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[13:38:16] passick: Hi there. I am writing a small project, and I want to have a model for events, and for each event I want users to be able to upload their pictures, using Paperclip.
[13:38:40] passick: How do I do that?
[13:39:24] passick: I know that I can have nested resources, but how would I be able to check that user does not change some information about the event?
[13:44:57] passick: I have two models: Event and Picture, Event has many Pictures. I also have users, and I want them to be able to upload their pictures for events. As far as I understand, when I do a nested resource, I will have to submit pictures through a form for editing the event, but wouldn’t the user then have the ability to modify the information about the event itself?
[13:46:48] passick: And if I want to be able to upload several new pictures at once?
[13:49:12] passick: Rietta, ok, thank you.
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[16:53:54] passick: Could anyone tell what I am doing wrong here?
[16:54:41] passick: I can’t understand:
[16:54:48] passick: > params.permit(:picture)
[16:54:59] passick: Unpermitted parameters: … picture
[20:23:06] passick: Where do I start adding tests? I already have a project with some functionality, but no tests. What should I read?
[20:23:12] passick: Any suggestions?
[20:24:08] passick: Ok, thank you.
[20:29:45] passick: arup_r: I haven’t yet.
[20:30:14] passick: arup_r: which one would you recommend?
[20:35:29] passick: arup_r: thanks, but it costs 15 dollars =|
[20:36:43] passick: arup_r: I am a student, so that’s too much for me right now =/
[20:47:40] passick: Another question: how do you deploy? Capistrano? Because now I log into the server over ssh every time I want to deploy, pull the changes, restart the server.
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[20:10:06] passick: Hey guys. I have a problem with setting up the elastic search. I am following this guide (, but when I type User.import, I get “ArgumentError: users does not exist to be imported into. Use create_index! or the :force option to create it.”
[20:10:36] passick: What may be the problem?
[20:13:08] passick: I’ve tried googling this error message, but nothing useful came up.
[20:26:21] passick: Ok, I feel a bit dumb now, I’ve had to add a row to the table to solve the issue. This problem kept bugging me for a couple of days.
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