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[16:24:19] pontiki_x: has joined #ruby
[16:24:59] pontiki_x: has joined #RubyOnRails
[16:25:45] pontiki_x: meatchicken: do you do .net, ios, or android?
[16:39:47] pontiki_x: Papierkorb: just ensure that you don't end up double compressing the files
[16:45:33] pontiki_x: not so simple
[16:53:36] pontiki_x: what's it actually doing, Oli` ?
[16:54:58] pontiki_x: interesting. i would have thought as you did given the description.
[16:55:46] pontiki_x: what's the namespace of Foo?
[16:55:59] pontiki_x: it's in foo
[16:58:31] pontiki_x: try it with other constants
[17:01:10] pontiki_x: well, that does rather make sense; Module.new is not defining a namespace. it's not like module Bar;end
[17:01:49] pontiki_x: yeah, i don't know? but the behaviour says "no" to me
[17:03:24] pontiki_x: hmm, look more at Module.module_eval
[17:04:09] pontiki_x: block is given, constant/class variable lookup is not affected."
[17:04:09] pontiki_x: "Evaluates the string or block in the context of mod, except that when a
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