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[01:32:58] pipework: sevenseacat: Oh, hey look tomdale is alive, which I can't really say a lot for ember's job market.


[00:44:47] pipework: dat philosophy, amirite
[18:44:39] pipework: It's kinda awesome how small chruby and ruby-install are though. I've fixed bugs in a couple minutes because the whole thing can be read in a couple minutes.
[18:55:13] pipework: desnudop1nguino: !validations


[21:37:43] pipework: rabbitmq is the least lame.
[21:37:46] pipework: Then zero, imo.
[21:40:11] pipework: tubbo: Not if you make your cucumber call your other test.
[22:44:45] pipework: rabbo: not really, iirc.
[22:49:12] pipework: tinhajj: of course you would.
[22:49:24] pipework: you should, too!
[22:58:11] pipework: tinhajj: It means literally don't use the `gem` method/thing in your gemspec. You can use Bundler and bundler can use `gemspec` inside the Gemfile just fine.


[15:34:05] pipework: pwnd_nsfw`: The mirror is you, be the web.


[01:45:00] pipework: Arcaire: Anyone I dislike enough to refer to as a vendor doesn't deserve kind disclosure. :d
[01:45:51] pipework: Arcaire: Maybe for a while, security researchers need to be more enabled to do damage until they're better respected.
[01:46:30] pipework: They shouldn't have to do what they do and be treated like they are.
[01:47:06] pipework: In a humanistic way, I don't think they should have to extend olive branches just to disclose problems.
[01:47:51] pipework: Radar: Maybe you'd benefit from talking to security researchers who have been prosecuted and otherwise threatened for their work.
[01:48:34] pipework: Arcaire: Amateurs sure.
[01:48:43] pipework: But professionals in huge cases historically.
[01:48:57] pipework: Radar: Yeah, everyone on that side of things does *expect* free and nice communication.
[01:49:20] pipework: That's why I think bug bounty programs built on contract-based softwares such as that etherium and the bitcoin block chain are awesome.
[01:49:58] pipework: Arcaire: Maybe the vuln affects them.
[01:50:05] pipework: Or makes other things impassable due to its present.
[01:51:27] pipework: Arcaire: It sounds like it would behoove you and anyone you work for to present yourselves as the kinds of people who are great to disclose to. That and every other company.
[01:52:18] pipework: That's what should power change, not asking more of individual people already doing more than they have to.
[01:52:39] pipework: Arcaire: So?
[01:56:12] pipework: It'd be neat if there was a CC for security policy
[01:57:35] pipework: No, creative commons
[01:58:27] pipework: That way it could be easier to figure out stuff. Like you can choose your CC license as a publisher, but as a consumer it's easy for me to detect which license you use and know the extent of it just by the name or the little images.
[01:59:18] pipework: Giving security researchers clear understanding of the security policies.
[01:59:27] pipework: matthewd: I like not reading them to find out.
[02:00:03] pipework: Rather than depend on people to stay roughly the same, it seems better to use one that may be able to support 'extensions'.
[02:00:08] pipework: matthewd: Fuck 'em.
[02:00:38] pipework: Enquire about their security policy status and whether theirs matches up with one of the standardized policies.
[02:00:57] pipework: Anything other than adoption is self-exclusion by nature.
[02:03:01] pipework: It's essentially the code of conduct social virus again, but for security researchers and their ilk.
[23:11:07] pipework: sehttp://imgur.com/gallery/qr9gq


[01:49:23] pipework: Radar: no one tell him sprintf
[06:35:22] pipework: My new twitter bio is fun. I bet sevenseacat would appreciate it. https://twitter.com/JLeeGhost
[06:36:59] pipework: pwnd_nsfw`'s mom is so fat, she cacti!
[06:37:19] pipework: When you fuck her, you fuckin cacti, bitch.
[07:06:17] pipework: sevenseacat: I hope it involves bricks.
[07:07:03] pipework: roelof: you mean upsert?
[07:07:38] pipework: roelof: google
[07:07:57] pipework: sevenseacat: I'm working on fun!
[07:10:24] pipework: sevenseacat: I'm implementing event sourcing!
[07:10:43] pipework: in isomorphic javascript!
[19:56:28] pipework: https://twitter.com/arirubinstein/status/734146206541086721


[18:00:11] pipework: baweaver: It's good to be ginger.
[18:00:23] pipework: No one wants to get judged by a ginger.
[22:28:19] pipework: art-solopov: I'm a fan of Vue with dustjs
[22:28:35] pipework: Vue is pretty fast and light compared.
[22:28:57] pipework: art-solopov: Vue isn't a framework, it's a library.
[22:29:09] pipework: Smaller, simpler, less learning a lot of noise specific to facebook.
[22:29:19] pipework: Learn yourself some standards instead.
[22:30:59] pipework: I'm going to be working on webworkers handling events, coming up with the new HTML+json patch to send to the UI thread that applies the patch lickety split.


[04:24:26] pipework: sevenseacat: atomic data structures :D
[09:34:26] pipework: I prefer a pry session in a terminal myself.
[09:34:40] pipework: So either pry or pry-remote depending on what you're doing.
[10:28:23] pipework: walidvb_: there's a way to get a pry session on every unhandled exception in the stack.
[10:36:15] pipework: Oh my god, I feel like he's trolling. http://getsongbird.com/
[10:36:16] pipework: Not what I expected.
[10:36:17] pipework: Also, hi sevenseacat.
[10:39:00] pipework: "Devoloper"
[10:39:04] pipework: "Bird Gedsong / Devoloper (CTO)"
[10:39:53] pipework: It's almost like he couldn't be bothered. :D
[21:41:00] pipework: I prefer rails peed dot com
[22:10:50] pipework: Radar: I might just get into haxe for making offline-first distributed apps using webrtc.
[23:29:38] pipework: haxe, cross-platform-as-fuck
[23:56:12] pipework: Hack the gibson via sql injection.


[16:56:03] pipework: daveomcd: yup, definitely doable. You'll still have to pass the options for select into your select, but it doesn't have to be backed by a model.
[16:58:21] pipework: daveomcd: http://apidock.com/rails/v4.2.1/ActionView/Helpers/FormOptionsHelper/options_for_select
[17:33:59] pipework: roelof: I don't see why not
[18:47:19] pipework: xybre: I was more impressed by https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11340510
[19:20:33] pipework: epochwolf: The impact of his work being removed was pretty hilarious.
[19:22:02] pipework: epochwolf: Only half as gay as tubbo, and that's his preferred nick!
[19:22:51] pipework: xybre: Thousands of versions of libraries being used inside a single application all went out in the blink of an eye.
[19:23:02] pipework: xybre: nice on the open source part.
[19:23:08] pipework: That's the only part I care about.
[19:23:17] pipework: Optional hosted service welcomed.
[19:27:25] pipework: 0 fucks given about unnecessarily centralized service drama.
[19:29:47] pipework: tubbo: Send them a pic of your tits instead.
[19:30:43] pipework: https://theupdateframework.github.io/
[19:31:09] pipework: It's a shame it requires trusted parties.
[19:32:06] pipework: Like trusted and centralized server. Maybe I could run my own trust for my libraries.
[19:32:18] pipework: So if you don't trust me or my code, you can fuckoff.
[19:35:22] pipework: Fuck, I'm going to go hack on a generic package distribution system that somehow involves torrenting.
[19:35:40] pipework: Hate is what fuels me :(
[21:22:55] pipework: waseem_: Hello sir.


[01:15:24] pipework: Depends, is the sql datastore all in memory?
[02:02:24] pipework: Radar: I'm working on a self-publishing system for https://sugarglide.rs/ right now.
[02:02:39] pipework: It's built on top of gitbook.
[02:02:59] pipework: pwnd_nsfw: there's not a lot because I'm playing with stuff at another website.


[20:04:01] pipework: epochwolf: pass what


[05:01:54] pipework: baweaver: I'm building a webrtc tak game.
[05:02:03] pipework: hoping to support people adding their own capstone.
[05:03:56] pipework: baweaver: There's js support for 3d model files. :d
[06:35:08] pipework: baweaver: Too bad is not stragedy guide.


[08:45:39] pipework: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[11:02:18] pipework: Believe it or not, the Russians run really nice operations.
[11:02:25] pipework: Web service didn't let me buy a domain I wanted because I didn't have a not US address and their form didn't include US. Their system detects that I didn't buy the domain and they have a human email me to enquire.
[11:03:02] pipework: I tell them what's up and they just ask for the info and they'll create the account, log me into it, and set up an invoice for my domain. They've even set up the dns delegation and added a second invoice for the whois privacy.
[11:03:15] pipework: I've just signed in and paid invoices and requested stuff by email.
[11:03:21] pipework: gandi makes that annoying.
[11:03:37] pipework: ACTION has a shiny new sugarglide.rs
[11:32:08] pipework: elaptics: :D
[11:32:21] pipework: waseem_: Sir, I own sque.es and sugarglide.rs
[11:59:32] pipework: elaptics: Small marsupials!
[16:18:22] pipework: yup, there's refutes for a lot of stuffs. :D


[00:34:16] pipework: xybre: das some good stuff
[00:34:27] pipework: At first I thought it was going to be a picture of a slackware mid-install
[01:02:23] pipework: has joined #RubyOnRails
[01:02:31] pipework: >human heaven
[01:20:52] pipework: xybre: no, that sounds interesting though!
[01:32:43] pipework: yes, yes it is
[01:38:58] pipework: I'm more happy about being what it is and that it's open hardware design.
[02:06:12] pipework: allcentury: What do you mean? What rails supports?
[02:06:17] pipework: Oh your config?
[02:06:45] pipework: allcentury: YAML.load_file(Rails.root.join('config/database.yml')) maybe?
[02:07:28] pipework: allcentury: If you want to see the connection itself, try ActiveRecord::Base.connection
[02:08:45] pipework: tgeeky: Or try what the bot said, or /topic, or gist (obviously)
[02:30:21] pipework: Funny first frame, no one would really expect that.
[02:30:37] pipework: Is that windows in the top right corner?
[02:38:21] pipework: xybre: http://img.youtube.com/vi/l5Oi9xNR60s/0.jpg of course
[02:38:48] pipework: The first thumbnail usually pulls an early frame of the video.
[02:47:47] pipework: nerium: `ruby --version`
[02:47:59] pipework: nerium: I think you can publish a gemspec for each ruby version constraint,maybe.
[02:48:10] pipework: >> `ruby --version`
[02:57:56] pipework: Are you coming on to me?
[02:58:47] pipework: sevenseacat: Well then maybe you'd like to help him with his buttons.
[02:59:22] pipework: fire2323: hm, are they disabled in the dom?
[02:59:26] pipework: What's the dom look like?
[02:59:47] pipework: morenoh149: Did you `brew info chruby`?
[02:59:57] pipework: Gotta read the output bruh
[03:00:32] pipework: I see dat nil
[03:00:43] pipework: Where's the radio booties?
[03:01:03] pipework: Ah yes, looking
[03:01:45] pipework: Well, it helps that it's not a real radio button, obviously, but now to track down the CSS that should be happening, or the JS if they wrote JS when they should have written CSS...
[03:01:58] pipework: Maybe Js is necessary, idk. Looking.
[03:03:38] pipework: I'm not so good at other people's not-form forms, sorry. It kinda isn't working in a few ways. The buttons aren't showing up on some of the options, only one having a button for each drop-down.
[03:03:52] pipework: is dun broked
[03:05:39] pipework: I have honestly no clue. I kind of mentally check out whenever people do things like making their own controls, because the ones we have work so nicely for assistive tech.
[03:05:43] pipework: Also, no pasting in here please.
[03:05:46] pipework: Gist it up.
[03:13:26] pipework: Radar: inb4adminisradar
[03:15:50] pipework: Though JFlash may need to ask whoever wrote it before they can ask whomever wrote it.
[03:16:53] pipework: JFlash: I would caution you not to suggest our helpers stop helping you, it may be in their bests interests, but it certainly isn't in yours.
[03:18:51] pipework: sevenseacat: was funny
[03:19:58] pipework: sevenseacat: I was kind of amused by my own comment.
[03:20:30] pipework: Ah, was hoping for lulz
[03:23:13] pipework: It's amusing in that they're coming to a place to ask for help and then, seemingly the unintended irony is lost here, telling one of the people who are there that they should get a life.
[03:23:26] pipework: If we did such a thing, god forbid, you'd have no channel to come to.
[03:31:59] pipework: Relatively recently, there's been a nice public endpoint for renderers!
[03:32:11] pipework: Err, it's been added.
[03:37:17] pipework: Radar: I won't have a chance to do something, because I deny myself the opportunity to do it?
[03:37:39] pipework: Way to embody futility.
[03:38:17] pipework: 'porn sites, like everyone else'
[03:38:38] pipework: Arcaire: I don't put much stock into what people say online about other communities or subcommunities.
[03:38:43] pipework: Salty people will be salty.
[03:39:51] pipework: It's nice to be nice, for sure. It's much nicer not to spend any energy catering to assholes .
[03:39:59] pipework: We've got our own assholes to play with.
[03:40:40] pipework: I don't know, if you've been around enough language channels over time, you'll possibly end up where I am about caring about their opinions of each other.
[03:40:54] pipework: Make change by being it.
[03:41:16] pipework: I'm what.. 25 almost. I was 12, so whatever the math is there
[04:36:28] pipework: _kraken: Ruby is quite dynamic.
[04:36:57] pipework: Methods needn't even exist until runtime, and sometimes don't exist at all times in runtime.
[04:37:01] pipework: Quite the magical thing.
[05:33:42] pipework: _kraken: They can be really useful, but I typically try not to make an excuse for them where they aren't necessary in code I share with others.
[05:33:51] pipework: Though DSLs and nice method interfaces are welcome.
[17:02:42] pipework: tubbo: I like http://popcornjs.org/ a lot
[17:14:04] pipework: tubbo: The fuck you talking about? It works here.
[17:14:22] pipework: Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit)
[17:18:49] pipework: tubbo: I'm pretty sure the way to think of it is as an extension of the native player with a fucking awesome API.
[17:22:13] pipework: It's supposed to be a uniform interface across supported browsers that extend the native player.
[17:22:42] pipework: tubbo: measuring the bpm isn't too hard.
[17:23:08] pipework: I'm not sure, I honestly stopped thinking of IE as important when talking about cross-browser compat. :D
[17:23:32] pipework: tubbo: I just mean the the analyze part is pretty simple.
[17:23:36] pipework: The beat detection.
[17:51:08] pipework: tubbo: Let's be jerks and write a gem called rack-content-type-roulette
[17:51:37] pipework: Decaying cesium atoms will determine what content type you get back!
[17:51:54] pipework: caesium i guess
[17:54:51] pipework: dopie: At this stage, vim uses me.
[17:58:36] pipework: tubbo: we'd need to write an http client that always handles the content-type and returns a consistent response after that. :D
[18:33:53] pipework: dopie: thx, but then I'd have to admit that lisp is the only language worth using, and I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment in my life right now. It's not you, it's me.


[22:26:50] pipework: I want our naming convention to support plural ownership of plural things.
[22:26:55] pipework: users_blogs is too ambiguous
[22:30:40] pipework: IceDragon: I'm not using anything in this context.
[22:31:08] pipework: Though if we're just talking theoretically, I don't flip out about activesupport usage out of hand. :)
[22:36:45] pipework: IceDragon: '' isn't present, but is truthy
[22:37:45] pipework: Objects don't really need methods for truthiness, but they make things like select(&:truthy?) look nicer than select{|o| o} and select(&:itself), imo.
[22:46:31] pipework: havenwood: not gonna set up object delegates for every object in the collection just so I can define a new method that'll respond with truthiness so I can remove all falsies. That's just mental masturbation.
[22:47:44] pipework: havenwood: Much like my father, never in sight when you want to take a swing at them.
[22:50:08] pipework: Speaking as a millenial, I wish I had been born earlier so I could destroy markets for the next generation instead of being on the inheriting end of that bullshit.
[22:52:00] pipework: Darmani: I'm '91 so
[22:52:36] pipework: Darmani: Genitals, usually.
[22:52:43] pipework: Weird things, quite odd.
[22:53:09] pipework: ACTION strains to hear the text coming from his screen
[22:53:45] pipework: Darmani: Great, I'll make sure you get the address to my fan club, you'll be the founding member. :(
[22:54:52] pipework: Darmani: You can do it, but only if you can really distinguish yourself from all other candidates without anyone knowing you're autodidactic.
[22:55:04] pipework: Clever people can do clever things.
[22:55:56] pipework: Darmani: Polymath is another good one.
[22:56:17] pipework: workmad3: Wrong fan club, workmad3.
[22:59:14] pipework: One who does not know me might say I'm an autodidactic polymath, but most will just utter or shout the phrase "asshole".
[23:02:13] pipework: Darmani: Stick around for a while, it's a good way to get harder better faster stronger.
[23:02:27] pipework: Both for your own questions and seeing what other people ask, what they have trouble with, etc.
[23:03:21] pipework: Radar: I thought that was the point of the restraints.
[23:03:25] pipework: The struggling.
[23:03:56] pipework: Darmani: Only if you're into S&M
[23:04:01] pipework: Anyways, rails, anyone?
[23:04:44] pipework: ACTION rails on workmad3 with a ruby
[23:05:21] pipework: That sounds like something you should get checked out immidately.
[23:07:23] pipework: workmad3: Given all the hot gas that you expel on the daily, I'd say you're well on your way.
[23:09:28] pipework: workmad3: Have well-railed dreams.
[23:11:12] pipework: I'm still holding out for the ballmer curve of IRC behaviour study to be published.
[23:12:37] pipework: Maybe then I can put out proper scientific analysis of exactly how much one ought to drink to be most able to put up with this shit. :D
[23:14:27] pipework: Darmani: In Oregon, we brew our own 40oz 7-11 quality beer.
[23:15:37] pipework: I only drink from liquor bottles. Can't trust anything else, it might contain water. I wouldn't touch the stuff, fish fuck in it.
[23:16:50] pipework: has left #RubyOnRails: ("nope, too much")
[23:17:57] pipework: morenoh149: ruby-install is pretty nice.
[23:18:00] pipework: I install it through homebrew.
[23:18:38] pipework: morenoh149: https://brew.sh
[23:21:11] pipework: hightower2: By using the bundler gem in your code to call the bundler programmatic interface.
[23:21:22] pipework: Bundler.setup and the such
[23:21:53] pipework: require 'bundler/setup' is a good hint for you to start with
[23:26:14] pipework: danostrowski: Measure, measure, measure. Depends on the scheduler and how well your kernel manages those things, so measure, measure, measure.
[23:26:32] pipework: A safe start is 1.5x the number of cores
[23:26:43] pipework: havenwood: There wasn't a password tho
[23:26:48] pipework: Just a misunderstanding of the...
[23:35:15] pipework: You should dial it back on the clairvoyance.
[23:49:37] pipework: wrkrcoop: because eigenclass
[23:50:05] pipework: You're probably defining instance methods on a module, not module methods.