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[02:18:03] olalonde: does anyone know a channel dedicated to language agnostic web app/distributed system architecture?
[02:31:08] olalonde: rhizome: thanks


[08:30:00] olalonde: anyone knows why I might be getting "Retrying source fetch due to error (2/3): Bundler::HTTPError Could not fetch specs from http://rubygems.org/"


[06:05:59] olalonde: hi all I kind of forgot how to use jekyll. I tried the "rake" command to get a list of rake tasks but getting this error: ake aborted!
[06:06:00] olalonde: cannot load such file -- bundler/setup
[06:06:45] olalonde: zsh: command not found: bundle
[06:06:52] olalonde: I guess I need to "gem install bundle" ?
[06:07:30] olalonde: it's the one that ships with OS X
[06:07:42] olalonde: I just use ruby to generate my blog :o
[06:08:06] olalonde: I guess the brew package would be more up to date?
[06:08:21] olalonde: yea, ruby 2.0.0p247
[06:08:35] olalonde: well as I said, I just need ruby to generate my blog :P
[06:08:58] olalonde: I'll use rvm when I need to do some ruby dev :)
[06:09:11] olalonde: or w/e version manager is recommended nowadays


[04:47:27] olalonde: what is the "restful" way to add a follower to an order?
[04:47:42] olalonde: POST /orders/1/followers ?
[04:47:45] olalonde: something like this?
[04:54:57] olalonde: for a notification system. some users want to get notified about some orders and some orders not


[18:32:09] olalonde: what is ActiveModel ? was it a replacement for ActiveRecord?
[18:34:33] olalonde: fryguy: thanks. is activemodel in rails3?
[18:34:53] olalonde: ah nvm, article seems to explain it


[12:18:41] olalonde: in rails, do singleton resources and plural resources share the same controller typically?
[12:18:48] olalonde: let's say you have /user and /users
[12:20:27] olalonde: ah, doesn't that lead to code duplication? they share many actions (show, create, update, delete)
[12:21:23] olalonde: DouweM: ok. let's say you have /user and /users . /user is just an alias for /user/:logged_in_user_id/ really
[12:21:32] olalonde: DouweM: but you still use 2 different controllers?
[12:22:10] olalonde: for /users/:logged_in_user_id/ *
[12:22:41] olalonde: DouweM: ah ok so inheritance got it
[12:26:55] olalonde: DouweM: what if you have a before filter in your subclass… which one is executed first?
[12:27:04] olalonde: parent or child
[12:28:27] olalonde: DouweM: thanks
[12:29:00] olalonde: DouweM: I guess before filters in the parent controller are executed first?
[12:32:26] olalonde: DouweM: what about nested resources? do you also use inheritance for those?
[12:34:56] olalonde: DouweM: No I mean, let's say you have /companies and /companies/1/users/ . I would probably need before filters from the first in the second
[12:35:07] olalonde: DouweM: to load the company for example
[12:37:53] olalonde: DouweM: how can I avoid code duplication though? when i create a user in companies/123/users, I need to send an email to the user, etc. same as for /users. any advice on avoiding code duplication? put that stuff in my model?
[12:40:41] olalonde: DouweM: cool.
[12:52:42] olalonde: DouweM: what if I have company/123/users/ my Users controller should check if the company exists right?
[12:54:14] olalonde: GarethAdams: ok.
[12:55:18] olalonde: GarethAdams: ah nice, didn't know that
[18:06:41] olalonde: which is better: delete obj.property or obj.property = undefined ?
[18:06:51] olalonde: I think I read the performance was better on the latter
[18:06:53] olalonde: but cant remember
[18:09:37] olalonde: when you output the JSON for a resource, what are good guidelines to know how many nested objects and how deep you should output?
[18:10:30] olalonde: does anyone understand my question?
[18:11:28] olalonde: slash_nick: yes, my question is how do I know how deep it needs to be?
[18:11:56] olalonde: slash_nick: wouldn't make much sense to output my whole object graph on every request due to bandwidth limitations ...
[18:12:44] olalonde: i was just wondering if there were some common rules for that or if people just go with their common sense :)
[18:13:10] olalonde: probably some REST maniacs would say that you shouldn't output a nested object if it has its own URL
[18:15:29] olalonde: those look pretty bulky though
[18:19:39] olalonde: jeebster: i heard good stuff about the asus super something let me google that
[18:19:41] olalonde: I use a macbook air but i will consider switching to that one when i buy a new laptop, pretty happy with macbook air though
[18:19:41] olalonde: looks like a macbook air
[18:19:41] olalonde: asus zenbook i think