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[17:18:48] norc_: smccarthy, can you be more specific about what you are doing?
[17:20:07] norc_: jhass, so have you figured out DeBot's behavior from yesterday?
[17:20:53] norc_: smccarthy, gist some code for us to see. Also tell us which Logger class you are using, and which test suite (minitest, rspec)
[17:22:08] norc_: smccarthy, though you could try setting STDOUT.sync to true, which will force flushes each time its written to.
[17:22:23] norc_: If that won't solve it, then you have my curiosity.
[17:23:20] norc_: hutch, instead of asking whether "anyone has attempted this" - describe your problem and show us what you have done so far.
[17:25:48] norc_: Circuit8, pure magic.
[17:27:04] norc_: Circuit8, mind my asking.
[17:27:13] norc_: Circuit8, have you even bothered think about googling for this?
[17:39:00] norc_: VeryBewitching, haml_coffee_assets?
[17:39:25] norc_: VeryBewitching, but I recommend you heed cnk's advice.
[17:41:03] norc_: VeryBewitching, no.
[17:41:13] norc_: not unless you want the HAML actually processed. ;-)
[17:41:36] norc_: VeryBewitching, -- look at the implementation it is a very simplistic Rails engine.
[17:46:48] norc_: VeryBewitching, don't blindly use it though - it is old.
[17:47:02] norc_: VeryBewitching, read the code (it is very small) and roll your own based on it.
[17:49:27] norc_: VeryBewitching, or third alternative: Roll your own and shoot your colleague.
[18:09:00] norc_: spudowiar, content is not an instance variable.
[18:09:18] norc_: spudowiar, Ruby enforces instance variables to have @ in their names.
[18:09:43] norc_: spudowiar, content != @content
[18:10:24] norc_: spudowiar, content could be a method that just happens to provide you with the object inside @content
[18:11:08] norc_: spudowiar, and that is a method invocation.
[18:11:25] norc_: spudowiar, yes.
[18:12:13] norc_: spudowiar, great. That is just a short cut for def a(); @a; end; def a=(o); @a = o; end
[18:12:28] norc_: spudowiar, you can have anything you want.
[18:13:02] norc_: spudowiar, there is an undocumented feature in Ruby.
[18:13:11] norc_: It uses the keyword "def" to do fairly magical things.
[18:13:14] norc_: Like defining methods.
[18:13:42] norc_: spudowiar, couple it with method visibility (make it private) and you have a nice internal function.
[18:14:32] norc_: spudowiar, though it won't solve your problem which is you have bad code.
[18:15:15] norc_: spudowiar, is that a bad joke?
[18:15:28] norc_: ^- what toretore just said.
[18:15:37] norc_: spudowiar, then please link the file.
[18:16:25] norc_: spudowiar, that is not your code that has problems.
[18:20:47] norc_: spudowiar, if you monkey patch methods like you do, you will break things.
[18:28:55] norc_: "famous star problem" ?
[18:37:07] norc_: dionysus69, argument passing is a helpful technique of transporting data from one part to another.
[18:37:35] norc_: dionysus69, on a serious note - be more specific.
[18:49:38] norc_: suchness, class?
[18:49:49] norc_: suchness, you mean which class the current method belongs to?
[18:50:27] norc_: suchness, then please be more specific about what you want.
[18:51:00] norc_: suchness, in Ruby a class is basically just a container for methods (and some other stuff that is not relevant for this)
[18:51:59] norc_: diegoviola, this would be a great example for strong params the way that rails generates them in controllers.
[18:52:38] norc_: diegoviola, or both private functions that rails generates.
[18:53:06] norc_: suchness, "what class you are in" what do you mean?
[18:54:20] norc_: diegoviola, use: rails g scaffold foobar
[18:54:30] norc_: (use rails d scaffold foobar to clean up afterwards)
[18:54:33] norc_: And look at the controller.
[18:55:05] norc_: diegoviola, note Im not suggesting you use the generators, but its easier if you just look at the code yourself. :)
[18:56:56] norc_: So I wonder whether there is a trivial hack to instantiate a Module... :o
[19:02:46] norc_: suchness, I want a Module#new
[19:03:06] norc_: I mean all I need to do is give it an allocator..
[19:03:45] norc_: That is cheating.
[19:22:50] norc_: Mon_Ouie,
[19:23:00] norc_: That was simpler than I thought.
[19:23:12] norc_: Somehow segfaults when trying to call initialize, but who needs initialized objects anyway.
[19:25:37] norc_: In fact it seg faults a lot when trying to do anything with methods..
[19:26:56] norc_: Oh I think I may not why.
[19:31:08] norc_: acovrig, more debug information please. The code for: a) the route, b) the controller and c) the full log for the request nicely wrapped into one of those github gists.
[19:35:13] norc_: acovrig, can you include a complete stack trace on that?
[19:35:42] norc_: acovrig, can you easily provoke the error?
[19:36:30] norc_: acovrig, well next time you get the error page from Rails, click on "Full stack trace"
[19:36:50] norc_: That way you get the entire call stack that lead up to the exception thrown, which might help understand why it was emitted.
[19:38:23] norc_: acovrig, I think setting Rails.backtrace_cleaner.remove_silencers! in an initializer should be enough to get the stack trace in your logger.
[19:38:50] norc_: acovrig, until we know what threw the exception its impossible to tell the cause for this.
[19:39:30] norc_: acovrig, well you did say it happened randomly..
[19:41:12] norc_: acovrig, mm you could try looking into your MySQL log
[21:27:13] norc_: taxen, check the rails log.
[21:27:15] norc_: taxen, not the unicorn log.
[21:27:31] norc_: taxen, how should I know?
[21:27:52] norc_: taxen, that depends on your configuration and set up.
[21:28:06] norc_: taxen,
[21:28:09] norc_: taxen, read it and love it,.
[22:00:16] norc_: Yes. apeiros can you have whoever is responsible for ruby[bot] whipped?
[22:00:34] norc_: Clearly the bot needs to call for offtopic chatter to be moved to #ruby


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[13:40:42] norc_: jhass, I'm thinking it has to do with the automatic coercion on some types like numerics.
[13:41:53] norc_: jhass, yes.
[13:50:06] norc_: jhass, honestly its still a mess though. === is called rb_equal internally, then you have == which does something differently entirely, and then eql? with a slight difference by convention...
[13:55:03] norc_: jhass, all of that got me confused. Now Ill just compare object IDs directly - at least then I know what I'm doing. ;-)
[14:00:02] norc_: Your problem was that you were not sure how to update.
[14:00:07] norc_: How do you still have the same problem?
[14:00:58] norc_: How about you share the command that provoked that error message, and include a full stack trace.
[14:08:17] norc_: I'm an unstable-person. How do I fit into that apeiros?
[14:08:48] norc_: non-stable-cryptic person.
[14:08:57] norc_: That works for me.
[14:43:39] norc_: And I thought a door slam shut behind me...
[16:27:43] norc_: slash_nick, it is possible. I recommend you get some assistance from the folks over at #postgresql :)


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[19:52:15] norc_: ule, I wanted to buy a Peugeot, so I went to a BMW shop.
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[07:49:00] norc_: sevenseacat: oh brilliant. May I sit down before I talk about my problems?


[20:01:07] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby
[20:01:11] norc_: DeBot, aie
[20:01:27] norc_: DeBot, fl
[20:02:46] norc_: Next interesting class.
[20:02:58] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby
[20:03:01] norc_: DeBot, aie:#
[20:03:07] norc_: DeBot, fl
[20:03:10] norc_: DeBot, ng
[20:03:29] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby
[20:03:31] norc_: DeBot, aie:#
[20:03:45] norc_: ACTION sighs
[20:03:51] norc_: That must be your bot.
[20:04:17] norc_: xpt, Ill still blame apeiros.
[20:04:54] norc_: DeBot, ych
[20:05:12] norc_: DeBot, d_
[20:05:18] norc_: jump_stream?
[20:05:32] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby
[20:05:36] norc_: DeBot, aie:#
[20:05:49] norc_: DeBot, o_
[20:06:03] norc_: DeBot, do_
[20:06:14] norc_: DeBot, Ph
[20:06:32] norc_: Kept thinking "wtf is patchdata"
[20:06:47] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby
[20:08:16] norc_: DeBot, a_
[20:08:24] norc_: &ri Symbol#as_json
[20:08:32] norc_: Oh you nasty.
[20:08:36] norc_: That is just unfair.
[20:08:53] norc_: Let's make this a bit more fun.
[20:08:58] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[20:09:11] norc_: DeBot, #s
[20:09:23] norc_: 2 left. :)
[20:09:57] norc_: DeBot, push
[20:10:11] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[20:10:16] norc_: DeBot, #s
[20:11:11] norc_: DeBot, length
[20:11:35] norc_: DeBot, car
[20:12:07] norc_: Let's up it some more.
[20:12:09] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby 5
[20:12:14] norc_: DeBot, #e
[20:13:25] norc_: DeBot, ph
[20:14:38] norc_: Nice one.
[20:14:54] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby 5
[20:15:01] norc_: DeBot, #ea
[20:17:33] norc_: DeBot, mory
[20:17:53] norc_: DeBot, mory
[20:18:46] norc_: DeBot, dic
[20:18:56] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby 4
[20:19:17] norc_: DeBot, as
[20:19:22] norc_: DeBot, as
[20:19:30] norc_: DeBot, as
[20:19:51] norc_: bmbouter, bundler.
[20:20:19] norc_: DeBot, as
[20:21:58] norc_: DeBot, !hangman ruby 4
[20:22:02] norc_: DeBot, :ae
[20:22:54] norc_: If this keeps on going I might have to do something productive instead.
[20:23:41] norc_: There are not too many 3 character modules and classes around...
[20:24:21] norc_: net cant be, tried n already because of it
[20:24:27] norc_: and uri/cgi dont fit either.
[20:24:33] norc_: csv perhaps, but it looks too long
[20:24:41] norc_: plus we have s already
[20:24:53] norc_: cant be Gem either
[20:26:11] norc_: Well it is definitely not core.
[20:26:14] norc_: Must be stdlib
[20:26:45] norc_: could it be pty?
[20:27:36] norc_: DeBot, drb
[20:27:57] norc_: DeBot, vg
[20:28:22] norc_: DeBot, co
[20:28:31] norc_: the million dollar question...
[20:29:00] norc_: Ext perhaps?
[20:29:53] norc_: Alright thats it, heading to bed now. Good night.
[20:31:10] norc_: bmbouter,
[20:31:13] norc_: might be of interest to you.
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