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[04:21:11] pawz: Hey. I'm having a problem with a ruby based app (wpscan) ... I have tried installing it on two different debian machines and an osx machine and I always get
[04:21:12] pawz: [ERROR] cannot load such file -- terminal-table/row
[04:21:28] pawz: i did "gem install terminal-table"
[04:21:34] pawz: pawz@dejiko:~$ sudo gem list
[04:21:35] pawz: terminal-table (1.5.0)
[04:21:35] pawz: bundler (1.10.5)
[04:21:35] pawz: *** LOCAL GEMS ***
[04:21:37] pawz: and it is installed
[04:21:40] pawz: but i still get the error
[04:21:46] pawz: can anyone tell me why ?
[04:25:32] pawz: yes, i installed all the deps according to the wpscan guide. I've installed it before in the past without problems, but now, I cannot
[04:27:00] pawz: I'm not really too familiar with ruby so I don't know how to fix this... all the other packages were installed as root as per the guide.. do you think if I installed terminal-table as a normal user it would fix it ?
[04:30:04] pawz: yeah, I think so. I think I'll go back to a stable revision and leave the git version alone
[04:31:51] pawz: so, it's generally advisable to install the gems I need as a regular user rather than as root ? I have experienced this sort of thing with other languages
[04:34:57] pawz: ok, I think I can make enough sense of that to work it out
[04:35:21] pawz: damn, even the tarballed version has the same error... I'll have to try and find an old version
[04:35:41] pawz: havenwood: currently trying on Debian 7.8
[04:37:41] pawz: ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20 revision 35410) [i486-linux]
[04:38:20] pawz: it would seem to be a problem with the guy's source because I have the same issue on a different debian version and also on my os x machine
[04:39:32] pawz: [k- is it just a matter of adding that somewhere ?
[04:39:34] pawz: Gemfile:gem 'terminal-table'
[04:39:34] pawz: Gemfile.lock: terminal-table
[04:39:34] pawz: Gemfile.lock: terminal-table (1.5.0)
[04:39:34] pawz: pawz@dejiko:~/wpscan$ grep -r terminal-table
[04:39:35] pawz: lib/environment.rb: require 'terminal-table'
[04:40:39] pawz: the .gemrc change ?
[04:40:48] pawz: oh the gemspec file
[04:43:25] pawz: havenwood: the gemspec file is for terminal-table ? surely the bug is not in terminal-table is it ?
[04:45:10] pawz: ok.. I understand. I'll remove my gem of terminal-table and pull the git for it and make that modification
[04:52:50] pawz: hahaha ok... rebuilt it with your suggestion havenwood. eliminated the table.rb error and now it's missing another one... I'll just keep adding the necessary files the gemspec is missing until it works :)
[04:57:19] pawz: WOOHOOO ! Fixed ! there were three libraries missing from terminal-table's gemspec ... added them all, recompiled and installed the gem and it's all good. Thanks so much. I really know very little about ruby so I'm so happy to solve that :)
[04:57:50] pawz: guess I'd better upload my fork to github now for others ;)
[05:19:51] pawz: guys, for the sake of bundler installation and naming conventions, is it acceptable practice for me to leave my forked version of terminal-table having the same gem name (with a different version number) so that it can be easily identified and installed ? It seems like it will be a bit of effort and cause a lot of issues if I were to rename the gem in the specification