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[22:24:22] pipework: Remote host closed the connection


[00:00:29] pipework: I used active admin earlier this year with latent rails. I'll check on rails_admin
[00:00:59] pipework: https://github.com/sferik/rails_admin/issues/3060
[00:01:21] pipework: try dropping to 1.3 until it's fixed.
[00:01:50] pipework: massover: When you mark an object as frozen, the values the object points to cannot be changed, the references can't be updated to new objects.
[00:03:10] pipework: Ruby is pass by reference, so if you try to take an array `%w|hello my|.freeze` and modify the array object itself by modifying it rather than the string objects inside it, you will get an error. The strings won't be frozen but the object inside is.
[00:03:50] pipework: massover: Something that never changes is known not to change which means not only runtime protections but also optimizations.
[00:04:23] pipework: Here's a few concrete reasons, http://blog.honeybadger.io/when-to-use-freeze-and-frozen-in-ruby/
[00:05:02] pipework: I shouldn't try to help people when I'm overheating, but it takes me a lot of time to realize I'm overheating and helping and shouldn't be. :p
[00:05:59] pipework: the second inside was meant to be an outside, I'm a little delerious atm but if I've fudged I'm sure someone will tell you how it really do
[04:06:59] pipework: syndikate: Both are usable, however you only namespace within a class when the class is more appropriate in the first place.
[04:08:12] pipework: syndikate: For example, I may namespace within a class object (assigned to a constant or not) using private constants.
[04:13:49] pipework: syndikate: https://stackoverflow.com/a/11885328
[04:14:56] pipework: havenwood: I really hope it turns out to be. It's already got session keys in this wacky way, I'm working on device keys and emergency kit recovery.
[04:16:52] pipework: Creating a session in this system is a shareable workspace that you forge between you and your device but can spread to other devices or identities.
[04:38:50] pipework: syndikate: I don't think that works, but...
[04:41:32] pipework: syndikate: Huh, I would actually imagine it wants a class to call .new on, TIL. That's amusing. I don't know that I'd do it unless there was some compelling reason to. You might confuse some people.
[04:53:25] pipework: nashant: look up how the dependent key works in associations, I believe.
[04:54:35] pipework: baweaver: It's just secrets and keypairs and nonces and turtles all the way down.


[03:14:48] pipework: It's not the same vein, but konghq's api gateway has plugins for it.
[04:47:50] pipework: I've had good luck using http://imba.io but I'm not trying to teach what the industry is using atm.
[05:05:33] pipework: baweaver: People wanted to do two things that are worth doing, 'graph queries' (sorta) and use a single entrypoint where the payload contains the whole of the information rather than HTTP which includes routing.
[05:05:46] pipework: So for me, it's some opinions on top of two worthwhile things.
[05:06:49] pipework: Is there an SSH-graphql library yet? :p
[05:25:02] pipework: baweaver: He's saying that you'd make more money without paying him so fast. :p
[05:26:15] pipework: Radar: Banks here literally have transfers go from fax to print to a literal stack on the floor where an actual human swings by to pick them up to process. I'm not kidding.
[05:28:58] pipework: Radar: FWIW, you can enjoy the fact that your transaction takes on an incredible amount of mass and turns into physical form before being digitized again, if you like to think that way.
[16:17:34] pipework: dionysus69: 'common' is an interesting word to use.
[16:27:33] pipework: dionysus69: Having mri in front and then another rails/ruby service in jruby that's making the best use of threads without a gvl that's running elsewhere is a valid use of SOA separation, though as for people using mri in the 'frontend' and jruby in the back, not sure.
[16:28:21] pipework: dionysus69: You should look at ruby on graal if you have some time.
[16:30:47] pipework: dionysus69: no, have you worked with SOA architectures before?
[16:32:07] pipework: dionysus69: They would talk over a communication mechanism, from IPC, files (lol Unix), to sockets. You have separate processes, often not in the same kernel process tree.
[16:33:00] pipework: havenwood: I've been using graal with --native-image and --polyglot for fun lately.
[16:33:53] pipework: havenwood: tbh... I call everything from Imba
[16:34:17] pipework: dionysus69: LOL. You'll find the world tends to use MRI.
[16:34:44] pipework: As in docs, community, awareness. Every rubyist has awareness of MRI.
[16:35:12] pipework: dionysus69: However, between the two I'd definitely pick JRuby with graal enabled.
[16:35:35] pipework: Java8+ is necessary.
[17:05:34] pipework: I don't use redis, the last time was way back with resque and that was because the team thought it was the best thing to go with and I cared very little.
[19:48:05] pipework: hahuang65_: Take the SICP course, all will be illuminated when you learn about recursion in scheme.
[23:53:30] pipework: Inside: How often will these hard-coded ones be used? Every request that deals with families and componets? Knowing this may help you choose where to handle persisting and possibly caching the values.
[23:55:15] pipework: I wish I had six important things to ask you, like ever.
[23:57:33] pipework: S and now I want to benchmark the dynamic JS and ruby languages on a native image on graal.
[23:57:33] pipework: havenwood: The benchmark you linked earlier is pretty cool. I've been working on a decentralized authentication system that works with an identifier, a passphrase, and optional additional factors for deriving your initial key and then public keypairs, which is all fairly normal, but I bet it'd be cool to have a ruby implementation instead of just J
[23:59:47] pipework: massover: Are you using the latest rails_admin? I'll try to see if they might just be out of date and modifying frozen values.


[22:48:23] pipework: CheckYourSix: I only use the new generator and the migration generator.


[16:34:21] pipework: blindmoe: Extract what you need, pass that
[16:53:42] pipework: big_reggie: builds assiciations
[16:55:32] pipework: big_reggie: Depending on what sort of responsiblity and whether one class should have it or a new one should provide it is likely dependent on the reuability of the behaviour outside of the context that spawned its need
[17:00:06] pipework: big_reggie: It really depends on what your'e creating. A small little sometimes-used object or something complex or somehting you use a lot?
[17:01:52] pipework: big_reggie: Does the params for that object come nested or as part of the params in the request for the top-level?
[17:03:01] pipework: If the params are 'wide' rather than 'deep', I'd suggest a class to handle that requests's params and behave as intended. If the request that comes in is more nicely formed to follow the depth, consider #build in the controller.
[17:04:32] pipework: big_reggie: This one seems to be more of a builder or a factory, but classes in ruby are factories anyways.
[17:05:22] pipework: To me, I'd name the class by the thing it is called to do, like a request handler for the request
[17:05:46] pipework: Inside that, consider using private constant classes for the self-descriptive class case.
[17:06:40] pipework: 100% of the time I re-use these objects in controllers , I wanna know what they were used for previously. So instead of reading all instances, I try to make these nice classes that describe their usage rather than their capability.
[17:12:03] pipework: I wouldn't subclass. I'd take the request you're working on now, create a class for the code you'll write and call it <name>Handler, then inside that class for a specific behaviour would go the code that *may* be reusable between different specific behaviour classes.
[17:58:49] pipework: ChanServ why you do this


[01:37:35] pipework: Not that far from the IO, now are ya? :D
[02:26:05] pipework: sevenseacat: hi
[03:35:25] pipework: +o sevenseacat
[03:45:31] pipework: +o baweaver
[03:45:55] pipework: FLAGS #RubyonRails-offtopic helpa +AeioOrstv
[03:56:37] pipework: Cheers, helpa is the real MVP here so it's +oO
[03:58:05] pipework: Radar: Teach it using imba's screencasting!
[04:57:01] pipework: hop on the ex primo latinum, baby.
[04:57:25] pipework: Yes, the Latinum Press Express
[05:00:21] pipework: sevenseacat: What's that?
[05:01:07] pipework: So stackoverflow, but the points don't matter?
[05:01:42] pipework: Oh so dev.to, and the points really don't matter?
[05:04:00] pipework: sevenseacat: W3C?
[05:05:07] pipework: If anyone else wants to be shouldered with +o here, lemme know.
[05:05:17] pipework: I'm gonna give all you chucklefucks some +V
[05:05:58] pipework: FLAGS #RubyonRails-offtopic baweaver +V
[05:06:16] pipework: I need to remember the tab-complete is weird in Lounge...
[05:09:02] pipework: +v Guest4207
[05:09:07] pipework: +v HalcyonicStorm__
[05:09:18] pipework: Voice on join.
[05:09:30] pipework: +v pipework
[05:09:42] pipework: sevenseacat: During moderation mode, voice.
[05:10:04] pipework: Otherwise, you're wearing your party hat on sideways.
[05:10:41] pipework: sevenseacat: Some channels disallow sending unless you're voiced, and a bot or a human will voice you after some time.
[05:10:46] pipework: #jesus works this way
[05:12:15] pipework: -o pipework
[16:44:08] pipework: They can generally sit down and stfu for a little bit, yeah


[13:34:47] pipework: Control or keep a processing going?
[16:01:07] pipework: I've been obsessing in my free time about Self
[17:02:56] pipework: eckhardt_: your cloak amuses me
[17:33:36] pipework: +v eckhardt
[17:33:39] pipework: -o pipework
[17:35:28] pipework: Radar: If you wanna clean up stuff, I'll add you to this access list. baweaver too, since they're not shit and also active in le rubies.
[17:35:42] pipework: If anyone else wants on the list, lmk
[18:29:40] pipework: speakingcode: join them with an identifier that. if present, signals a 3rd party acting on behalf of the first.
[18:45:56] pipework: speakingcode: I would use something generally URLsafe, but yeah
[18:46:09] pipework: You can use a semicolon, right?
[19:51:53] pipework: brandoncordell: How are you running ruby? What's the $LOAD_PATH ruby and the $GEM_PATH (IIIRC, or was it $GEM_HOME) and is your puma gem installed there?
[20:19:38] pipework: Man, open source is the shittiest place to collaborate with people you don't know.
[20:20:30] pipework: It's easier and more engaging to get involved and not be restrained by someone else in reverse engineering communities.
[20:22:55] pipework: I either go off and tinker on my own, or rarely will I try to do better but I don't even try to contribute back as downstream because I've usually passive-aggressively written my own version that makes a patch impossible but makes the code easier.
[20:23:23] pipework: Much like pwnd_nsfw, I entertain myself.
[22:33:54] pipework: I mean, I left you on @
[22:34:19] pipework: Right miaow there's only me and foucist.
[22:38:15] pipework: Radar: !!!!!!!
[22:38:41] pipework: Radar: Purportedly, at this stage.
[22:41:12] pipework: I write zero elixir and write mostly imba, Luna, and Self.
[22:43:08] pipework: Hacker News?
[22:43:24] pipework: Imba is a dream though, I love it.
[22:44:12] pipework: I'm a huge fan of amber-lang, I just don't like that Smalltalk is so tool-oriented when Self is so object-oriented in its presentation.
[22:44:40] pipework: It's coffeescript python.
[22:44:55] pipework: With some JSX dom tags.
[23:05:29] pipework: markh: Yeah, their compiler produces okayish JS.
[23:06:02] pipework: I'm using it in the frontend, on cloudflare workers, and in graal's nodejs environment.
[23:07:39] pipework: too much, I'm making so many neat things so fast. Fully decentralized authentication via identifier(+other factors)+password generated keypairs and an append-only log that's compatible with both scuttlebutt and I'm working on urbit integration.
[23:07:46] pipework: I really like event logs.


[07:24:58] pipework: Man, I can't even summon the interest to work on a rails project.
[07:26:31] pipework: Like, I have projects I need to do, and whenever I start them in rails, the rails part lasts maybe a day or two before I throw it and ruby out again.
[16:59:26] pipework: Scient: !!!
[16:59:56] pipework: God, I love it when helpa just responds to me talking normally to others how I do.
[17:00:07] pipework: Radar: !!!!!!!!


[19:00:56] pipework: dionysus69: your connection is leh suck
[19:03:10] pipework: Radar: I have enslaved native marsupials of your land and put them to work cleaning my hands and nails.


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[00:49:46] pipework: My my my, look who we have here.
[00:49:57] pipework: Not a whole lot of survivors.
[02:49:15] pipework: sevenseacat: Hi!
[02:50:19] pipework: Currently, I'm setting up a seedbox with usenet and torrents in a fully automated way including streaming from the seedbox to my friends like our own personal PVR hulu of sorts.
[02:50:34] pipework: I'm also deploying urbit and scuttlebutt into production!
[02:51:26] pipework: I think it's neat.
[02:52:15] pipework: I'm using ZNC with Lounge at the moment, it's a nice web interface but I haven't tried mobile yet.
[02:52:35] pipework: Seems to work a treat!
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[05:05:04] pipework: ACTION readies his banforward to ##fix-your-connection
[13:11:23] pipework: ajax is one of those weird looking words that I am embarassed about knowing.
[13:11:32] pipework: Kinda like 'Wi-Fi'
[13:14:33] pipework: sevenseacat: Do you write the rails for work or fun anymore?
[13:14:53] pipework: Is it still fun?
[13:15:49] pipework: I feel the same, but with rails especially I'm going through some really irritating motions.
[13:21:56] pipework: sevenseacat: I'm building a video marketplace using stripe, but I'm building it on top of Urbit, Scuttlebutt, and webtorrents and coding it in http://imba.io and Hoon.
[13:22:05] pipework: It's so fucking fun and edgy.
[13:22:45] pipework: IPFS will come soon, I'm routing messages over tor and the messages themselves are just email sent over SMTP :D
[13:24:01] pipework: sevenseacat: Infrastructure deployment is coming together using Juju deployed on LXC.
[13:28:14] pipework: I'm really excited to try live migration for pushing and pulling containers around between hosts and even my dev machine.


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[04:01:40] pipework: Radar: I've been building those really out there things and setting them aside and fguring out a more interesting problem.
[04:02:36] pipework: Turns out, there's not a huge intersection on all the interests that my current few projects have without coming to IRC.
[04:10:40] pipework: Radar: I'm writing smalltalk in my personal time lately.
[04:13:03] pipework: Radar: I wish you were half as brave as I am at being an asshole in person to me as I am to you. <3
[04:13:46] pipework: Radar: Currently just gigging it, got a project that I'm handing essentially just being the wrecking ball of epic proportions.
[04:14:34] pipework: Going from some really weak nodejs server that badly implements a bad API insecurely, and a frontend in react that looks like someone wrote it in a month that's taken six.
[04:15:19] pipework: So I'm refactoring the frontend to use graphql against a configurable store (right now HTTPS to maybe nomsdb or a postgres that has graphaql schema reflection built in).
[04:15:28] pipework: The backend I'm just throwing away.
[04:16:44] pipework: I'm leaning heavily towards nomsdb first, cephvm filesystem second, and thirdly some distributed persistent store maybe with postgres on top of it.
[04:24:53] pipework: baweaver: hisir
[04:25:54] pipework: Been automating multi-regional datacenter operations with juju, dc/os, and kubernetes.
[04:26:39] pipework: Not doing anything cool like speaking to humans at conferences, too cool for me.
[04:28:38] pipework: My personal project is a really neat one built on a fork of a smalltalk that I'm building to bootstrap away from mundane host-based addressing and current-gen systems into a content-based address system with a merkle tree variant that's built with event source streams full of cryptographic capabilities that convey a patch to the merkle tree. Comes with a syncing protocol too.
[04:29:21] pipework: Gonna store the source inside the merkle tree along with pretty much everything.
[04:29:25] pipework: baweaver: Just got back, haven't met.
[04:30:03] pipework: Gonna store filesystems, event streams with events, functions, stack frames as event streams, etc.
[04:32:16] pipework: It's kind of like a smalltalk image file in a decentralized merkle tree that supports cryptographic capabilities (eventually an e-lang like smalltalk implementation), and your merkle tree is based off an identity's public key fingerprint and gossipped over things like secure-scuttlebutt and other non-mundane transports.
[04:33:59] pipework: Highly concurrent like erlang/elixir, but also supports work loads where you can reference a merkle tree node address that's signed and optionally encrypted for the target workers. It solves all the problems of serialization this way, because you can even sync stack frames and all sorts of state.
[04:35:17] pipework: I want to work in partially and fully homomorphic encryption and other similar tools to allow public and private functions to operate over public and private data securely. There's lots of libraries for the things I'm doing, even when I have to fork them.
[04:40:44] pipework: I know I'm blathering, but there's a kickstart script that uses the merkle tree library, but the dilenation is that it only uses mundane protocols to fetch the self-verifying bootloader and then verify it before caching it and letting it take over so the next boot goes straight to the bootloader.
[04:42:11] pipework: The bootloader handles operating functions (this thing is a fucking decentralized time travel, because everyone knows time isn't fun enough in decentralized system) that are like services on the node, and being able to update/fetch/upgrade operating functions.
[04:42:48] pipework: It's even got a plan for letting my actual tab distribute this system to your browser's tab, including mobile and desktop app packages if you sync long enough.
[04:45:08] pipework: I wasn't entirely surprised at cloud-at-cost being a scam at the end, but I used my servers more than long enough to pay for themselves.
[04:45:36] pipework: I wish they'd not be lame though, I'd give them a large amount of money once to not be billed for a very very long time at least, if not ever.
[04:46:04] pipework: I could do that with any cloud providers, but they were more expensive on the whole than C@C was.
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[18:15:25] pipework: Spami: the value
[23:42:41] pipework: keyword arguments are neat


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[21:44:10] pipework: havenwood: clearly


[20:27:37] pipework: *.net *.split
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[03:06:58] pipework: tubbolerone.
[03:10:43] pipework: I thought ruby was dead though.


[00:47:17] pipework: Arcaire: in that case, just change the file extension and content type and move along. :p
[01:15:04] pipework: Just offline convert in an unpriviliged lxc container?


[03:09:47] pipework: Outright lie about it.


[23:09:03] pipework: xybre: They clearly didn't belong in #RoR in the first place.
[23:36:07] pipework: What if I told you architecture isn't what matters?


[19:11:13] pipework: cold_zero: self.class.my_method_name?
[22:33:40] pipework: LDAP was the worst thing for me, then mail servers.


[22:03:08] pipework: Radar: how come the auto-reply for pastebin doesn't also mention !gist-usage?
[22:03:19] pipework: Just a thought.
[22:03:57] pipework: Radar: Maybe just link the link too?
[22:04:14] pipework: Or do tips have show pages?


[15:34:40] pipework: TIL those aren't even legal here.


[00:42:54] pipework: https://docs.menandmice.com/display/MM/DNS+Fun


[19:44:31] pipework: sumobob: has many through
[19:44:39] pipework: don't use habtm as much, imo
[19:46:13] pipework: user.jobs could be the association that you'd write, but you'd need to provide the scope to it.
[19:46:20] pipework: or user.potential_jobs
[19:46:28] pipework: whatever makes sense in English.
[20:00:53] pipework: sumobob: we're not going to write all your code for you, we're giving you tools. :)
[20:02:55] pipework: sumobob: The querying guide might help. I imagine you'd be using some form of disctint across a join table.
[21:09:19] pipework: Yay! Next step: Learn how to migrate off heroku.
[21:10:14] pipework: Darmani: wrong direction.
[21:10:20] pipework: Not up, nor down, but away.
[23:11:44] pipework: felipec: #to_s
[23:11:45] pipework: Look into it.
[23:12:34] pipework: felipec: More specifically, #chr with a map could be useful
[23:13:48] pipework: felipec: then use inject with chr and map and conditions.
[23:14:35] pipework: felipec: Because you know your data better than I do.
[23:15:01] pipework: woo pack, I never remember that
[23:16:23] pipework: felipec: I just didn't know whether your array would contain more than one \0 or not.
[23:17:17] pipework: felipec: huh, didn't know that was a thing 'typically'.
[23:22:26] pipework: pontiki: I can only kinda read c. Most of the time I spent thinking about character arrays was with erlang long ago, it feels.


[01:37:12] pipework: sevenseacat: I mean, I didn't intend it to be related, but I can't say for sure.
[02:34:11] pipework: shintao: why do you need rails to use a webserver that logs requests to routes?
[02:34:21] pipework: Are you trying to get more information?
[02:34:46] pipework: What are you doing that requires the rails stack and not just a webserver properly configured (obviously you want one of these in front of rails too)
[02:41:11] pipework: Ropeney: It's a tracking pixel, no need to use ruby at all, let alone the whole rails stack and all that it entails.
[02:41:35] pipework: Ropeney: So is cp file /path/to/www
[02:41:45] pipework: your webserver probably logs already
[02:42:08] pipework: Ropeney: You get monitoring rails logs for free?
[02:42:17] pipework: or are you just reusing another library to get it for you?
[02:43:09] pipework: shintao: Well, it depends.
[02:43:34] pipework: shintao: You should only make external calls that need to be returned inside the response of the current request inside the request, others should be offloaded to workers.
[02:43:40] pipework: Think inversely about it, is what I mean.
[02:45:02] pipework: shintao: "What _must_ be in the response?"
[02:45:25] pipework: After that, whether it lives in a worker, a thread, a process, etc. is really up to you, but workers are a viable option!