installed or if aws returned error because of creds missing... how would I go about doing that
[21:46:46] nemish: dudedudeman, yeah sorry already had it there for another channel
[21:48:26] nemish: i'm far from a ruby guy this was as good as I got... just have no idea how to rescue it :(
[21:53:56] nemish: returns 1
[21:55:30] nemish: but its exit status of tags = Facter::Util::REsolution.exec
[21:56:03] nemish: has to return a 0 (hence the rescue i'm guessing)
[21:56:32] nemish: how do you check the exit_status on tags = ?
[21:57:43] nemish: so basically line 9-23 would only get run if exit of tags exec is 0... else rescue just so the ruby script returns 0 exit code
[22:05:46] nemish: bricker, modules/ec2tags/lib/facter/ec2tags.rb:8:in `<main>': undefined local variable or method `exit_status' for main:Object (NameError)
[22:07:20] nemish: bricker, no my variable returns array from the output of the command
[22:07:36] nemish: so when the exec can't find the application it fails
[22:08:13] nemish: bricker, /usr/share/gems/gems/json-1.7.7/lib/json/common.rb:155:in `initialize': no implicit conversion of nil into String (TypeError)
[22:08:50] nemish: so if tags is nil
[22:09:01] nemish: exit 0 rather than continuing
[22:09:53] nemish: would !(tags.nil)? work?
[22:10:41] nemish: if tags is not nil


[16:25:10] nemish: how can i lower case a value: Facter.add(fact) { setcode { tag["value"] } }
[16:25:21] nemish: tried Facter.add(fact) { setcode { tag["value".downcase] } }
[16:25:24] nemish: but didn't work
[16:26:43] nemish: doh.. okay thanks


[20:38:28] nemish: on centos7 it appears ruby/gem are installed in /usr/bin but gems get installed in /usr/local/bin ... any idea why that might be? is there a way to globally assign the executable path back to /usr/bin?
[20:39:14] nemish: gem install
[20:39:28] nemish: so "gem install librarian-puppet"
[20:40:20] nemish: but when I do a "sudo librarian-puppet update" it complains librarian-puppet isn't found because /usr/local/bin isn't in root's path... so while I can add it to the PATH i'm trying to understand the rationale for moving them to /usr/local/bin and if that can be changed back
[20:46:50] nemish: TheGugaru, I'm using system ruby on CentOS 7... so requires root
[20:47:09] nemish: TheGugaru, well via sudo that is


[16:53:24] nemish: quick ruby syntax help... if foo == 'bar' && something == 'boo' || somethingelse == 'bas' && last == 'yes'... does that work with the OR or does that screw up the &&?
[16:55:47] nemish: so basically i want foo && last && either something or somethingelse... so will this work or will the || cause last or foo to be not required?
[16:57:43] nemish: right but i'm basically trying to avoid foo and something OR somethingelse and last... i want foo AND last with something or somethingelse
[16:57:56] nemish: so would wrapping in () fix that?
[16:58:35] nemish: so foo == 'bar' && (something == 'value1' || somethingelse == 'value2') && last == 'yes'
[17:01:59] nemish: centrx: sorry don't really understands methods here in this case... i'm trying to modify existing ruby code... so I'm not a ruby coder at all :(
[17:02:23] nemish: so basically trying to do: if os_key == 'RedHat' && Facter.value(:operatingsystem) == 'RedHat' || Facter.value(:operatingsystem) == 'CentOS' && Facter.value(:operatingsystemrelease).to_i >= 7
[17:04:11] nemish: centrx: awesome thanks