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[17:51:12] oft_gegong: so @instanceVariable, @@staticClassVariable ???
[17:51:49] oft_gegong: I'm coming from a java background
[17:56:18] oft_gegong: darn. Training in a new language is a tough hurdle, *goes back to googling*
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[16:58:25] oft_gegong: I'm getting started in ruby, but I'm really impatient. I know that the worst enemy in programming is impatience.
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[19:12:31] oft_gegong: when programming ruby on the web, by default does it use the <% %> brackets to contain the ruby language semantics/syntax?
[19:13:29] oft_gegong: I quit internet searches, what does ERB mean? it depends on the web server configuration?
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[20:03:12] oft_gegong: hi everyone. I just got a ruby book and I'm really interested in object oriented programming
[20:41:51] oft_gegong: So what's wrong with this code?: https://gist.github.com/cdale0221/f58728d9bb5525b470c48d3940161150 I get the error: "hello.rb:3: class/module name must be CONSTANT"
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[02:53:44] oft_gegong: so I got a programming ruby book from the library
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